Tender breasts, hair loss, but negative test result

Lately I’ve been experiencing an increase in nipple tenderness and hair loss. It’s not uncommon for me to lose hair but it seems to have increased. Breasts have been more sensitive too when usually they aren’t. I took a pregnancy test 3 days ago but did NOT expect to be because I don’t get periods anymore due to having PCOS. Test was negative. However I’m wondering if any moms have gotten pregnant with very irregular or almost non existent periods? Or if you’ve had similar symptoms and it’s wasn’t pregnancy, what was happening?

Tender breasts are a big sign of pregnancy but Pms & pregnancy symptoms are very similar. I
would wait a few days… maybe a week and take another test. By then your levels will have gone up & show if you are. I have irregular periods and I have 1 toddler plus I’m pregnant right now, my first symptom of pregnancy for both was tender & veiny breasts