Signs of preeclampsia?

Has anyone PERSONALLY had pre clampsia? Not looking for google symptoms. If so how far along we’re you? I am 31 weeks I feel shortness of breathe, nausea and vomiting out of nowhere (haven’t had morning sickness my whole pregnancy) dizzy, headaches, and sweating.It comes and goes. Usually lasts an hour or so. But it’s been more consistent the last 48 hours. I was induced at 40 weeks with my first cause of high blood pressure at my apt. I don’t have anyway to take my blood pressure right now. My baby is breeched, and I have full placenta previa. So I have to have a scheduled c section, and am not supposed to go into labor on own own. So don’t know if it has anything to do with it. The last few days have just been odd. I have awful anxiety something will happen to my baby. As I have had numerous issues and already been hospitalized once with this pregnancy. Looking for insight on moms who went to the hospital with similar symptoms if it was pre clampsia or not, and what was the end result.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Signs of preeclampsia?

I would def let the doctors know ASAP and have them test your urine for proteins

For me, I had crazy swelling in my legs and ankles. Protein was in urine tests and of course blood pressure was steadily rising with each visit.

I had those same symptoms when my sugars would crash but either way please go to your local hospital and get checked

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I’m with everyone here just please go to ER.

Go to the ER and get checked out. I wouldn’t wait. Likely it is (based off of symptoms witnessed in my wife that some are similar to yours and you match text book symptoms as well) but you never know. I wouldn’t put this off till tomorrow.

Was you BP elevated at the Doctor office ? Call and ask the Doctor or his nurse what you should do. The baby may still move and the placenta may move to the side. But if your full placenta previa you should probably be on bed rest. Did your Doctor not explain anything ?

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Go to the ER you could have something called Hellp Syndrome and it can be dangerous! I had it at 38 weeks and was really scary.

I had pre-eclampsia and eclampsia ended up in the ICU after delivery due to seizures had lots of swelling and could see spots in my vision definitely go get checked out right away if you don’t feel right i was 34 weeks but was not feeling right a week before

For me I had swelling in my ankles and feet. I would also randomly see bright spots like twinkling stars when looking at something. I went to the ER because something felt off, turns out I had pre eclampsia and they admitted me for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. When in doubt please go to the ER. Worse case nothing is wrong, best case they can relieve what is happening to you, it will lower your stress as well

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Anytime you feel off it is always better for me be safe than sorry and go to labor and delivery to be checked out or to your doctor.

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I had it with my first daughter, I was EXTREMELY swollen, had constant headaches and had blurry vision. My dr dismissed all my symptoms until one day I had my mom with me at my appointment and she sent me to get induced immediately. Trust your gut and get checked out!!!

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Definitely go get checked. I found out I had preeclampsia once I went into labor a month early it just came on quickly. You can order a blood pressure cuff off Amazon otherwise pharmacies usually have one as well but you can never be too careful. Untreated it can be ver dangerous for both you and baby

Go get checked. My first son was born at 31 weeks.

You really need to watch your blood pressure, if it’s rises then it can cause the sac to lose fluid and it goes downhill from there. This started happening to me at 31 weeks with no symptoms and had c section(with high bp it was too dangerous for vaginal) 2 months premature. You should really get checked out!

Extreme migraines and nausea. I couldn’t stand still for more than 15 seconds without getting dizzy and nauseous. Ankles and feet extremely swollen. I was afraid my skin would crack.

I am currently 32 weeks and having the EXACT SAME ISSUE. My whole pregnancy was fine not till last two weeks non stop headaches that linger around and I do check my BP and it’s usually elevated when my headaches are bad. Never had nausea but the past week I’ve vomited once every day randomly. I’ve been feeling so sick, Tylenol won’t help the headaches at all. I was sent to the hospital two days ago but they ruled it as dehydration since my BP was normal there. But it sucks because I do have two history’s of preeclampsia both my babies were induced at 38 and 36weeks. So I’m just keeping an eye on myself. Definitely go in to the hospital if sudden swelling though try to get a blood pressure cuff and write the numbers down!

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I was in and out of the hospital for high blood pressure my last 2 months of pregnancy. They would run all the tests and I was always negative for preclampsia. But, my doctor told me the biggest things to look out for at home were , blood pressure higher than 140/90, weight gain in one day (5lbs or so) and extreme swelling in hands and feet. If I had any of those symptoms I had to go to the hospitals immediately.

Do not pass go and collect 200.
Go to the ER, now. :black_heart:


Go to the er or contact ur ob I wouldn’t be waiting days to get checked out

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I had a headache I couldn’t shake. I went to L&D thinking it was a normal migraine and it turns out that my liver was in distress. They admitted me immediately and monitored until I delivered.

It’s not worth the risk mama - go to the hospital now sweet friend.

Blood pressure and swelling in my face

Hospital asap!!! I’m a nurse and you can’t wait! Please go now if you haven’t already!


Go to the ER NOW !!! Why are you wasting time asking strangers these medical questions ??? So to be blunt but ARE YOU NUTS ?? GET TO THE ER NOW !! Yours and your baby’s life depends on it !! Good luck and I will be praying for you both. Call 911 if you need to [email protected]:two_hearts::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Go to the e.r… better safe than sorry. I can’t imagine waiting with symptoms like that.

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Please get yourself and your baby checked right away! I’m sending prayers for a safe delivery (and recovery) for you and your baby. :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


Hopefully U take the suggestions and go to the ER.
U won’t stay there they’ll let U go to labor and delivery.
I had preeclampsia almost 25 years ago with my one and only child. Went to my doctor appointment early because I wasn’t feeling well. Was very swollen in my feet, just didn’t feel well at all.
They checked my blood pressure and urine. Sent me straight to the hospital I had no idea what was going on . I delivered that day like an hour later. I was in the hospital 9 days my baby 11.
He was born 7 weeks prematurely and weighed 6 lbs 6 oz.
Better to be safe than sorry as others have said.

I had pre eclampsia at 32 weeks, my baby girl had to be born… but I had 0 symptoms, in fact if I didn’t have just a regular ob appointment I probably would never have known until it was to late.
Go to the hospital, they will test for it to be safe!!

I did I had unbearable headaches for 3 days or more at a time. Have your dr draw blood

It sounds like your blood pressure, I’d contact your doctor.

ANYTIME you’re worried call or go in Mamaz that’s what they’re there for… Sounds weird but my 1st daughters heart rate was ALWAYS around the same I went in at 36wks and her rate was lower than normal I said something to the Dr he assured me everything was ok… Went in next week was in active labor couldn’t find the heart beat… Went in to hospital and she was gone no heart beat and the Dr was DEVASTATED because he said he wished he would have listened to me and would never do that again also they said she passed no more than 24hrs after my last appt… Go in everyday if you have to… Didn’t mean to share my story to scare you but to encourage you to never be scared to call or go in too much… You know better than anybody about your body don’t stop talking til they start listening♥️ Hugs

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I got it at 31 weeks. Overall i felt fine, but my blood pressure was sky high & everything on me swelled & would not go down

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Just putting this out there, but have you taken a Covid test recently?

Labour and delivery asap!!! I didn’t know I had preeclampsia on my 34th week app my OB check my BP and it was 210/106 I was rushed in labour delivery, monitored for a few hours then was told the baby needed out asap ! Had him the same night my doctor told me if I wouldn’t have went in that day! Both me and baby would have died

Please attend your local midwife unit, I have been diagnosed with preeclampsia and obstetrics cholestasis. I went into hospital with sever stomach pains, high blood pressure on this one occasion so they did the blood tests and I was diagnosed with both however don’t have any symptoms of preeclampsia except the one episode of high blood pressure. It’s better to be checked than leaving it hun xx

Best to just call your Dr.

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I’d call your doctor. Some symptoms sound like it could be preeclampsia and some also sound like some sort of virus, whether COVID or some other illness. Best to be checked!

This is one of those times you should call your doctor. I had severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome with my first and delivered at 27+4 weeks. To have pre-eclampsia you need high blood pressure and another symptom. The most common symptoms are headache, visual disturbances (new onset of floaters, flashes, loss of vision), and protein in the urine. Swelling can be another symptom, particularly if it is in the hands and face, but swelling can also be normal in pregnancy. Right upper quadrant abdominal pain should also be taken seriously as it can be a sign of HELLP, which can coincide with Pre-eclampsia.

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High blood pressure, spots of light for me, big swollen ankles & feet that just never go down. I was misdiagnosed by my original doctor. I went to a different one & she immediately said to go to the hospital right then & there! because I was the verge of a seizure. My vitals were bad! I had sugar in my urine. I ended up being induced that night. If you feel something is wrong please go to the hospital. And remember it’s ok to get a 2nd opinion! I was around 32 weeks. My son was born that night & was in the nicu for a week! On breathing machines & feeding tubes. He was jaundice. And didn’t have a strong pulse he would often stop breathing. But he made it through! So please mama get checked! All the best & I hope this helps!

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I had preeclampsia with my second son. I would definitely call your doctor and see what they think or go to the hospital. I had to deliver my little guy at 33 weeks because of my health due to the preeclampsia. I was told I had it 2 weeks prior but was sent to the hospital multiple times. The last time was the worst it was affecting my eye sight so they delivered him immediately.

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I had pre-eclampsia with my oldest.
I had labial pregnancy induced hypertension with my youngest.

What you’re describing can have a root cause of so many issues. Preeclampsia yes…but also gestational diabetes (high blood and low blood sugar can cause what you’re experiencing). It could be a stomach bug (apparently there’s one going around in some places) or food poisoning. Heat sickness. Really all kinds of things.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your baby is get ahold of your doctor or go the hospital and get checked out if you can’t get an appointment.
None of us know enough about your personal medical history to give you medical advice beyond the obvious.

  1. call your Doctor.
  2. make sure you’re staying hydrated. Drink. Water. Not soda or coffee or tea. Water.
  3. make sure you’re not overdoing it in the heat.

Most grocery stores have one of those machines with a blood pressure cuff

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Yes my last one I was so sick I couldnt deliver vaginally amd needed an emergency c section at 29 and 6…he spent 41 days in the NICU you need to go to L&D and be checked.

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I started getting high blood pressure at 31 weeks. Had no other symptoms whatsoever. I had to go into hospital on a weekly basis to have my blood pressure checked. Basically sit in a bed for 2 hours and then was allowed to go home. Did this up until I was about 36 weeks and then my blood pressure went through the roof and I started seeing ‘stars’ in front of me. Felt abit faint and then had to have an emergency c section.

Swelling and high blood pressure. If you feel that you have this, (which is no joke) call your doctor!

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Definitely go to the ER. Everyone thought I was being a nervous Nancy with my first pregnancy because I felt off, had swollen ankles (one more swollen then the other) and was experiencing headaches and vision distortion (I always wear glasses so I couldn’t tell if that was why). I went to the ER just because I felt off and ended up having my son at 30 weeks because my BP was 217/120 :melting_face:. HELLP and Preeclampsia can move FAST!! It may be scary, but definitely got get checked out!!


The ONLY recommendation that I have for you is to contact your doctor IMMEDIATELY. It could be preeclampsia or something else could be going on. You need to been seen ASAP. Good luck.

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u usally dont know until bp is super high. i didn know. i did know something was wrong tho n the 4th time going to triage i made them do tests instead just check for contractions. they made me do 24hr pee test n my 38weeks appt was the next day n i was admitted before they even got the resluts back from that cause my bp was like 210 top number (dont remember bottom but was high) induced immediately and 14hrs later n 5 pushesy oldest waS born lol

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Take 1 baby aspirin a day, tell your doc your symptoms and ask if they have any free at blood pressure monitors you can take home. Check if your ankles or feet are swollen.

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Please please call your doctor with any concerns you have everyone’s body is different.

Yes. Ended up having a c-section.

I was induced at 37 weeks- high BP meds and when that wasn’t working the dreadful mag drip. Felt dizzy n crappy for 24hrs after I delivered, but once I started to feel better, i was able to hold and care for my baby

Your doctor will test for it. I had it at 37 weeks and almost died with my son. I gained 20 lbs in 2 days, had fluid in my lungs, protein in my urine, blood pressure of 198/96, etc. I literally felt like a walking zombie. I had my routine check up a couple days prior and no issues, so it can literally hit you overnight.

Ok so I was never told what the cause of my preemie was BUT I was fainting alot and had ALOT of dizzy spells, morning sickness was right from the start, my water broke at 33 weeks and my son was born at 35, all I was ever told was that I had an infection when I gave birth….

I was 31 weeks with severe preeclampsia, i would get checked just to be on the safe side, ended up having an emergency c section, now hav a healthy 6 year old

Go to the hospital. My sister had a massive stroke and died while pregnant. I was induced at 26 weeks because of preeclampsia. My son was only 2 pounds. At least go to your OB asap.

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So I did when I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd and none of the symptoms you are describing are symptoms of pre-clampsia I was induced at 34 weeks for high blood pressure that did NOT go down with medication and a headache that lasted over a week with my 3rd that was just born on the 5th of June I again had high blood pressure like I did with my second but when we are talking high blood pressure I’m meaning 190/87 and they started doing non stress tests I went in 2 times a week and my blood pressure was CONSTANTLY high I was induced with my 3rd at 35 weeks.
If you really do have preeclampsia it’s best to get a medical opinion rather then ask Facebook
Also I got my own blood pressure cuff and took my blood pressure every 3 hours after sitting down and resting for 10 mins it’s very important that you rest before you take your blood pressure because walking around can cause it to read higher 

And another thing all my pregnancy’s were high risk all my kids were born early my oldest was 33 weeks my second was 34 and my 3rd was 35 when I went in because my blood pressures were so high and medication was not helping i was induced aside from my oldest who stayed in the NICU for 191 days my second born and my third were only in the hospital for 2 weeks. They are all healthy

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