Tips on being a girl mom?

I’m 29 weeks and about to be a FTM. Any tips would be great. I’m having a girl. Are girls easier like they say? How do you handle a newborn? How stressful is it? I’m terrified I won’t get any sleep and I’ll just turn into a moody, hot mess.


you will turn into a moody hot mess for the next 18 years lol welcome to motherhood. girls are not easier there cute and fun but SASSY and MOUTHY and attitudes from god knows where :joy::joy:


Expect to be overwhelmed! You will be exhausted and you will learn how to function with lack of sleep… Let go of your ego and ask for help! Lots of it! This is your first baby… try to sleep when then sleep…seriously! The laundry can wait. Fill up your freezer while
You can!

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At the end of the day when bedtime cuddles come it will all be worth it…trust me…somedays id happily trade in my daughter and her attitude (4 years) but when she turns on the sweet mode and just wants a cuddle i forget everything lol
Just relax we all feel like were failing sometimes…as long as their fed, clothed and loved your doing a great job :slight_smile:

Well hunny you will be a hot mess. Get ready for the most amazing crazy and scary ride of your life! You’re going to love almost every moment. My first baby was a girl and I can honestly say she was an easier baby! You honestly just have to take it a day at a time and be the best mom you can be! You are gonna wonder if your failing, you just need to look at how your baby love and needs you. You’re going to do wonderful!:heart:


I mean… parenting in general will turn you into a moody hot mess :joy::joy:


When you’re a new mom, it can be very easy to be overwhelmed since most newborns are up every hour. There are the rare instances that you will have a newborn that does sleep the night through though. But, in hindsight newborns are easy. Sleep, eat, changes and burping. Lol Boys are rambunctious and girls are sassy! I was never sitting down when my boy was little and now my girl is :woman_shrugging:t4::woozy_face: a threenager.

I had a girl also and part of the reason i was excited was because i was like oh yeah i wont get peed on! I was wrong. If you have bad timing like we do i suggest puppy pee pads to change her on incase she pees after you take the diaper off lol

While on leave, sleep. Don’t feel bad about not taking care of the house. Just sleep. I’m serious.
Let them cry. It will be fine. Sometimes they just need to cry. And cry. And cry. I cried with my little one because I didn’t know how to handle it.
Be ready to clean ALL crevasses when changing a diaper. And I mean all. Get all up in there. A clean baby is a happy baby!

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Girls: easier when little, tougher as teenagers, boys, the reverse. Or not. Every child is different. Babies are more resilient than you think. You will learn to deal with exhaustion but expand your “village” and ask for and accept help. Toughest job you’ll ever love.

Once you get baby in to a routine it’s not stressful at all, they only stress you out the older they get. Girls are very easy, babies eat, poop and sleep it’s very easy.


Best advice you will EVER hear is sleep when she sleeps. Do it! My son is 9 and my girls are 4 & 5. They all have their moments and so do I. Take it day by day. Everyday is an adventure that I would not trade for anything in the world. Also, when feeling overwhelmed, just remember they will not stay little forever. Embrace the moments and make the best of memories❤️

My girl was a way easier baby then my boy. She slept through the night from four months on and never got sick or anything. But she is 2 1/2 now and Lord this attitude lol.

Its easier than you think. Your natural instincts kick in once you have the baby. Everything seems to come naturally. But definitely sleep when the baby sleeps. And try not to stress about housework too much

I have 3 kids…2 girls, 23yo and 7yo, and a boy, 17yo. Honestly, they’re all about the same for the first 5 years or so and then, in my case, the girls were a bit rougher on me mentally than my boy.

Sleep as much as you can. Leave the house work. It gets easier once you get the hang of baby. Remember you’re learning and baby is learning :relaxed::two_hearts: all the best with the new bubbah.

Best advice I can tell you, is do not forget self care. I did and the first 3 months were a complete blur. Make sure you take time out of the day for yourself. Even if it’s just 20 minutes for a nice bath.

You’ll do fine, the “new mom” thing is just about winging it. Your instincts will kick in. It’s stressful, and you do lose sleep, but it’s so worth it. Soooo worth it.


Accept it NOW that you are in fact going to be strung out on new mommy hormones that will keep you awake for a strait 2 weeks at least… you will be a hot mess but you will be a beautiful hot mess. There’s no telling how a baby is going to behave just know to be grateful no matter what. Don’t try to reason with a baby. Make sure YOU sleep when the opportunity presents its self. I’m almost 3 weeks postpartum and I have to say I’m feeling much better than the first 2 weeks. Congrats on baby girl, hopefully she will sleep lots, eat good, and make messy diapers. Oh, and there is no “too much” holding and cuddling your baby… but when you start falling asleep with them in your arms… be SURE to put her in her bassinet.


Yup u will but so did I n it’s fine😂

Take every day, every hour at a time. :slightly_smiling_face: Do what you need, for YOU. As mamas we forget to take care of ourselves as well. I have 3 of my own, my oldest is 4, middle just turned 3, youngest is 4 months. It’s okay to feel unsure. No one knows what it’s like until you become a parent. Every baby is different. My number 1 piece of advice is this, If you have family or friends close by, don’t be afraid to ask for help, if and when you need it. It truly takes a village to raise a child. It took me a long time to realize that it is okay to ask for help, or take the help when offered.
Don’t forget to enjoy baby as well! They are pretty great :wink:


The hardest thing with newborns is getting up through the night. But both my boys slept through the night around 2 months. They’re now 2 & 7 months. I watch other people’s kids too and IMO boys are a hell of a lot easier. But that’s just an opinion cause I know plenty that think the opposite. And tbh, every new mom is a hot mess at first. It’s a phase lol I still have my hot mess moments and mommy breakdowns. Drink lots of wine/coffee and you will survive​:joy::raised_hands:t3:


I have 2 boys and a girl as babies they were all the same until they hit 2, my boys are chill where she is the energizer bunny.

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Girls are disguised as angels that is all I can say I have 2 aged 4 years and 2 years and wow not even 5 but damn they have me connecting to Jesus lol

I’m a new mom too with a now 2 1/2 month old son. I can tell you it’s not easy but when they look at you and start doing their facial expressions and want to cuddle it makes every little thing worth it. I truly didn’t know how I was going to make it. You have a baby, stay at the hospital a few days then bam you’re sent home with this little human you are now responsible for, but once your home after the first couple weeks you start to get to know each other and it’s like what did you even do before kids. Enjoy every minute, laundry will be there, dishes will be there, all the cleaning and organizing will all be there but I would take snuggles with my son over anything

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You are gonna be a hot mess. You should accept it now. Welcome to the club Mom :heart::heart::heart: No seriously don’t listen to stereotypes about girl vs boy, every child is different. Just make sure you take the time for self care. It won’t be easy and you will feel guilty, but YOU WILL NEED IT!!! In a couple years things will settle down, but the 1st couple months are rough. At least for me. The hormones are ROUGH. I cried like a lunatic in the shower while milk ran out of me like a friggin faucet. But try to remember it will pass!!! Good luck mama :heart::heart::heart:

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A moody hot mess sounds about right lol congrats and good luck mama!

Moody hot mess is what you will be. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club

You will miss ALOT of sleep. House will get messy. There will be days you dont shower.

But I promise holding that baby… makes it all ok :purple_heart:


Try dr.spocks baby book.its old school but is a good first time help.or go to bookstore and find a book that goes along with your way of raising a child.

Every baby is different but dont stress your insitincts will kick in right away. Yes sleep is difficult but newborn sleep A LOT you will have plenty time. Ask for help if you need it. (I didnt have any help and survived) I only have a boy and he’s wild lol but was an awesome newborn and still a good baby but he’s a wile 9 month old lol good luck :heart:

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Oh yeah you wont shower a lot and probably wont brush your teeth for a week at times but its all worth it. Love and cuddle that baby 24/7 take that bonding time its essential to development!


U may get lucky and have a good sleeping baby.or u may not have a good sleeping baby.just keep a schedule with your try when get there.

One day at a time. Honestly no point getting worked up over the unknown, that’s coming in the future. It could all be easy for all u know :woman_shrugging:some births and baby’s are just easy. Some are medium and some exhaust you completely but nothing lasts forever. So if its easy and great, enjoy it, if it’s not, tomorrows another day. I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old. (boy and girl respectively) neither were more difficult than the other. They both had their quirks and preferences. But baby’s are baby’s, regardless of gender, its their personalities that come through. Just be as chilled as you can be and talk to them loads. It can help them feel secure. Good luck with your first wee bundle :breast_feeding:

It is scary sometimes. Sleep when they sleep. If they cry remember it is because they are hungry, wet, tired or just want love and cuddles. Don’t forget to turn the babies head when they sleep you don’t want one side ending up more flat. It has been said and I agree every mom needs help and me time, even if you just go to the store alone to buy diapers or necessities. If you need to talk or speak your feelings then do it or type it. Also remember something’s come more easily and natural and some don’t. You’ll do great! Congrats!

Girls are one million percent NOT easier than boys. Mine did this because we told her no.


You will most definitely not get sleep. You will be a moody troll. Newborns are rough mostly because they will wake up every two to three hours. There are hard things about boys and hard things about girls. It’s really more about the child.


I’m sorry but boys are easier to raise. My son was and is my quiet one my daughter is the wild child ever since she was born… but it also depends your daughter maybe easier if you are a first time mom it’s all up to her

Girls are easier when they are young but harder when they are older and boys are harder when they are young but easier when they get older. You will get use to having no sleep, that baby means more to you then sleeping.

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For me personally the first month was rough. No sleep. Husband worked. I was recovering from surgery. Handling my daughter came more natural than i thought it would. When they handed me this small human i melted and couldnt beleive she was mine. I was orginally going to breastfeed but i couldn’t funtion correctly during the day. So we switched her to formula. Within a month of doing that we were both happier abd less cranky. Becoming a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me

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Our 2 boys were easier than our girl. Now we’re expecting our 2nd girl and already crying lol

Lol I’ve seen boys. And t.v hey seem so much easier. Way easier. Bells cries bc I tell her no McDonalds and is mad the rest of the day at me and nothing but attitude… or bc I only got her 3 things and she wanted more…

Mine is easy and has her own set sleeping schedule down. I’m a first time mom so I’m not sure the difference of “Easy” she likes to co-sleep then we move her to her bed , and have her bottles with water and formula right by ya for fast and easy bottle making.

Having a newborn can be very overwhelming, at least it was for me the first few days home. Its an adjustment just like anything else. Just try to stay calm and patient and not over think to much. If you need help dont be scared to ask for it.

The sleeping/hot mess thing will just become a regular thing lol your body will adjust to it. Make sure to try and take naps when the baby naps as well, even if its just you sitting there relaxing but not completely sleeping. Alittle rest goes a long way.

You got this, dont be scared. It’ll be a beautiful and wonderful mess, enjoy it while you can cause they grow up so fast❤

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My daughter was good she slept most of the night now she’s 2 and gets an attitude and mad when told no , it will be rough until u get a sleep schedule down and everything

We’re all a hot mess some of us just hide it better

You really can get all the advice you want but really when it comes down to it you will figure out what works best for you!

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Sleep when she sleeps and you should be ok

Boys are easier
Lol girls scream
…and scream…
Also little prissy butts too. Love my little girl to pieces but my son was much calmer lol!

I’m 30wks pregnant with my 2nd which is a boy. My daughter was easy. She hardly ever cried. I pray this baby is easy too. Only advice I can give is take any and all help and sleep when she sleeps. I’ll be 42 next month and my daughter will be 9 in September. I will be like a 1st time mom again.

Take time every day to feel like a person: take your vitamins, drink water, bathe - brush your hair and teeth. I speak from experience that just having someone else hold the baby for 30 minutes so you can bathe, brush teeth, brush hair and change clothes makes a world of difference. Don’t worry about the house work - it’ll get done by someone else or it will wait. Meal prep now while you can - make some shredded chicken and beef to freeze for easy meals, maybe do some freezer casseroles or buy some stouffers prepackaged stuff so you don’t have to worry about cooking but think as healthy as you can. Walmart Grocery Pick up is free and some other grocery stores are starting to do the same thing - that way you can shop online when it is convenient and you don’t have to worry about someone else doing the shopping or dragging your baby into the store at all hours of night, dead and tired - that’s all i do now. you can schedule it for while your hubby is on his way home from work and you don’t even have to leave the house. Baby wear - it saved my life. if you are comfortable with it and are nursing, look up safe sleep 7 from la leche league and look into cosleeping. my baby slept so much better in bed with me and nightfeeds weren’t near as bad.

I’m on my 4th boy and I have one girl. She’s more difficult than all my boys combined but every child is different so just roll with it. One day at a time

Well youre having a whole ass baby…so youre not going to sleep. But, on topic, my son was SO much easier. My daughter was great too, but she got really sassy really fast. Tip for showering; put baby in a portable swing or bouncer, amd take into the bathroom with you. I had to do it both times. It worked fairly well.

U might be lucky like me… my 2 boys (7 years and 4 months) both them woke up for maybe 1st month or 2 but after that they slept threw the night. My 4 month old goes to bed between 830 and 930 and wakes up depending sometimes 7 or 8 am today he slept from 930-10 last night until 9:30am

I found my boy to be easier than my girl

Don’t worry, When the baby is taken home you learn very quickly to do things that you thought impossible.

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First rule with a newborn, sleep when they sleep especially if you are going back to work.
Second rule: stay calm and breathe. Calm Momma helps to calm a baby.

Twin girls and a son here. My girls were easier and calmer. All three slept through the night since day one. Girls potty trained faster than my son

Its not supposed to be easy your raising and takingg care of a human. So with that being said all three of my kids are under5 they are terrorist. You will feel overwhlemed and a few thoughts of running away. Just never give up do your best and love them unconditionally and u and them will be fine.:blue_heart:

Relax one day at a time

Kids are kids. My daughter was easier in some ways, my son is easier in others. My daughter did cry a hell of a lot more though.

You will be tired and turn into a hot mess.
Welcome to parenthood!!

wipe front to back when diaper changes. I think babies all cry the same and just prepare yourself for the threenager years, do that now.

All in all you will be fine. Congrats momma!

I have 4 girls and 1 boy. Girls a much easier.

My daughter wasn’t much of a screamer but now she has become much more sassy and thinks fake crying is awesome. Lol. She’s only almost 7 months old and the smartest little brat I’ve even seen. I do think she is easy. I don’t have any other kids yet so. Lol

You will be a hot moody mess. Embrace that fact lol. Just try to live in the present and do not get caught up in the cycle of “is it going to be like this forever?” It won’t, but it feels like it. Take each day as it comes. Do your best to get a little me time in, even if it’s some one watching the baby while you shower. Makes a huge difference. Take your vitamins, eat as best you can. It’s ok to ask for help

#1: Make time for self :heart: #2: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Each baby is different. But with my neices yes they were easier especially overnight. My son had colic and hardly ever slept. With the girls all I had to do was give them either their formula or breast milk in a bottle at 10pm and they slept til 3-5am for a newborn thats amazing. Sometimes theyd get up earlier for diaper changes or food it just depended on the night but it wasnt bad and they napped for 2-3 hours during the day

You will discover a level of tired you didn’t know existed but you will somehow still be functional! Read and watch all the newborn info you can get, ask the nurses in hospital to show you stuff. And make time to shower once a day. You’ll do great!

Girls are fine until they reach their teens​:ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3: