Tips and advice on getting pregnant?

I’m having trouble conceiving. I’ve never been pregnant. My insurance doesn’t cover fertility specialists. Is there anything that anyone has tried that has helped them conceive? I already use ovulation tests. But still nothing. Any advice would be wonderful.


Have Sex 2 Weeks After Day Your Monthly Starts

Wishing you well. I cannot get pregnant at all

Pregnacare fertility tablets!

Have sex every day. Lay there for a few minutes after

Wear a bracelet ( May sound crazy but its proven)

Intermittent fasting.

Just stop trying. Focus on something else.


I went on the Atkins diet to control my blood sugar and cut out caffeine. I got pregnant in 2 weeks after trying for six years and multiple fertility treatments including ivf none of those worked.

My doctor had me start taking prenatal vitamins before I started trying.

Have fun. Enjoy your partner. Once you stop actually trying it’ll happen, usually. Just relax and enjoy each other


OK so when I had my children 21 years ago insurance covered my fertility. I wasn’t until it I and conceive 2 children separately. About 3 years later as we were done having children I got pregnant all on my own. We weren’t using anything or no protection not to get pregnant we were worried about nothing and poof it happens

It has taken me 6-10 months w both of my babies. It just takes times some times. Also lay stay laid down after sex. I know that sounds funny but seriously just go to sleep… lol

All the pressure from trying won’t help :cry: take ur maturnity vitamins. I had 2 miscarriage and called it quits on trying emotional wasn’t ready for miscarriages and bam I got pregnant and made it past 8wks!! Gud luck it’s not easy for some :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs::pray:t3:


It may not be you. Just throwing that out there. Other than that I concur with everyone that says just relax and enjoy. What is meant to be will be.

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I was told by a specialist to have sex for 2 weeks after you period ends and stay laying down with your legs up for about 20 minutes afterward. Do not save up by not having sex in between because the sperm may die in your partner before they get to you. Staying relaxed never helped me. Fertility doctors do take credit cards

Pink stork fertility tea

Stop trying and make other plans for your life I tried for 3 years I stopped trying made plans for my life without kids then boom back to back pregnancies

If your insurance covers it get a hormone panel done to rule out PCOS or hormonal imbalances like thyroid.

Acupuncture works. Also try every other day while ovulating. After 6 months to a year of trying see the doctor.

Also get HIM Checked out sometimes its Lazy swimmers but we get blamed

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You can buy a test at walgreens to see if his little fishes are good. Also try the lube they have that is for trying to get pregnant

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Have alot of sex that’s the only way…

it will come when you least expect it. try not to worry about getting pregnant and you will! I’ll pray for you


I had a test done where they put dye thru my ovaries to see if they were blocked. Can’t remember the name but the next month I was pregnant :grinning:

Check your acidity. Less coffee, less stress, more exercise, more sleep, less worry of trying get pregnant. If your acidity is high is less probability than if is more neutral.
Eat more cheese less meats and deli and no icy things like icedd coffe or tea or blizzards slurpees

clomid. its a fertility pill

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I’ve read somewhere to take: pregnitude, pregprep, and geritol liquid on a daily basis. Geritol is twice a day. Download an ovulation calendar and try the days that you are ovulating.

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Honestly stop trying. It seems that as soon as people stop trying and give up and relax that they get pregnant.


I know a girl who took metformin and got pregnant each time, had 5 kids

I had the Mirena IUD for 8 years…finally got it removed and started trying…my husband and I tried for 2 years. I thought something was wrong with me. I started taking prenatal vitamins and exercising and got pregnant within a month.

Get checked for pcos and endometriosis, your obgyn can do this for you


Yes try pregnacare tablet it is for help concieveing and can use still while u become pregnant try it work for me


I tried to get pregnant for 12+ years with endometriosis, cysts & 3 surgery’s. Tried clomid, fetilaid nutrients, fertility shots in the belly, 2 inseminations & nothing but 2 miscarriages. I finally lost hope & gave up & got pregnant not even 2yrs later. I now have 2boys a 21 yr old & 3yr old at 42. Both were conceived drinking alcohol. Now I have an IUD. Best of good luck to you it’s really maddening & sad at the same time month after month.


Adopt a baby or take in a foster child you’ll get pregnant right away

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After trying for 11 yrs and nothing. My sister massaged my uterus and like a year later i got pregnant.

Stop trying and relax it’ll naturally happen


Adora fertility they bulk bill so won’t cost much and they will check everything for you, I got pregnant first go and now pregnant with baby number 2. Good luck :blush:

Have a few glasses of wine

Try a naturopath herbalist

Have you seen or been referred by your Gpto a specialist for investigation

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Make sure the problem is you and not your partner.

I have PCOS and it took me 10 years
I’d been on 1500 mg of metformin a day, which made no difference.
My obgyn kicked me up to 2000 mg a day of metformin, and I was pregnant within a year.
Tl;dr max dose of Metformin

Girl, it took me 10 yrs and I didnt try anything, I just let God tell me when he wanted me to have a child and I’m grateful it happened with my true love of my life and not with any of my previous relationships. Maybe it just not want God wants for u right now.

Zinc. For you and your partner. Take daily until you conceive :slightly_smiling_face: Strengthens the sperm and your eggs.

Do it the last 3days of your period, and everyday for 2weeks after. Some women ovulate during their periods, egg is only good for 24 hours. Oh, and be sure you cum each time. Our body draws sperm into the uterus during climax. And don’t race to wash up, take a nap right there. Lol. Let us know if it works!

When I finally gave up is when I got pregnant


Look into Balance vitmains Alani Nu

Check with your insurance. They should at least cover diagnostic testing that shows whether you can conceive or not.


Take a prenatal vitamin starting now. Exercise. Eat well. Sleep well.

Have you tried the Clomid pill? My ob/gyn prescribed it to me.

Have sex right after you get off your period

If you are using ovulation tests, are you ovulating?

I used ovulation tests twice a day and it’s said negative everyday for months, when I stopped using them is when I got pregnant

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Diet and exercise , take prenatal before getting pregnant , download Ovia or another app to help track fertile days

Preseed lube I swear by it.

I suggest it to one of my managers and she got pregnant with twins

Try metformin helps you ovulate

Try drinking some wine…that always worked for me.


Maybe it’s not u. It could be ur partner?

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Dont try to get pregnant do more of the when it happens it happens the stress can cause ppl to not get pregnant…


My grandmother told me there was a baby in the bottom of a bottle of geretol ( old people vitamins) I started taking them Thanksgiving day and had a positive pregnancy test December 21st of 2013

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Try a low carb diet. Make sure to take daily prenatal vitamins and drink plenty of water.
I know a few people who were able to conceive by changing a diet.
And talk with your doctor! Maybe they can also help with some tips.
Gonna send baby dust to you!


It took my hubby and I, 2 years to conceive. Nothing was preventing pregnancy. Sometimes it just takes time.


It’s possible it could be your partner. Google ways for him to increase his sperm count.

I started using the Ovia Health Fertility app at the beginning of 2019 and got pregnant in May. I kept tracking my menstrual cycles and it eventually started predicting my fertile windows. The nice thing about Ovia Fertility is that it e-mailed my husband every month to let him know that my fertile window was about to begin. Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

Start taking prenatal vitamins. Helped me

Premom fertility strips on amazon tell u exactly when you are ovulating and the app that works with it is great.

Lots of sex, pressed, and acupuncture.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 20 years old and was told I more than likely would never conceive naturally. Last year at the age of 31 I became pregnant with my son after 1 month of doing the Keto diet. It’s literally the only thing that ever worked for me.

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Reflexology, find an advanced therapist best you that specialises in fertility. X

I would talk to your OBGYN or primary care physician. There could be an underlying medical issue that is preventing you from getting pregnant. I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder I never knew I had. Once I was treated with medication and for my hormones back in line, I got pregnant immediately.

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I tried for 4 years. One day I decided to literally do a headstand afterward so gravity could do its job … I got pregnant that month . Now have a happy healthy 5 month little girl

Ovulation tests and pre seed is what worked for us

Clomid is very cost effective despite not being covered by insurance it’s about $15.00 out of pocket and really helped us. It has to be prescribed per your OB\GYN

It’s really hard to give tips when you don’t know why you’re not conceiving. has a ton of fertility support supplements.


A good back rub is good start

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Intermittent fasting!

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Try myo-insitol or insitol! I took it for 1 month and was pregnant the next! Its a vitamin that isn’t heard of much! It has wonderful benefits :purple_heart:

I told a couple to abstain for a month and try again and it worked. Saving for a rainy day.

My insurance doesn’t cover fertility either, but I have actually had quite a bit of my meds and stuff covered! Start by talking to your regular OB about it. You will be surprised at how much can be covered depending on diagnosis code and stuff. I have used Femara (which is an off label use, so my insurance covers it), along with myo-inositol (instead of Metformin. This is a supplement that you can buy on amazon). My fertility doctor also had me taking prenatal vitamins and extra vitamin D daily because those have shown to help. I never ovulate on my own, so the Femara is what made me ovulate! :slight_smile:


You could always visit with a fertility doctor at ccrm. Have a work up done and just see if there is a true issue. I think first consults are very reasonable.

I’ve heard really good things about pre seed

I was prescribed Clomid by my OBGYN. Didnt have to go to a fertility specialist and it worked the first month I took it

Metformin & Clomid
I had trouble conceiving till my ob recommended this two medications…

Fertibella worked for me after 4 miscarriages .

I ended up using the premom ovulation tests and app. Those worked the best for me. Most importantly—relax. I know it is hard to do!

Track your cervical mucous.

My insurance would not help me create life but they would pay to figure out why I couldnt create it. I would ask them if they will pay for the testing to see if anything is wrong.

Go on vacation, stop trying, date your partner (role play) :crazy_face:, enjoy each other, don’t try to get pregnant, I clinically am not supposed to conceive, due to life long Thyroid issues with hormones and medical complications, we both were blown away when “ I had the worst flu” that took us to the ER. I was 9 weeks, made it to 30weeks, our son is the most beautiful souvenir from our vacation. I am not saying give up, just stop trying. You will have a child, it takes time. Not to be too descriptive but positions help some couples and after the deed, try just laying down with your feet/knees bent every time to keep it up and in there. :pray:t2::heart:


I know this sounds silly but as soon as I bought a kitten I fell pregnant. I’d given up on trying for a baby and put all my love into the cat xxx


What helped with us: stop thinking about getting pregnant :sweat_smile:

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Has your husband gone and had his sperm tested yet? Maybe you aren’t the problem and he is? You can also speak to your OBGYN and have testing done.

I conceived my now 4 year old daughter by just stop trying and forcing it. Getting it out of your mind and relaxing. I’ve also heard pre seed as well. I’ve used the ovulation apps as well. But, with the app, you have to use it for a while in order to figure out when you’re ovulating.

My mom swears by Robitussin. She had a hard time getting pregnant with me and she says that’s what worked.

If it’s stressed, it wont be blessed. Just take time, it took me 4 years to get pregnant with my last. And it might be that you can’t have kids. Check with your doctor.

You need to read this book…you will be surprised at what you thought you knew was correct only to find it wasn’t. Start Folic Acid pills and see your doctor.

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Balance - it’s a vitamin sold by alani nu. You can get it at gnc. It helps with hormone balance and all of that. It’s had a ton of reviews on conception! I took it to increase my mood. But it also cleared by acne. So there’s no down side to taking it, either.

“Stop” trying. Dont have sex just to make a baby, have sex cause it’s fun, and enjoyable!


When I was trying m for my son I did the basal body temp method. It took me 3 cycles. I knew I was pregnant before testing based on my temps. Once you know the pattern in your basal temp by charting them you’ll know which day exactly you approximately ovulate!

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Don’t have too much sex before ovulating. It lowers his sperm count and tell him no self love for a bit. That lowers it too. Good luck! It took me 8 months of trying to conceive my son cause we were having too much sex

Ask about the mckeena injection it helps with fertility and preterm labor. Also start taking prenatal vitamins.