Signs of postpartum depression?

Is it possible to have PPD before you even have the baby? I’m not excited for this baby in the slightest…
My man openly tells me that he isn’t in love with me, so that also has a play in how i feel about everything…
It terrifies me to think that there’s a possibility that I’ll be a single mother of 2.
I cant get out of this negative mindset…


I swear I had this. It eventually went away.

Yes prenatal depression is a thing. I have suffered with it through every one of my pregnancy’s (currently 36 weeks with my 7th) I get very lucky and don’t suffer from postpartum depression but you do have an increased risk of PPD when you have prenatal depression. If you suspect you may be suffering I would definitely talk to your OB!


PPD specifically no… but you can be depressed. It’s just not actually postpartum because you haven’t had a baby yet. Either way… talk to your doctor ASAP.

Antenatal or prenatal depression is a real thing. Talk to your mental health provider or OB! It can be very serious or just a blip. But it should be addressed.


Why be with someone who isn’t interested?


Yes! Don’t be ashamed if you need meds for it either.

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No one really sets out to be a single mother…living in a loveless relationship i can tell you isnt the answer. Cut your losses and move forward with your life. Its not easy by any means, you will struggle, but you will overcome it, because you are a mother, and that’s what we do.


i felt this way with my first pregnancy it even showed in my face in pictures taken but im not with the father of my first anymore either… not so much my 2nd and 3rd.

It’s called antenatal depression and it’s 100% a thing. Talk to your doctor love.


You can have depression at any point in your life for any reason
Step #1 work on becoming independent
Step #2 make him your EX asap
Step #3 be a proud and confident single mother

You don’t need a man to be a good mother


You are going to be in love with this baby no matter what. I’ve been there. My ex walked out on me while I wad in the hospital and having my son made something beautiful out of a horrible mess. When I had my daughter I was worried that I wouldn’t love her as much as I did my son, but once I had her in my arms I knew she was perfect. Talk to someone and get some help, but once that baby will be perfect. I promise.

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Antepatrum depression is a thing

Absolutely. My ex treated me like trash my entire pregnancy and I was severely depressed because of that, being a first time mom, and crazy hormones. Seek help now if you can and kick that man to the curb. The sooner you do it, the better. Believe me. You got this mama :muscle:t4:

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I’m a single mom of 2, a 4 month old and an almost 3 year old. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I’m way happier than I used to be.

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I feel you. I am a single mom of two. Pregnant with number three. Dad decided to not be supportive and honestly I cant help but dread having another child. Doesn’t mean you won’t love baby. Just means you are human. Not all us have supportive men by our side. If you decide you need to talk to someone. Do it. It wont hurt and may make you feel better I hope anyways.

Think about the joy these children will bring into your life!!

You maybe depressed because of what is happening in your relationship. Talk to your ob about how you are feeling. You will love the baby the moment baby is born.

As far as your husband, at least he is being honest with you. That does not make him a douche like some of the comments are saying (unless of course he says it in a mean way). Would you rather he pretend to be happy? Sit down with him just you two or with a therapist and talk about how he is feeling and how you feel. Then decide together to either work on the relationship or break up and co parent (just because you two might not work does not mean he will be a bad father). Best of luck!

Been there done this. Go to your dr get on meds now bc it wont get any easier. I will pray foe you
I tried 14 years foe a baby finally got pregnant and my fiance fell into a relapse- life was hell had my daughter july 1 I wasnt able to enjoy pregnancy or anythjng many prayers but def go to dr

That’s sad :cry: you should be happy you are going to have another little one that loves you more then anything in the world and depends on you for love a security. PPD stands for POSTpartum Depression so no that’s not what you have sense you are not post birth, but Prenatal Depression is a thing. Your man is not the important one you need to focus on yourself and your babies. Go out and do something fun go shopping for baby to be and let your other little one pick something out that he/she likes for baby sister/brother. Your kids are what’s important be there for them focus on them be their momma. I went through a similar situation with my first pregnancy it was hard but I made a decision to put my unborn baby first and focus on him only.

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It will be healthier to be a single mother, than with a man that doesn’t love you. Leave him, and see how you feel afterwards, if no better within a few weeks to a month, go see the doctor. Being a single mum isn’t as awful as some make out, you just need to stick to a routine with the little ones. You can have friends round etc, and go out if a friend or family member can babysit. You won’t be single forever, there’s still some men out there, that won’t treat you like you’re disposable. Take Care x.

If u dont think you can love and care for this child put it up for adoption

It’s not the pregnancy that has you depressed, it’s the man. Please do yourself a favor and escape from this relationship. My prayers for you and your children. :heart: