Signs of night terrors?

Hello I just am coming here for some advice my daughter is waking up in the middle of the night screaming and crying . She is 1 years old . is it night terrors ? She has a virus right now


Is she getting her molars in? My kids went through that with their one year molars. Poor kiddo, hope she feels better soon

If she’s taking any kind of medication it could be bringing on nightmares. Also could be just wanting you because she’s sick or her meds wearing off. I would say wait until the illness is gone then see if she’s still doing it and consult her doctor.

Check out if she is eating canned food like chef boyardee or those Gerber pasta meals. Msg triggered night terrors in my siblings

If they were night terrors they will continue could she be in pain?

Fevers will bring nightmares too. Does she have them when she’s well?

Probably pain or gas pains…