Solids for a 6-month-old?

Hey ladies! My little man just turned 6 months about a week ago. Curious what y’all do for solids at this age? His doctor said to start him on stuff like tiny bits of scrambled eggs, but I’m curious if anyone has any suggestions or things their babies enjoyed at this age? He has one of those mesh things that you put frozen fruit in & he’s been loving that! Thanks in advance!


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At 6 months I fed my son everything I ate except like steak things he cud choke on besides that he enjoyed everything


Welp my child stole a strawberry I was eating while he was breastfeeding at about 6/7 months old.

Eggs, avocado, berries, those are all good. Check out some different feeding methods online and see what you feel comfortable with. We did Baby Led Weaning and really loved it, for the most part they’re great eaters. But of course once they can talk they get pickier :sweat_smile:

Check out baby led weaning

My baby went straight to food at around five months (fed him things off my finger for at least two months before), same with my grandbabies.

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Both my boys enjoyed everything and anything I ate. Lots of fruits and veggies, potatoes, Avocado wedges, oatmeal with PB

Baby Led Weaning for Beginners & Beyond (BLWBB)

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My 8 month old refuses anything unless it’s sweet… like icing, cupcake, donuts whipped cream etc

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Fruits or veggies … mashed. Banana are good.

start with vegetables because they will like anything sweet and anything but strawberries and
nuts even eggs sometimes kids are allergic

I introduced at 6months but didn’t want it until around 8-9 months but avocados are very good for them. My son loved boiled Sweet potato’s

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Look into baby led weaning. If done correctly its just as safe as purees. My youngest had her first meal at 6 months and it was strips of steak and cucumber spears.

Also as long as there is no immediate family allergy, they can try eggs, peanut butter and nut butters at 6 months. If you’re worried about it you can do what I did and introduce right before a doctors appointment in the parking lot so if any reaction happens then you are already at the doctors.

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We always taught to wait a year to start eggs due to a high risk for allergies.


No eggs till year old

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Mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, purée spaghetti, purée Mac and cheese, purée butter beans, and you can purée just about anything, but I wouldn’t give him tomatoes or citrus yet because the acid may come out and be hard on his skin.

Get a mesh pacifier feeder and food them everything you eat in it. Except of course honey, peanut butter, etc. My kids are everything in those at first and I think around 8-12 months is when I started transitioning the feeder away. Both my kids were fully on solids and sippy cups (360 ones) at a year old.

Puree Avocado sweet potato carrots peas banana strawberry, cucumber… chew when teething