Thoughts on the name Teagan for a boy?

Is the name teagan to feminine for a boy name? Its unisex but i LOVE it for a little boy i need opinions


I went to school with a guy, but he spelled it Tegan


Your baby your choice. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks

Kids can be so mean at making fun of another’s name…Once was a kid in our school…Tegan…The mean boys would call him teacup or tittie tea…Another boys name was Sarafin…They would call him Sara…by the time he got in HS …he changed it legally. I always got teased for being named after a cigar!..Didn’t make that error once I had my two children .Good Luck.

Personally it’s a feminine name I know quite a few girls named Teagan.

My cousins name is Teagun and he is a preteen. We all love it cause of the u spin on the end.