Thoughts on getting your tubes tied right after birth?

My dr asked if I was interested, which I am. I’m due in April with a little boy. I already have a two-year-old daughter. I know for a fact I’m DONE having babies lol I’m not interested in ANY birth control recommendations I was just interested in any input on getting tubes toed directly after birth. Did it make a recovery better/worse, did you bleed more/less, was the pain any different? I’ll be having it done within 2 hours of having my son.


Following! Wanting the same done

I had mine done a few hours after my daughter. Nothing was any different other then the incision hurt a bit. Just kept that clean. Other then that it was the same healing process!

Have the same question I’m going to be having a scheduled C-section in April and getting my tubes removed so I’m curious as well

I had mine done a few months later so I can’t speak to immediately after birth unfortunately. The recovery I had went very quickly with just a weight restriction for a few days

Both of my births were c section after my second c section with twins they did it while I was already opened I had no different symptoms and recovery was the same .

Following because I’m having my tubes removed in april after my second little man is out :two_hearts:

I’m due in a few weeks and I plan on getting mine tied while I’m in the hospital.

I had my done the morning after and nothing was different for me

My sister had hers tied after she had her second kid and she said that she’s glad that she only had two goes through Labor and then had the surgery and be done instead of having to heal from the labor and then go back and have the tubes tied

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If you do it right after birth, your organs are more accessible and they don’t have to use the gas etc. to get to them. Much easier was my understanding. I was supposed to have mine done right after birth but ended up having to wait 6 weeks because my dr. Was on vacation. Recovery was a breeze though.

I got it done about 4 months ago directly after a c section. The recovery was slightly more painful and a little bit longer than my 2 previous c sections. I’m not sure how it feels after a vaginal birth but can say it was only slightly worse. Totally worth it though!!

I had mine tied the day after I had my son. Idk about everybody else but I was in alot of pain for at least 1 week after

I had a c section so they did it then

The best time to have it done!

I had mine done at 6 weeks. Normally cramping but for me it was the belly button one that hurt the most.and took the longest to heal

got mine done after c section, glad I got it done no more hormones’ or pills or condoms to keep from getting pregnant again. No changes in the body all the same

Your giving birth, and having a major surgery.

I did it after my second right there during c-section. I regret it I was only 27 at the time. She is now six and I regret not having the option. Not to mention my periods are horrible and heavy ever since to the point where I have had to actually be put on birth control to regulate and bleed less

I would like to have mine done right after birth but I am being told to wait 6 wks to have it done

I delivered vaginally,no complications,and had mine tied the day after giving birth. T they went in thru my belly button,and i was sore,holding a pillow against my belly helped( when i laughed or coughed) pain was minimal. I definitely recommend.

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I had it done a few hours after I had my son! I had the perfect famil had my daughter first then my son exactly 18 months later got my tubes tied and 9 months later my kids father passed away! Almost 3 years later meet a man that has no kids and I regret it horribly! You never know what the future holds! But recovery was pretty easy but I had both my kids naturally!

I had mine done the day after my last daughter was born. Wasn’t bad. Only issue I had was with the medication. Normal pain, nothing worse that what you feel a couple days after giving birth.

I’m 28 & I had mine done after my 3rd c-section. Everyone is different tbh I found it the same as my last 2. But I just got on with it xx

Sept 2018 I had a csection and during that time they tied my tubes. My insides hurt more than normal during healing. First few periods HURT like no other. It’s been a little over a year and my periods are regular dont have to worry about another pregnancy or taking birth control. One thing I have noticed though is that i clot instead of bleed during periods so sometimes passing those can be rough. 100% recommend

I had my tubes removed after having 3 kids. They did it during the procedure of the csection. The recovery wasn’t any different and periods aren’t that different either.

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Just had my last baby in mid December and had my tubes tied. Heard horror stories from women on here saying their periods were heavier and cramps were unbearable. I’ve already had my first period and there was no difference. Recovery didn’t seem any different than any of my other c sections.

They wouldn’t do mine until 6 weeks after. But the recovery isn’t awful. In through the belly button and don’t

I decided to wait to tiemy tubes and needless to say I regret waiting because I ended up with baby number three and I love her to the moon and back. It is easier to get pregnant after the birth of a child.

I done it after the birth of my 4th child its fine

I had my tubes tied after my second child. It wasn’t bad just a little sore there for a little. It was a few weeks after I gave birth

Had mine tied 5 minutes after my son was born. Went thru the belly button easy and recovery was minor

I had mine tied with my second child right after he was born. I had a c-section so my doc did everything right then. I had no complications and everything was pretty much the same as my first c-section, such as recovery/bleeding. Periods were same as before. Good luck!

I had my tubal litigation schedule one month after my son was born vaginally. I wished I had the procedure done the same day. I had to have gas used so they can see what they were doing and that gets released thru your shoulders ( that was uncomfortable) but I went home right after surgery with two band aids. I was at walmart later that evening grabbing diapers. I had my tubes tied after our fourth child and a failed vasectomy. Everyone is different and reacts differently. I hope you come to the best decision for yourself. Best wishes❤

I just had my second baby 3 weeks ago, repeat c section and got my tubes removed at the same time. Recovery was the same as my first c section, which for me thankfully isn’t too bad but it’s different for everyone. We all heal differently. If you get your tubes removed it reduces the risk of cancer so I went with that. Also there’s less chance of getting pregnant with them removed, than just tied. I really really wanna be done because my pregnancies are high risk and this last one was a doozie! I didn’t find recovery that difficult, you get 2/3 days in hospital, and then sent home with pain meds. With a check up after 2 weeks which I just had and I have another check up in 2 more weeks.

Similar situation for me. My daughter was 2 when I had my son & I don’t want anymore. With my daughter I had to have an emergency c section so we did a repeat c section with my son. I had mine done during my c section & it was awesome. Didn’t change my recovery, no extra pain, didn’t notice a difference with bleeding, & no problems since. Before my daughter my periods lasted 5-7 days, after my daughter it went to 3-5 days, now it’s 7-8 days. I can’t really say if my cycle changed because I had another baby or if it’s because I had my tube tied or maybe a mix of both but over all I’m happy with having it done.

I had Essure procedure done. It was my birthday present to me one year lol. I haven’t had any problems with it! Went in and had it done on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. Cramped some the day they did it but that’s it!

This is what I plan to do after my next baby. I know I don’t want more after that and birth control doesn’t work with my body. So I want my tubes tied.

I had mine done the next day after vaginal delivery of my daughter. Went Thur my navel was sore but it was worth it to me. Ultimately the decision is yours for me it was I could heal from both at the same time without more down time. I was positive that I did not want anymore children so the answer was simple. God bless you. I hope this helped.

I got mine done 2yrs later an it didnt hurt at all

I had it done after having my boys via emergency C-section. My recovery was easy no Pain or complications. My periods have gotten shorter but everything else remains the same. Good luck and congrats on your baby.

I always hear that it’s best to do it right away. My dr offered it to me, but we are considering one more baby.

I did mine after csection with my son mine was easy

I had mine done when my planned C-section was done best decision I ever made can’t really tell the difference between that pain or after birth pain

I had mine done 2 hours after my last baby was born. I figure if I’m already recovering from the birth might as well just get it done.

Thoughts on tube removal over tied?

Had mine right after my sec.son had no trouble. Went through bellybutton.

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You dont say how old you are, but i do think it matters a lot. I always tell people , you may not think you want more children now, but even a year from now you may feel totally different. Its a complicated and expensive procedure to try and reverse, so i just caution women who are still somewhat young to wait. You never know what the future may hold for you.

They do it to save an extra surgery. I waited a few months and wish I had just done it at the time. The recovery was quick anyway but since I was sure there really was no reason to not do it at the delivery of my daughter.

I had mine done the morning after birth. It was a little sore but didn’t hurt my recovery time at all. I just have issues with my period now. If I had known I would have this many problems I wouldn’t have gotten them tied honestly. They even put me on the depo to stop my period and that hasn’t worked at all.

I had my tubes tied right after giving birth to my son through C-section. But thing ever. I didn’t notice any difference with healing at all. It’s been 15 years and no complications. My periods are heavier now but I think it has to do with my age I just turned 40. I don’t think my tubes tied has anything to do with that. Good luck

Did mine after 6 kids, right after birth! It was awesome, pain for about a week, but not too bad!:+1:t2:

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I just did it and it was no different to me than my other sections.

I had a vaginal birth but my doctor made me wait till 6w pp to get them tied. I just got it done a week ago Wednesday and its not bad at all. Pretty sore the first day but after that its a breeze. And I lightly spotted for 2 days then done bleeding. I have 2 small incisions about half an inch long. :blush:

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I regret having my tubes tied, and I have 3 beautiful healthy children 2 boys and one girl now ages 11, 16, and 21. I had a c-section so they did it after he was delivered.

We discovered that my insurance will only pay for it right after birth. You might want to check what your insurance will cover.

Down time won’t be any different than after having a baby. Mine was through my belly button. Bleeding after birth is about 6 weeks. Having my tubes tied I did not bleed so should be an issue at all for you. 2 surgeries in one saves money too. Congrats on your baby!!

I had my tubes removed. Ovarian cancer starts in the tube. If you remove the tubes you decrease your risk.

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had mine done shortly after I had my last…It wasn’t horrible overall. My biggest problem was I had a hard time have my kids on my lap for a bit…I had a 3 and 1 year at the same time and it was frustrating that cuddles were painful.

GET THEM REMOVED INSTEAD. google why. Totally worth it

i got told they don’t do then at same tym as having a c section i begged my doc too

How old was everyone when they had tubes tied or removed?

I wish I was given this option. Good luck

I waited 6 wks after my 3rd

I wish I hadn’t had it done. My periods are worse than ever now and so painful. Looking to get it reversed now which is around 8k.

I had mine removed during my c section. Period cramps are a little worse. And I bleed more then I did before. But not bad!

Bled more… recovery was longer. You have to remember it’s a whole different procedure in itself. It caused hormones to go crazy also. If you’re done for sure do it. Just know it’s not just a snip and done. It’s a whole other procedure youre healing. Wouldn’t ever go back and undo mine though.

I wouldn’t think it would make it worse having it done then. I had mine done when my youngest was 3, on a Friday and I was back at work Monday.

I did it…no problem :slight_smile: you’re hormones will go nuts tho.

I had mine done hours after having my 3rd baby and didn’t have any difference in healing from the first 2

I was recomended to wait for a few weeks, so all ‘insides’ could settle back into their normal positions

I bled more and was reallyyyyy sore in my tummy and my hormones went crazy. Lol But other than that I was fine.

Had my second csection and had my cut and burned bled literally a few pads after birth nothing like the 6weeks and then some for 6 months with my first born havent had any issues or a period and I’m 6 weeks pp

I cancelled mine because of the horrors I ready about post tubal ligation syndrome.

Are you married? Single? Age?

I had a C-Section so they did mine during delivery!! Healing and bleeding are the same!!!


I had to wait for 6 weeks after I had my baby because my Dr wouldn’t do it at same time. I didn’t have any problems after I had mine done tho. No bleeding or even very much pain. Nothing a Tylenol didn’t cover.

My ended up having to have a hysterectomy because of hers…I wouldn’t recommend it. Also I got 4 kids and opted not to have mine tied

Had my tubes tied directly after giving birth to son #3, but I had a c- section was done while they had me open,about the same as a recovery from normal section as was my second csection

I wish I would have. I had asked my Dr during my pregnancy however they didn’t tell me I had to sign papers 6 weeks prior to the surgery. So I had my baby and we were good to go then the nurse comes in and says they couldn’t because I didn’t sign the consent forms before. Had to go back 6 weeks later for it. Was the worst pain ever. Really wish they had done it same day as I would have been in the hospital to recover for those 2 days instead of home with 3 kids and my ex husband had to go back to work the next day because he had already taken time off when I had given birth

I did it at the c section tie my tubes and had no problem 44 years ago IAM fine to this day an I am 72 years old ,

I had mine done 2 months after my daughter was born. I had my son already so I was done. I was 22. Only issue I’ve had is monthly cramps are horrible

If you are under 30 or single, I wouldn’t do it yet. What if you get remarried later and you and your husband want kids together?


Done and never any problems at all

After getting my tubes tied it made me have bad cramps and still do and it’s been 16 yrs for me

I had my tubes removed and My Hormones went crazy. Other then that all was good.

I am sorry if you will get a lot of judgement with this question. To ANSWER your question… my experience was fine. I was 23 with my second and last child. I had him naturally and went straight into surgery. No more bleeding or pain or recovery time than with my first child. I hope this helps.

I had mine done 15 years ago but it was 2 months after I had my 2nd son best decision I ever made

If you’re really done do it. I’ve been asking for one for 11 years it’s hard to find a doc that takes what I want into consideration instead of a “future husband”.

I know many that had it at birth, no problem. I had mine years later, no problem

I had a c-section with both kids and I didn’t notice anything extra after having my tubes tied.

I had mine done no problems

I had mine done during a c section with my daughter. Recovery was the same but my periods were worse afterwards.

My sister had her tubes tied right after birth. My niece had a heart virus and passed away at 8 weeks old. My sister spent the next 4 years trying to reconstruct her tubes and several tries at invetro. They did finally get pregnant again and we have my twin nieces. It’s just so permanent.

I had mine done at my second c-section. So they had the hood open, may as well pull the spark plugs. I’ve noticed no after effects.

Wish I had never done it at all. :frowning:


I had it after my second because i swore i was done. I also had a csection but the pain from the tubal was worse then the actual c section.

Got my tubes tied at 23, never looked back

I just had my third baby I’m 42 so I knew for sure I didn’t need anymore I had my tubes tied the next day as well I had a natural birth but had an epidural your stomach is sore anyways because they have to push on your belly so yes it was a little harder to get over but I’m old and your hormones do go crazy but they are going to anyways be sure this is what u want for sure I’ve had one period since I’ve had my baby and she soon to be 4 months old they do say periods r more painful now but to me it was worth it because I know I’ll always want more kids and I don’t need to at my age I pray to live at least long enough to see my baby graduate god bless u and good luck with whatever u choose

I was supposed to have mine done after my last kid, but the epidural stopped working. So the next day they take me to surgery and redo the epidural, it numbed me on the left side only, an inch from my belly button down into my leg. Ended up putting me to sleep. After the surgery, u can’t carry the baby n the car seat, no heavy lifting. Recovery wasn’t that bad but my cramps became horrible and 13 years later I had to have a full hysterectomy because I had scar tissue binding my bladder, uterus and colon together. So when I had cramps it made me feel like I had a UTI, AND fwlt ljke someone was sticking a hot poker up my butt n poking the back of my uterus with it. Turns out I also had endometriosis and andenomyosis. Just be aware that if u currently cramp with ur periods, getting ur tubes tied could make it worse. Could being the key word. Most people have no issues. Mine was an unusual case.