The guy I have been dating for two months told me he loved me: Thoughts?

I have been seeing this guy i met on tinder for about two months now…we talk a lot and have gone on several dates but after our last date he told me he loved me which i didnt know how to respond so i kissed him and headed inside…but is it not too soon to tell someone you are just datin gthat you love them? it feels too sooon to me and now i have started distancing myself from him…he is super nice and i feel like it is genuine but its too soon…how do i talk to him about this without hurting his feelings? could his feelings for me be true after a few months?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. The guy I have been dating for two months told me he loved me: Thoughts?

Tell him how you fell. For some it’s too soon for some it’s not.


My husband and I said it wayyy sooner then 2 months lol


I told my now husband of 16 years I loved him very early on and I think it freaked him out tbh bcuz of his horrible past relationships but he stuck it out with me and told me he loved me back when he was ready although the next day he said I love me some Fi which was like saying it without actually saying it lol anyways and here we are happily married with kids 16 years later so please don’t cut and run on a good person bcuz of some unresolved issues you might have. Unless of course you can’t see a future with him then let him find a person who will love and appreciate him back!


I would be honest about how you feel. But that means you need to be honest on if that means it’s just genuinely too early for you to feel that way about someone or if you’re on the way to feeling that way but just not there yet. And both is fine. My husband and I met our sophomore year of high school and he said I love you 2 weeks into talking, we weren’t even dating yet. We’ve now been together 13 years and married for 11 years. Everyone is different just be honest about how you feel.

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Depends on how YOU feel about it. You don’t have to tell him back & Atleast he’s not hiding his feelings like most men :grin:

I told my other half a week after we met :joy: 5 years and 2 kids later :woman_shrugging:t4:


Just sit him down and communicate with him how you feel…judt tell him its to early for you to say it back…if you are uncomfortable in hearing itvtoo soon from him just tell him that…
If your relationship is meant to be and he is a great guy…he will understand
If he gets upset then he isnt the one for you

My partner said “I love you” at around two months. Twice. A week before I said it to him. Apparently I hadn’t heard him when he said it so he just thought I wasn’t ready, meanwhile I was waiting for him to say it first and finally said “f it” :joy:

My husband told me he loved me on the 9th day we had been dating and it’s been almost 13 years now. I think it just depends on how you feel about him and how him saying it makes you feel. If you feel it’s too soon then I wouldn’t say it back and just let him know it doesn’t mean you’ll never feel that way, just not yet.


I said it before 2 months…
Going on 2 years now :tada::heart:

I told my husband (we also met on Tinder) I loved him after like a month maybe. It wasn’t very long. He told me he thought he felt the same but wasn’t ready to start saying it yet. We’ve been together for three years, married one and about to have our second baby together. If you’re not ready then just tell him what you are feeling. If he’s right for you he will understand. I don’t know that two months is too soon but that 100% depends on what you feel. :woman_shrugging:

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Only you can make that decision. I knew I loved my husband on our second date and he told me he loved me within a month of dating. We’ve been together almost 8 years now, married for 4.

You could respond with aw, your so sweet with an added I love you doing a certain action when we do whatever you choose.

My now husband told me he loved
Me on day 2 or 3. I told him I wouldn’t say it back because I didn’t feel that yet. He understood. It was probably a few weeks later when I said it back to him. We have been together since 2012. Married since 2016. Love is love and it will find its was to U when U least expect it. Least that’s how it happened for me.
I would just tell him how U feel, but don’t run him off. He sounds like a genuine guy that knows how he feels.
Blessing on your journey.

Hubby said it to me within the month of us dating… I told him I wasn’t ready to say that yet… Took me just under 5 months before I did. We’ve been together for over 14 years now

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I said it around 2-3 months now we are going on 7 years :heart:

The first time I layed eyes on my man I fell in love with him

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My husband said it after 3 weeks. That was 36 years ago and we are still together.


You either have it or not … it’s very possible

Love knows no boundary nor can it be measured by time. :heart:


They always say that men fall quicker than women if she’s the one if it’s too soon for you just let him know this


He is most likely genuine, 2 months is reasonable, however, if you’re not feeling it too, then you’re not on the same level and you need to assess your own feelings and probably walk away before you break the poor guy’s heart.

My now husband told me he loved me and would marry me someday and gave me a cute wee ring after 2 months. (Not engagement ring lol). We have been together 14 years, married nearly 9

I told my husband I loved him accidentally on a phone call about a month in. we together 10years now.

Different for everybody. My husband and I were set up on a blind date after 2-3 weeks he told me he loved me I said it’s a little too soon for me to say it back. He said that was fine he just wanted me to know. A couple weeks later I said it back. We have been married for 22 years now.

Love has no time limit. If you feel its right then go for it. Some fall harder than others. I know I do and I love it when a guy can say it early as it means they trust you. If you have a genuine connection then go for it.

There is love at first sight…

Tell him straight if he don’t like it tough shit

Could be genuine but move slowly!! It could be love for him but YOU move at your own pace!!

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Be honest with how you feel and if he reacts negatively then he’s not the one

I told my husband I loved him after about two weeks. He said ‘thank you’ lmao. We’ve now been together for 20 years, married for 14 :blush:. If you really like the guy- talk to him about it. Tell him you like him a lot but are a bit more reserved with your feelings and aren’t ready for that step yet. If he actually loves you he will be okay with that.

Took us 13 years to say it lol… 2 kids now and we are happy. It’s different for everyone. Discuss it with him. Tell him you are open to his love but you will say it back when you feel it’s true for you as it is for him

Yeh little soon imo. It’s only two months, he doesn’t really know you! Give it time maybe you’ll feel the same

Depends. My parents got married after a month of meeting. No he was not going off to war or something like that. They have over 60 years of marriage and still neck like two teenagers.

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There are literally people who get married after 2 months but that doesn’t mean it has to be right for everyone. If you feel it’s too soon just tell him you think things are moving too quickly and you’d like to slow down. It may hurt his feelings but you have to be comfortable too

Some people just love everybody

I honestly don’t think theirs any way not to hurt his feelings when telling him. I’d be kind but I’d also tell him where I stand. It’s no good sparing his feelings at the expense of yours.

I can’t answer your 2nd question.

Men fall in love easily and out of it just as easily


Yes can be genuine.
Stay close enough to him to figure this out for yourself.
Bask in some devotion…see how it feels.

I started dating a guy 2 years after my marriage broke down. After 1 month he told me he was falling in love with me. I wasn’t ready to trust again. Only a couple of months later it hit me that I loved him.
We’ve been married for close to 25 years. He is my soul mate and I’m forever grateful me didn’t push me in the beginning.


Two months is a lot I met one two Sundays ago and he’s been constantly telling me he loves me ,sickening much


I fell in love with my husband after 1 month. We got married 2 months later and we have been married now for 11 years. Sometimes it really is love and sometimes it’s more of an infatuation. Just have to see where it goes!!! Maybe just have a conversation about it…and ask that maybe he can reserve that word for later on down the road:)

Just tell him it’s to soon for you but you still want him.

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I fell in love with mine about six months into it. He wasn’t quite there and told me the truth. He cared about me but he’s not there yet. A month later he was. It’s that simple, be honest. If he can’t handle honesty then that’s a red flag. That doesn’t mean his feelings aren’t hurt but if he does love you he’ll be patient.

I was with my husband for 3 months before we got married and we’re going on 3 years now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: he’s my best friend and couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else. It could be genuine, just take it day by day and see where it goes. I also agree that you guys should have a conversation about it though.

I met my husband off tinder. He said I love you after a few months of dating. And now we’ve been together for 5 years, married 4 with 2 kids. Lol. It’s all on how you feel.

I felt something for my man first time we met but didn’t dare tell him he still only said it to me though cards not spoken the words but shows me in other words I tell him all the time in text never yet face to face .xx. but we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Xx.

Just be honest with him and tell him your not there yet …To give you time. Some people say that but don’t really mean it. Kinda like their used to saying that to family and whatever before they leave. So just make sure your both on the same page. And be careful

I was with my husband for two weeks before I said it … but as corny as it sounds, we both later admitted it was at first sight. And I was definitely not looking. I had just come out of a complicated marriage. So have the conversation and just tell him your guard was up and you didn’t know he was on a different track. Let him know your not ready or if you are … better to be open and honest from the very beginning. What do you have to lose if you have to question yourself like this ?


Of that’s how he feels it’s his he feels. Don’t make him think he did something wrong because he didn’t. Let him know YOU aren’t ready to say it but your enjoying growing with him.


Everybody loves differently, he loved you sooner then you loved him. So just acknowledge his feelings and let him know you’d like to have more time before saying them words.

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My now husband of 11 years said I love you after a week of dating :joy: everyone is different, there’s no required time frame.


My husband and I told eachother we love eachother after 1 month of dating, but we’ve also known eachother since we were like 12 lol

A guy told me he loved me once after 1-2 months of dating…we’ve been together 10 years and have 3 kids :joy:


I was smitten with my husband immediately, it was love at first sight for me. He proposed on our 6 month anniversary and we got married 6 months later. We’ve been together almost 13 years and married almost 12! My sister was the one who introduced us. We renewed our vows last summer for our 10th wedding anniversary. He surprised me, he had it planned for a year. He’s always been supportive of anything I’ve ever wanted to do, as I have with/for him. The guy I was with before my husband was a immature man child and we only dated a year. I’d never been proposed to before my husband did, the guy before him had his UNCLE buy me a “promise” ring. 3 months later the guy broke up with me.

So it’s a different situation with me because for 5 years before we dated my husband was my best friend. I wanna say I told him I loved him within a month when we started dating.

Just be honest-I use to have a rule not to say it before 6 months but that is dumb. All the relationships failed. I just told someone I loved them after 1 month but never been treated better in my life.
Bottom line communication is key- if you’re not ready & he’s a good man he will understand

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I knew I loved my husband almost immediately. So much so I felt the need to make it seem like I hated him. It scared me probably as much as it would have scared him had I told him. Fifteen years later I still love him more than anything.

Just be honest with him. Tell him you still want to conjuring to get to know him but you aren’t there yet. Honesty is always the best way. He’ll understand, everyone knows a few months is soon for some people. If he doesn’t then he wasn’t the one for you :woman_shrugging:t4:


I knew after the first date as a teen that i loved my now husband. Had an instant connection. I’d tell him you aren’t there emotionally yet,but you are willing to continue dating to see where it goes. Some people just connect faster…i guess. Even though i knew i was in love…it took my husband some time,a few months,to know his feelings. Give it time instead of running away like he did something wrong…

My boyfriend didn’t tell he loved me until 6 months of dating. My ex husband told me after a week and we’ll, he’s my ex husband now.

Just because it’s soon for you don’t mean it is for him. Just be honest and tell him you’re not there yet. Everyone falls In love at different times and that’s okay. It’s okay not to love him right now either. I knew I loved my husband the second day I met him. We only waited like 2-3 weeks to day it to each other. We’ve been together 10 years this past June.


Yes it can happen . Tell him you like him to but let’s not go to fast

If it feels too soon for you, that’s ok. Just tell him that. My now fiancé told me after about a month. And I don’t believe I said it back right away. We’re also older and I’m a firm believer in if you know, you know.

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Take a breath.
It sounds like you’re reading his “confession” as a red flag.
You might be correct if this was accompanied by some kind of demand for more or a bigger commitment from you. Like moving in together or getting married.
But. It. Wasn’t.
Plenty of couples say “I love you” during the “dating period” and continue to just date and enjoy each other’s company with these words in play long before making additional commitments.

It doesn’t sound like he’s actually done anything wrong. So as much as it sucks this may be more of a “you” issue.
I would take some time to figure out why this has bothered you so much.

Is it because you have unresolved past trauma? Is it because society/culture/envious has sort of engrained an “appropriate” timeline? Is it because you’re simply not ready to say it back? Is it because you’re not really interested in even seeing if the relationship will go into more commitments?
Whatever your reason doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t make you “wrong” for not being comfortable. You’re allowed to have thoughts and opinions.
The big thing here is to identify the problem within yourself rather than passing the blame to him because he expressed himself honestly.


My husband told me after 2 months. We been together almost 8 years. Seriously one of the best relationships I’ve ever had. I don’t think it has a time frame.


Play it slow and get to know him. I learned the hard way. They change and be sure first. I’ve stuck it out but it hasn’t been easy

My hubby and I were way quicker to say it. Been together 5 years and married for 3. Everyone is different

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My boyfriend told me he loved me about a month in. I wasn’t ready so I told him I’d say it back only when i meant it. And I did. And he was ok with it. He waited another month or so to hear it. :joy: We’ve been together for 4 years. Love is different for everyone. You don’t need to distance yourself unless you don’t see a future with him. Just tell him you’re not ready to say it back. He should be ok with it as long as he is willing to make things work with you.


Took a month before my husband told me he loved me. Been together 6 1/2 years, married for 4, n have 3 beautiful lil girls together

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Why are we held to a arbitrary set of rules made by who ? Society ? Women want a good man that loves us but no its too soon ? That’s why women be staying single.


Sometimes people just know. I would write him off entirely for it. If you aren’t ready to move that fast, sit down and have a conversation with him about it. If he truly cares about you, he will understand and respect your boundaries


Why is Love on a timeline? Married 26 years and we knew in second date that we were inseparable.
“I love you” about 2 months in, engaged at 4 months in and Married at 8 months in!


So maybe he does? I don’t see anything wrong with it unless he has a long history of short, failed relationships lol.


After like a month I was in a rush to leave and as I was walking out the door I said “bye love you”. Anyways, we’re happily married now.

Everyone’s different. It’s immature of you to distance yourself from him without an explanation rather than speaking about it with him.


Mine did the same after a month, met him online
And he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It just matters if he proves it and doesn’t just say it. And we’re getting married in October :heart: been together over a year now…


Well I hope you didn’t tell him thank you

Moving too fast, RED flag

My ex husband told me 3 days after our first date. I knew then he was nuts but didn’t listen to myself.

Don’t listen to anyone else. How does he feel and how do you feel? That’s all that matters.

If you feel it’s to soon, then it’s to soon. If you don’t, then it’s not. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel or at what pace your relationship should move. If he loves you, he loves you. If you’re not quite there yet, then tell him so. Be open and honest. Do what makes YOU happy.


We have no idea how old either of u are, so maybe just take it slow.

Honestly when you know you know, my hubby said it to me after 1 month of dating, but we knew from day one we were meant to be. Engaged at 4 months, married at 11 months, still married 10 years later with 2 kids. It is possible but if you’re not ready to go that route just be honest and ask that he give you a little more time to develop your full love for him.


My husband told me he loved me & was going to marry me 1 month after dating & that was 48 years ago.


Is there maybe a cultural difference? I live in Korea and couples here say “I love you” pretty early on in their relationships and its not seen as a red flag


I met my husband online through a dating app. We chatted periodically for 6 months but never met. I was just looking for friendship and he was nothing like the men I was used to dating. The first time I saw him in person my heart took over as he stepped out of his truck. I knew at that moment that I’d spend the rest of my life with him. We’ve been together 9 years and married 8. It’s the best 8 years of my life.

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My now husband told me he loved me only knowing me 3 1/2 weeks. Been together six years sometimes you just know

Just tell him what you told us. Mine asked me after a couple weeks if I saw a future between us. Normally that would freak me out, which I told him, but I answered it with yes. We’re 3 years and 2 kids into the relationship now.

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There is no proper timeline for love or feelings. Emotions are exempt from reason. But pay attention to your emotions, it’s one thing to hear it and not yet feel it in return, it’s another to be made uneasy by his love. Is it your head logic-ing out your neutral/ positive feelings, or is it that his loving you makes you unhappy. Go with how he is making You feel. Don’t doubt your intuition.

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Love isn’t about time, it’s about connection.
If he feels it, he feels it.
If you don’t yet, you don’t.
Tell him the truth, if he flips out then that is the red flag. :triangular_flag_on_post:
It is appropriate for him to be a little sad you’re not on the same page, but if his reaction is extreme then you should end it.


Be honest and tell him you are not ready to say that you love him. But you need to figure out if you could given the time to get to know him. If there is no chance that you could love him let him go find someone who can love him the way he deserves. It is ok to say that he is moving too fast and it is scaring you off, but he deserves to hear what your thoughts and feelings for him are. Btw my guy fell in love with me at first sight, he said it first. I said I liked him and wanted to take things slow. 5 years later we both are more in love each day.

I met my fiancé on tinder in May 2021. We hung out for the entire month of June and July, fell head over heels, started saying ILY then we found out in August that we were expecting his first baby. We got engaged in December and I’m beyond excited to spend my life with him. He’s the best thing to happen to me other than my kids.

When you know, you know but if you don’t feel the same way then definitely let him know. Don’t be a douche bag and leaving him hanging. Be an adult.

Some people just feel things stronger than others. Distancing yourself is going to crush him and damage his ability to be open with anyone else about his feelings in the future. Doing more harm than good. Just be honest. Tell him you like him but that you move slower than him and you need more time. You’re just not ready to say it back. If he feels that it isnt going any where after the bump, itll end, but if hes patient with you, you know he actually meant it