This is my problem

I’m currently ready to go back to court because my daughter dad works third shift and we have joint custody and he never has her his parents do which was fine with me up until now his mom just had back surgery and she can no longer do my daughters hair or give her baths or anything so my daughter says mom my pop pop doesn’t put me In showers he just washes me up that’s a problem for me she is five but she is very smart she says papa does not touch her or anything i dont think That but I’m not sure if she is getting cleaned properly and I. Cant get lights in my name in the city I live in bc my step mom put a light bill in my name so my bestie let me use her name the last three years but she wants to move out of her moms house but can’t , cause I’m using her name for lights which is Legal in va by the way so I can’t get lights so imma have to move out of town what do u all think ?? Just concerned will the judge modify our order