So root canals hurt?

anyone here have had a root canal? Did it hurt like hell like everyone says ?


I had one after the medication was over it hurt soo bad the pharmacy did not have my medication ready and boy did it hurt just make sure that you have your back up medication

Actual procedure no. After the numbness went away it was miserable though.

I am told I have a very high pain threshold, so I might not be of help, but I had one in high school and recently got the filling redone. Didn’t bother me.

After the anesthesia wears off if you don’t take pain meds right away , yes !

I was sedated so I don’t know

if your able too…take to advil liquid gels and 2 tylenol extra strength rapid release…take them together…and yes take all four. that combination is better than any meds the dentist will give you. I have horrible teeth and I go through the worst of pain in my teeth. this is the only thing that works… I’ve been prescribed percocet and even stronger meds…they never worked. I took the advil and tylenol and I barely felt the pain

No. I had a good dentist

Speaking from a gal who is not a fan of the dentist…my experience was not bad at all. It went far better than the stories I was told. You will be fine.

I haven’t but my teenager has. He has a high pain tolerance and didn’t need any ibuprofen after. He was just a little sore but not in pain.

Not true.

Depends on the dentist tbh. How much numbing meds they use, if they let the meds fully kick in, ect.
Ive had terrible dentists, ive had amazing ones.

Just had one a few weeks ago , it wasn’t nearly as bad as I pictured it being. The procedure itself didn’t hurt at all, I was a little sore that day, more the second day, but not so bad that I needed to take anything. After that it didn’t hurt at all!

No pain. They numb you and or put you out.

The bill hurts way worse than the root canal itself does :sweat_smile:

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I never had one, but hubs said they don’t hurt. I may need one

When they pull that nerve out!!! The pain is crazy. The rest isn’t so bad. Good luck.

It’s less painful then the bad tooth… I took advil for the first 48hrs. The worst part for me was mental, I was freaking out inside while they did it! I had to talk myself down!
Do the warm salt water rinses few times a day gently! Good luck and speedy recovery!
Hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones that takes it well and doesn’t have much pain!

Had one years ago, no more uncomfortable than any other dentist visit. They numb you.