Soon to be ex-husband and his new girlfriend

OK so my ex-husband and I have been separated for over two years. We have three children together. He and I talked about trying to remain friends for the sake of the children. My ex-husband has a new girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. A few months ago my husband’s girlfriend calls me and tells me that he pulls a gun on her. She also informed me that he was going to attempt to take my children from me break me and my boyfriend up and get me back. A few days later his girlfriend goes back to him. Am I wrong to think that if she is willing to go back to somebody who has pulled a gun on her that she’s not willing to protect herself nor would she be willing to protect my children. And then on top of that I find out that she also has child abuse charges against her. And just an FYI my husband/ex-husband is also an alcoholic and pops pills.

Document EVERYTHING! Text messages, emails, weird marks after the kids come back from them. Any and everything. Try to keep conversations to texts and messages too as opposed to over the phone so that you have physical evidence of whatever is said or claimed. If you feel that it is in your children’s best interest to take it to court and file for full custody, do so!!! You are 100% within your right to do whatever you need to do to keep your kids safe. The gf is an adult and as unfortunate as it is, can decided to put her own safety at risk and go back to him. But you do what you need to in order to keep your kids safe! Good luck!

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