Snacks to give an 8 month old?

im looking for good snacks to give my 8 month old !! he loves eating so i wanna know some healthy snacks to give him


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Canned beans. My kids liked garbanzo beans because they’re easy to pick up, small enough so they won’t choke & soft enough to eat without lots of teeth. Also tofu soaked in whatever sweet or savory liquid they like (fruit or vegetable juice, chicken broth).

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Baby isle has a few things (I mainly liked to pack for when we were out)
rice cakes coated in yoghurt
Different kinds of puffs
Veggie chips

Could look at soft cheese

Cooked vegetables- broccoli- carrot sticks.

Fruit - cut up of course or could always blend some an make like a ice block for them to chew especially if teething

Pasta - like macaroni

Bread - toast

Could make a healthy muffin

Scrambled egg

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I know this is strange but my son is 8mo (almost 9mo) and his favorite snack to have is cucumbers

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You can feed the baby just about any fruit as long as it’s cut so they don’t get choked

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Cheerios, yogurt melts, cut fruit

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