Teething pain relief for babies?

Did any of your LO’s experience teething pains at 3 months? How were they acting?


Oh yes, both of mine started around 3 months. Screaming, chewing on anything and everything, drooling a lot. Teething started early but they didn’t get their first tooth til around 7ish months.

I thought for sure my LO was teething around 3 months because he was always chewing on his hands, drooling and had a bunch of other teething signs.
Turns out it was just normal 3 MO behavior! He didn’t get his first tooth till 12 months!!

My son did, it was so rough. He’s 6 months now and still has no teeth, but one looks like it’s coming through soon!

My boys starting to teeth he’s almost 3 months chewing on his bubs. His hands his blankets. Dr said some babies r born with teeth lol I did not know that!!!

Yessss. I’m going through it now and this is her all the time. Chewing on anything she can.

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My daughter started teething at 10 weeks.

Mine started at about a month and a half ! Chewing on the bottles , sticking his hands in his mouth , drooling everywhere and you could clearly tell by the inside of his mouth he was teething and now hes 3 months old and teething sooo bad

My son started at 2 months-drooling and chewing on things. The day he turned 4 months his teeth were visible under the gum, then a week later it cut through. Now at almost 5 months his top two are coming in. Now it’s hell. Fussy. Won’t sleep as well. And chews on anything and everything. They are half way in. At this rate they’ll probably be in when he’s 5 and a half months.

My daughter had 2 teeth in by 3months

Drool, fussiness, hot head but no fever, EVERYTHING in the mouth. Pediatrician can prescribe you Tylenol and correct dosage. Mine also got diarrhea from the excessive drool

My oldest started at 2 months and had all baby teeth by 12 months

My boy would bite me as we nursed and he loved having his hands in his mouth( of course) he’s 5 months now and has two little teeth

Yes!! 2 out of my 5 girls began teething at 2 months, one of them had their first tooth at 3.5 months… And the other is teething now since 3 months. Drooling a ton, a touch of diarrhea and cold like symptoms that is caused by the teething. Thankfully no fevers in any of my girls when they teethed. Just offer lots of things to gum on!