Symptoms of a UTI in toddlers?

How many moms have had their toddlers have a UTI? I’m pretty sure mine has one I’m getting him an appointment ASAP
His general complaint is that hes peed or pooped and he hasn’t then he screams when he pees even if it’s a little. Hes still in diapers and makes 6-12 soaking diapers a day and 2-5 poopy diapers a day so I know hes peeing and pooping enough.


Do you give him bubble baths?

Poor little one :disappointed_relieved: how old is he/she? Have you tried reuseable/washable diapers instead of over the counter diapers? It would help your baby to not get a UTI. My son is 3yo and never had a UTI praised God!

Fever? Malaise? Sounds like UTI or ealry system of diabetes.

Not trying to scare you but sometimes kids have something called a reflux meaning that the urine goes back into the kidneys because of the urethra or how ever you spell it is weak. I would definitely ask my doctor about it because it can cause kidney damage. I’m saying this because my daughter had it

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My son has had a Yeast infection, I noticed he said “owe” and grabbed his Private area, earlier in the day.
:pensive: But not until bedtime did I realize he was hurting to pee because he had a fresh diaper on. We took him to the E R right away. :smirk:

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My oldest had she had a UTI once when she was about a year old. The daycare she went to that lady was older and a big believer in baby powder.

My son had a UTI. Before bringing him in, his doctor said to pop him in a warm bath for as long as you can keep him in there and give him juice, water, popsicles - whatever to get him peeing as much as you can (you might want to give him ibuprofen a half hour before you do this). My kid was 5ish when this happened so it was easy for me to keep him in the bath

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Get him an appointment now. He’s too little to hurt like this.

Fluids lots of fluids !
Cool towel on back of neck
Vick’s on bottom of feet

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Definitely get it checked out and start potty training asap diapers let the pee and or poo just sit there and its not healthy also give him lots of fluids water mostly juice or anything with alot of sugar could make the problem worse

My daughter had a UTI at less than a year old. They definitely happen to kids that little.

Have you by chance noticed a foul smell to his urine? Have him drink lots of water Along cranberry juice too but I would mix it with water I don’t know too many kids who like that taste of that stuff and it could cause the shits also. Is your little guy circumsized? Cuz when boys aren’t they tend to get more infections due to not having their skin pulled back when they get cleaned and I have seen nasty infections caused by that and when you don’t pull the skin back the foreskin can actually start closing and cause alot of problems. Good luck hope your boy gets better

Give him cranberry juice 2 or 3 times a day

Last summer my son (3 at the time) caught a virus that gave him a viral UTI. It was horrible. There were tears, and lots of blood. Several trips to different doctors, testing, and an ultrasound. The pediatric urologist said it was a rather common summer virus, and boys are more likely to show symptoms of a UTI with it. My girls got bacterial UTI’s at that age, but my boy has only ever had that virus.

stop giving them soda and coolaid isn’t juice have him treated and than cut back on what you are giving him including all the colored crap … :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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