Signs of preeclampsia?

Any moms out there that had or has preeclampsia? I’m having more test done to see if it was a false alarm but I’d like to know what I have in store for me.


I supposedly developed preeclampsia around 34 weeks with my last pregnancy. My blood pressures were fine while monitoring them at home, but they always shot up at the doctor’s office. Even being put in the hospital two different times for monitoring… my blood pressures were fine in the hospital. :sweat_smile: Even my urine tests came back normal. I was put on modified bed rest and was basically told to just take it easy. Depending on how far along you are, they can also prescribe medication to get your blood pressure under control. I have heard of others being put on strict bed rest with preeclampsia. My doctor decided to induce at 37 weeks just to be safe (induction didn’t work so I had to have a c-section). I think it really depends on the severity of your case. Wishing you all the best!

I did with my first had an energency c section at 33weeks. Now currently have it again and they have me on bed rest and im only 23weeks they said i will have this baby early too most likely

I have had it twice. Anything particular you are wanting to know? How far along are you? That will determine part of the course of decisions that will have to be made.

I delivered my son 37w1d from sudden preeclampsia. They gave me Pitocin to jump start labor and I also had a catheter put in with magnesium to control my blood pressure and prevent possible seizures. It led me to staying 3 days in the hospital.

I developed it at 33 weeks was put on bed rest made it to 35 weeks to the day when baby came. My blood pressure was through the roof and I just felt awful. Had a black dot in my vision. Went to the dr to be looked at on a Monday sent right to the hospital and was induced a few hours later water broke Tuesday afternoon had baby by 1:17am Wednesday

I had it twice. Came alot sudden the second time. Had two csections. Makes ur feet and hands really puffy. It can cause a stroke so take it easy. Dont stress out over things. Wish you well.

I had it with my last. I ended up delivering my son at 36w5d. Had major headaches because they had a hard time controlling blood pressure. Ended with a 3 day stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, it did not go away for me with delivery and I had it 6 months post partum. It was tough, but baby came perfectly healthy. :slight_smile: