Smoothie recipe ideas?

hello everyone! i had a baby 6 weeks ago and i am soo close to my pre pregnancy weight ( about 8 pounds away! ) but i need some help!

i am starting to drink protein shakes again, for weight loss but mostly bc i don’t have time to eat with a new born!

what is everyone’s favorite and most cost effective protein powder?
and favorite smoothie/ shake recipes??

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Similar boat here. I’ve been trying out the Unjury shakes, but I’m definitely fond of the Premier Protein shakes as far as variety goes. The banana and salted caramel are amazing. :slight_smile: Good luck!

I wish i didnt have time to eat with my newborn, 18 month old, & 3 year old. Somehow i find it and havent lost barely any weight since he was born 8 weeks ago :joy: idk any shakes or anything but good job mom ! Lol

For smoothies i love a frozen fruit bag and yogurt. If you want to get your veggies add some to the fruit mixture but try to pair ones that wont overpower your fruit- it could get gross. Berries are a good one to mask a lot of veggies.
Peanut butter smoothies are awesome if you want something sweet but dont want to lose track of your diet, milk peanut butter ice or vanilla ice cream and if want add a little choc syrup. This one is for cheat or/ period day lol. It’s awesome in protein.
I liked the protein at gnc which isnt very cost effective- but it seemed to mix easier and go down better. Walmart has a line of creatine protein thats not too expensive but harder to go down.

Dont laugh bellydancing is GREAT for getting back into shape

When buying pre made protein shakes keep and eye on carbs, some are extremely high. I drink the Gatorade chocolate protein shakes only before I go to the gym because I know I’m going to burn it off. Some Walmart have them on clearance, I found mine for 25 cents

Genepro…it’s unflavored protein so you can add it to anything. If you want it in something hot mix it at room temperature then heat it up. I had Baritastic surgery and protein is a must for us…it’s been my life saver. You can put it in jello, broth, soups, hummus, flavored water, coffee. Anything. And you truly can’t taste it