Thoughts on silver diamine flouride?

We took my 3.5-year-old to the dentist and found out he needs two fillings… She also recommended Silver Diamine Fluoride on a few other teeth to help avoid more cavities and restore any other teeth. Have any other moms gotten this fluoride on their kids, and if so, what are your thoughts? I feel like a horrible mommy about his teeth.


It’s a good choice. It stops the decay and helps avoid traumatic procedures. I would 100% do it if it’s available!

It will stain the teeth, but if there is already decay it will keep it from progressing. So really whichever you feel is the better option for your child.

My nearly 3yo just had fluoride put on yesterday. He has a small cavity between his front two teeth. There’s no way he’d sit for a filling right now so the dentist wants us to come back in 6 months.

It will definitely stain the teeth black, but it works great! It arrests the decay. Good option considering the age.

It’s pretty awesome :ok_hand:

My 4 yr old just had the stuff put on a few of his molars I have 5 kids and this is the first time I’ve had this …it happens dont feel to bad just make it a bigger priority second… it was fine he was fine it was quick it didnt bother him at all he watched with a mirror I was way more concerned then he was lol figures rt!

it stains the decay black, but as long as their baby teeth, he will loose them anyway!

Our child was sedated and then they filled her cavity. We have bad teeth genetics already in our family, so I wasn’t risking anything else but a filling.