SIgns you are having twins?

I’m 6 weeks 2 days pregnant on the ultrasound it shows baby healthy but then a yolk sac I’ve never seen one with my other 2 before… however the yolk sacs I googled has black hollow holes in the middle…could it possibly be another baby and not a yolk sac?


I’ve heard of people finding out they have twins late into the first trimester. But the ultrasound tech has done this a million times. Put your faith in them first.

They would have told You when you got ultrasound.


I’d trust the medical technician and their report over Dr Google :person_facepalming:


you’ll have a yolk sack until the fetus is about 8-9 weeks


I’d trust a medical tech and docs over Google and fb “docs”


You are not a chicken, and your baby does not have a yolk sac :slight_smile: Your baby is getting everything it needs from you. If you’re referring to dark spots, that is most likely the amniotic fluid around the baby. If you see two of those, it could be another baby. But it could also be (in a larger shot) fluid in another of your organs.


Both correct

yolk sac from
The yolk sac is a membranous sac attached to an embryo, formed by cells of the hypoblast adjacent to the embryonic disk. This is alternatively called the umbilical vesicle by the Terminologia Embryologica (TE), though yolk sac is far more widely used.

Its a sign of a healthy pregnancy!


My first pregnancy was scanned at 6w3d and he had a yolk sac too. The baby has that befire the placenta developes.

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I found out at 6 weeks I was having twins and she was able to show me heartbeats on both babies. They should have been able to tell you if there were 2 babies

With my second, I thought the ultrasound looked kinda funny. And the nurses were acting weird. Turns out I was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately I lost one at 9 weeks.

We had twins at first with this pregnancy (33 weeks 6 days) and you could see one yolk sac and two babies. One didn’t make it, but they likely would’ve brought your attention to it. Sounds like you have one healthy babers, congrats!