Signs of postpartum depression?

any other mom have or had PD I can’t tell if I have or not but if you have had it what seemed to help or what made you realize you had it.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs of postpartum depression?

It can show in diff ways for diff people…but the main symptoms would be disconnect with your baby, or you dont want to connect with them, crying, mood swings, irritability with everyone including baby, anxiety

Agree with Dominique! But can also shut out everyone, not eat, not want to also care for yourself as well, some get high blood pressure.

I myself ended up with it. But I however made my baby and my 16 year old my focus. And disconnect from everyone else. The baby daddy was home with us for 8 weeks after he was born and I literally had to fight with him to wake up and help in middle of night. I’d had to call and call and call him. I sleep on cot in baby room because he had medical issues at beginning and I was trying to breastfeed. I just gave up on him. We fought every min we was together, I hated everyone, refused to speak to anyone, started having health issues, was not taking care of me at all. Would cry, scream you name it my emotions where out of wack.

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Feelings of depression and anxiety with a disconnection from your baby, “mom-guilt” and feelings of impending doom are common as well. I think if you feel that you have it, your probably right to some degree. It helped me to constantly remind myself that this is only temporary and it can also take up to six months for your hormones to balance out

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I knew I had it when I was extremely worried about anything concerning my new baby and that everything needed to be just perfect, my house, the inside of my car, even my 2 year old. I would also just start crying out of no where

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