SIgns of miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage a few years ago and didn’t remember exactly how it played out except that it was the most painful thing I’ve endured… I’ve since given birth to a healthy baby boy. I am pregnant again (6weeks) and am experiencing spotting, and I am very concerned. I went to the ER, and after an ultrasound and bloodwork, they said everything looks normal for now. What was the timeline like for any of your miscarriages? From spotting to full miscarriage?


Some light spotting is normal

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You should definitely trust the ER if they told you everything seems normal don’t worry and stress your self overthinking if it’s a miscarriage . Stay positive :heart:

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Spotting this early is most likely signs of implantation. Don’t freak out!

Mine was at around 20 weeks and it started with spotting for few hours then it was a mess from there :pleading_face:

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I spotted at 5 weeks and 7 weeks. I too was nervous, but I had a healthy baby.

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I’ve miscarried several times. My daughter now 11 had me worried as the first 4-5 months I’d get some random spotting

I just had a miscarriage this past wed. And it was a matter of 20 mins. Went to the bathroom and saw spotting. Then horrible cramps came a few minutes later. Went to the ER thats when gushes of blood came and felt like labor pains after that.

Spotting is quite common but something they never tell you about until it happens! I had spotting at 6 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks, then nothing for the rest of the pregnancy! All was fine!

When I was pregnant with my first child I was spotting the first couple months. And everything was fine!

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I suffered one 3 years ago at 5-6 weeks and mine started by small spotting everything was okay however next day I started bleeding and didn’t stop for 5 days :sob: lost our baby. pregnant at the moment and I was bleeding at 8w5 went to the hospital checked everything was okay. Going on 18 weeks in my pregnancy now.

I spotted most of my first trimester and im 26 weeks now with a tall healthy baby girl

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Spotting is very normal … if you have no pain and the er said everything is good than don’t stress about it … at 6 weeks it’s most likely implantation bleeding super normal

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Rest Momma and trust in God.

Spotting at 10 weeks and miscarriage shortly after :sob: I tried for 20 years to have a baby and have had miscarriages every time. 7 babies in heaven :cry:


I started spotting then the next day it was a bit heavier

I spotted with my first every time i turned a new month for the first 4 months…and i spotted with my second as well

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I had one before having both my babies, but I also spotted with both my babies and with my youngest had almost a normal period the first 2 months. Trust in the drs. But also trust your own gut feeling and if you feel something isn’t right go in and check on things again, you have every right to.

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Main thing at that point is to rest rest rest. ,

I never spotted when I miscarried any of my 3.

Spotting is normal, it’s when you start to bleed a bit more could be a possible worry, but remember that people also have periods whilst pregnant so please stress and congratulations x

I started spotting at noon and cramping by midnight. Miscarried that morning around 9 am. I was 12 weeks. The next miscarriage I was about six. It was like a bad period. Started cramping and started bleeding not sure when I actually miscarried. Some spotting is normal during the first trimester. I had spotting with my oldest boys

less than 4 days at about 10 weeks

Spotting is actually not abnormal at all. I completely understand your concerns. First baby miscarriages are also surprisingly not uncommon.

I would suggest you try any relax (I know it’s hard) breathe, do some self care and focus on positive thoughts and self manifesting.

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I started bleeding on a Friday, went to the er, they said everything was fine and put me on bed rest for the weekend and I lost my baby on Monday.

Some spotting is normal, but when the spotting turns to heavy like a period it’s a miscarriage

I suggest not to stress and worry. Be still and know God is in control His will be done.
I didn’t spot at all. I just had laboring contractions and felt like my water broke I was only 12 weeks

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Ask the woman who posted the same question a couple hours ago…


My spotting started when I was already 11 weeks pregnant. Within a day it went from spotting to fill on bleeding with TMI bunch of clumps. Went to the ER on the 3rd day of bleeding because I was really lightheaded from losing so much blood. Had ultrasound and blood work done, they confirmed I was having a “natural” miscarriage.

I ended up getting pregnant again with my rainbow baby 2 months after the miscarriage.

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I had bleeding at 6 weeks as well and my baby was perfectly fine, she’s 18 years old and in University now. Please don’t stress about it too much :pray:

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So sorry for ur loss :pensive: i have suffered a few myself … first was no bleeding but heartbeat stopped … i have had a blighted ovum … had a d&c also had a few early missc at around 6 weeks where it started out as light pink spotting and progressed into clots and bleeding … as soon as it started getting darker i peed on a test and it was almost negative … thats how i knew it was time to keep trying! Best of luck to you. Dont stress unless it gets dark!

I had spotting at 6 weeks and then really bad cramps and heavy bleeding with clots but luckily didn’t lose her and I’m 31 weeks today I wouldn’t stress about it till the blood is filling up a pad within an hour and the blood is dark if it’s like pink they usually have you wait and see what happens

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Spotting can be normal, just try to relax! Get extra rest and talk with your physician with any concerns. I too have experience miscarriage but I was also blessed with 3 beautiful children (2 came after the miscarriage). It can be nerve wracking but it’s important to just relax and take extra good care of yourself!

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I had spotting with my pregnancies I have 3 healthy children

I’ve never miscarried but with my last one who is now 5 months old I spotted for 3 months I was scared it was miscarriage but sometimes women spot I forgot what they said it was but it was normal they did blood work and a ultrasound to

When I was pregnant with my daughter I experienced spotting after a pap smear but other than that I saw no bleeding. If it continues you definitely should be concerned.

I work for an ob and she tells her patients that the need for concern comes if the bleeding gets he’s her like a period or cramping becomes severe. In the first trimester you could have some spotting as the embryo attaches.

When I miscarried at about 6-7 weeks, I was bleeding like a heavy period. I didn’t experience actually spotting. I had cramps for a couple of days and then it was period like blood. It lasted for about 2 days, on the second day I went to the ER and they removed the fetus because it was ready to come out.

I never spotted with mine… and spotting can be common…

I spotted alot my 3rd pregnancy They said I had wells of blood that would rupture randomly. I still had a healthy pregnancy

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I bled several times during my pregnancy! I had an hemorrhagic cyst in my right ovary that bled whenever but I had a healthy baby boy

I had spotting at 6wks and after that everything was fine my daughter is now almost 4 months old

It’s normal. Usually happens when you’re pregnant with girl. Idk why, but it’s always right. Just relax

I had one in 2011 and it took about 24 hours from spotting to miscarriage. I was 10 weeks. However, I spotted the entire pregnancy with my daughter and she is 7 years old now :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about the pain you endured and congratulations today! Happy Mother’s Day! I carried twins until my placenta starting coming away from my uterus and lost one. I had to go on 12 weeks full bed rest and TO NOT WORRY. Believe me, I understand the depth of that sentence where you are emotionally.
You know your body best. Try not to overdo anything. Rest often and (try) to focus on positive things. I would really try to get the miscarriage word out of my thoughts and focus and learn about positive things I could be doing to promote the best outcome. My surviving daughter just turned 15 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Wishing you well :star2::star2::star2:

Spotting can be normal, usually after first trimester you’re pretty safe, borrowing no complications… take it easy. My miscarriage when the spotting started so did light cramps and then full blown double over pain worse than any labor of normal delivery.

If the baby looked normal you might not miscarriage. I was told spotting was normal. I was 8 weeks with no heartbeat I spotted twice over a week later. 3 weeks after no heart beat I took pills to induce my miscarriage.

Then call the doc. I had 3 znd didnt have pain. Had spotting w 1 and nothing w another and had to have a dnc. We arent doctors

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Took a week For me but some people spot with a good pregnancy go to your regular doctor stay off your feet as much as you can


I bled a little around 6 weeks and carried a healthy girl


Call the doctor if concerned, everyone’s different.


If pink blood they class it as implantation bleeding but if concerned go drs, I had a miscarriage in March 2021 and it was blood clots and bright red only pain I had was lower back pain and cramping

I bled with my first pregnancy, ended up having a little placenta previa & everything was fine, then when I bled with my last (3rd) pregnancy, I thought I had it again, but I actually was having a miscarriage

If it is a small amount of light pink or dark brown, your likely fine. A lot of bright red accompanied with cramping is a cause for concern. But also keep in mind that doesn’t always mean miscarriage. I’ve had spotting through all of my pregnancies, the worst being with my daughter. I had huge clumps and lots of red bleeding for days and still went on to have a healthy little girl. The only thing you can do is go to your doctor and hope for the best. Good luck momma 🫂

I spotted most of the time. Put your legs up for a while. Call your Dr.

I spotted every single one of my pregnancies.Always was a nervous wreck because i have had miscarriages before.Dr should be paying attention to your hormone levels and do an ultrasound.

Have you had the cv jab? Or been around someone who has? Lots of women have reported miscarriage, vaginal hemorrhage, irregular bleeding and many other issues with periods etc. After having the jab or being in contact with those that have…something to look into maybe? All the best x


I spotted at 12 weeks and immediately miscarried and had to have a dnc. Six months later I got pregnant again and spotted went in and I was pregnant with twins and I carried them full-term.

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I had spotting for a long period of my pregnancy . It was normal google it abd you should get more information . GOD BLESS YOU!

Spotting doesn’t necessarily mean miscarriage. Follow up with your OB to be sure

I had spotting and heavy bleeding with my last pregnancy until 15 weeks… my baby is now four months old. Bleeding and spotting can be completely normal or can mean a miscarriage.

Please stop stressing on it. Praying for you.

God bless you …Prayers

I did a surrogacy journey last year and at Bout 9 wks I bleed… It was water but A LOT …u was terrified…they said it could have been implantation bleeding… Carried babies full term and healthy

I had one at right around 8 wks. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through.

I spotted with both of mine after any visit to dr were I was examined and after sex. Both were fine

Spotting doesn’t necessarily mean miscarriage. Some women have regular periods during pregnancy.

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Iv heard off others spotting close to what would have been near hand their period and baby was ok

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Spotting during a pregnancy is normal. If you make it to the 3m mark with any luck you will be fine. I’d say if you are bleeding more than a panty liner a day there is a problem. Just relax and put your feet up momma everything will work to God’s plan… Happy mother’s day. God bless

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If medical professionals did an ultrasound and bloodwork, they’re in a much better position to give you good advice than laypeople on the internet who only know a few sentences. Try to relax.


Ask dr to put on high risk n bedrest for the critical months

Every pregnancy is different. Keep communicating with your health professionals. I literally had my period through both my pregnancies and was fine, I carried to fill term for both and had healthy babies. It’s just how my own body works. Spotting doesnt necessarily mean a miscarriage. Take it easy and rest. Eat good and stay away from stress triggers. Good luck

Spotting can be normal.

Did You or your spouse, get the Covid Vaxx?


Some women spot through their entire pregnancy. Make yourself a follow up appointment with OB for additional blood work and as long as numbers continue to rise your likely fine.

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Implantation can cause cramping and spotting. I lost my second pregnancy at 10 weeks. My 3rd, I started cramping and bleeding at 10 weeks, only for it to be implantation. Unless it’s heavy, don’t panic yet

Go to ur doc & get some bloodwork done to check ur HCG levels … if they continue to rise, u will be ok…
Spotting isnt necessarily a Bad thing hun!
I’ve had 2 ectopics & a few miscarriages :disappointed_relieved:
Unfortunately my HCG levels werent rising enough & lost all babies (my body jst cannot keep pregnancies)

I had bleeding in 2 pregnancies around week 7 for few days and nothing happend. My doctor said I have to rest little bit more and I didn’t have miscarriage. Dont be scared to much it will be alright :heart:

I spotted quite a bit for the first 3 months of my first pregnancy and my son was fine. Spotting doesn’t always mean miscarriage

I had spotting at 10 weeks with my daughter ended up I had a UTI. I kept getting them throughout my whole pregnancy with her.

If the doctor said its ok it probably is but if you’re really worried request and sdudele regular appointments like once a week till you make it to 4 months or the bleeding stops. If it gets worse or your belly hurts go to the er better safe then sorry.

Blood doesn’t always mean miscarriage. Try to remain calm and hydrated. Could be a number of other normal pregnancy related things. Best wishes


I spotted my last pregnancy through the whole thing. My Daughter is now 18 months. Prior, I spotted a couple days after testing positive and miscarried at 10 weeks. Spotting doesn’t always mean you will lose the baby.

Be best if you go to emergency room none of us are qualified doctors to answer this question

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Spotting can be normal, i bled for a day i knew instantly something was wrong you just know a dont no how after booking a early scan at 6wks she saw nothingnwas there said it was either gone our too far down to see, u can get an early viable scan i paid a private clinic for 1 the following day after the scan the fetus came away i buried it under my rose bush, was no bigger than a finger nail sorry TMI i no i do apologise, but as i was scared it would happen again so my next baby i booked a viable scan to make sire it was ok, but Normally when u have bloods taken they call u back afew hours later if you blood score drop its more or less looking likely as ms if your bloods are fine and dont drop then all should be fine x

I bled with baby #2 at 8 weeks (everything was normal) and then bled at 23 weeks (everything was still normal) and bled the same day I went into labor (had a healthy baby) sometimes bleeding can be scary and there can be multiple causes but try to stay positive :heart:

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It could be a sub chorionic hematoma. Basically where there is blood forming between the attaching placenta and the baby. I had one with each of my pregnancies and spotted until like 12 weeks

For me it was light spotting and I don’t know why women say you get periods because you don’t. You can bleed but it’s not a period.


My advice is to just keep checking up with doctors. I’ve had four miscarriages and for two of them I had spotting and thought nothing of it. Then miscarried around a week or two later. Remember spotting can be completely normal during pregnancies. Everybody is different and goes through pregnancies differently. So non of us can give you spot on advice. All I can advice is to keep on top of appointments, maybe go and check to make sure everything is ok and look after yourself. I really hope that everything is fine. Don’t stress yourself too much x

Many people spot during pregnancy it’s completely normal. It’s also completely normal to over react after a miscarriage because your scared. I had a miscarriage and two successful pregnancies. Both ‘successful’ pregnancies had issues where all those emotions came flooding back. Prayers for a healthy and happy pregnancy.


I just experienced a miscarriage myself. Blood doesn’t always mean a miscarriage, I had spotting off n on for a couple weeks. I was put on bedrest. Spotting stopped and I had no issues. Sadly tho, ours stopped growing at 7w3d and my beta levels started to decline. I had my d&c last week. Today I would be 10wks, but now I have an angel :angel:

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I spotted through most of my first pregnancy. She was perfect and healthy.