Signs of Mastitis?

Have any of you breastfeeding/pumping mamas experienced lumps in your breasts? With or without pain? I just got done pumping and I felt my right breast and it seemed harder on the bottom and felt like a bruise to the touch. I will definitely be consulting my doctor, but just wanted to see if it was normal first.

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Mastitis. It happens. Try to take hot shower and let water hit in them. Also make sure you tell your Dr.

Sounds like a clogged duct! Do warm compress, gentle circular massage while pumping/feeding, warn shower. Contact your Dr asap before it turns into mastitis, which has nasty flu like symptoms.

Clogged duct, the only way I can get them out is for my baby to nurse a long time. I had tried the warm compresses, massaging, and they do not work if I pump

You’re clogged. Warm compress, massage, and extra pumping and/or nursing. Some moms get better relief by hand expressing so they can get at that one spot more.

Warm wash cloth and massage! Pump/fed alot