Tips on cleaning out a diaper pail?

Our diaper pail smells so bad! I’ve tried baking soda, vinegar, bleach, and leaving it outside to air out none of these have worked! Any other ideas besides tossing it out and buying a new one?


Following!! :nauseated_face: same problem

It’s plastic, so it will pull in all that stench. That’s why I never got one lol


Try soaking it in ammonia overnight, wash out with Dawn dish soap then soak in bleach and repeat the dawn. Used to work on the diaper pail at my old job. Also Awesome brand cleaners really help cut the odor.


Stick a carbon filter to the top on the inside but Lisa is right… it’s plastic and it’ll have a bit of that smell always.

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Kennel Odor Eliminator. You can find it on Amazon

I’m not sure what kind you have but I have the Ubbi & it never smells after I take the bag out, super good quality I think!

Stop using it lol i think they are a waste just put the diapers in the trash 🤷🏽


Maybe try the deotoroser beads u get in a container and put it at bottom. I use theze next to my kids hampers

Lemon juice scrub it with fresh lemmons and and dawn soap and let it soak with the lemons in it.(:

Get rid of it. It’s because it’s plastic. Get a regular ol step stainless steel can and regular scented trash bags for it. The stainless steel will contain the smell. And you save money by buying regular trash bags.


I always took the diaper right out to the trash. Only way that works. Diaper pails are a joke


Throw it away and use the trash can. Save plastic bags from the grocery and u can just wrap really nasty diapers.


Put the diaper in a garbage bag and throw it straight into the trash can outside… Saves all the stink hassle and takes just as little time :slight_smile:


Throw it out and just wrap the diaper in a plastic shopping bag and throw it out in the outside pail.


I JUST threw ours away. We put the dirty diapers in the blue diaper bags you get at walmart then put them in the kitchen can because that bag gets thrown out just about every day. The house smells a million times better now.

I flush the poo before throwing away the diaper. Makes a huge difference! Rarely smells.

All the money you are spending on cleaning it, you could buy a new one 🤦

Yes that will do the job for you

Shaving cream. Cover it and Let it sit Then scrub and rinse

Toss it out and stop using it.

Put dirty diapers in regular grocery store plastic bags and put them in the trash can inside of your garage and then take it out when you take the garbage out.


Pink zebra sprinkles in the bottom

There is an enzyme cleaner in the pet section of Walmart. I use it in pee laundry regularly.
Or just wrap the diaper in a bag and throw it in the garbage.


Put the diaper in a Walmart bag tied up and put it in the trash can outside


We used the Diaper Genie. It worked well. Also, there are products with enzymes that remove the smell.


I put dryer sheet between the pail and the trash bag. I put the used dryer sheets in that trash can too. It’s a small closed lid can so i take it out every morning. I soak it with lysol cleaner and warm water when I deep clean it.

Get rid of it all together. They are just nasty. I put poopy diapers in my walmart grocery bags I get from shopping and put it in the trash can outside


I just use a grocery sack tie it and put it in the trash can :woman_shrugging:t2: I tried to use a diaper pail but realized that using one is just extra trash to take out.


The lid of mine has a square that fits a filter holder. The refills are cheap and it gets rid of odors. It’s a diaper genie carbon filter.

I use a diaper genie because the trash can outside is down 3 flights of stairs and 1/4 mile down a parking lot, I dont want to do that walk every time I change a diaper.

If it’s made from plastic than the smell has probably been absorbed into the plastic. We have an ubi pail made of metal that doesn’t hold the smell in. You can air it out and its fine

I don’t use a diaper pail. I used grocery bags on a 3m hook and every day or so it goes in the garbage outside. Way cheaper and no smell.


I just throw them in my kitchen garbage if its pee. If its poop I use a dog poop bag and put it in my garbage and take out the garbage every night

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You can look for those solid disinfectant disks. Are you soaking the diapers? If not, maybe you should. You shouldn’t use bleach in diapers, but you can use peroxide. You can also use borax in the water also.
I’m assuming you are talking about cloth diapers, right??

We just put a walmart bag in the pail and that seemed to help and bleach once a month and lysol when done

Simple solution. Stop using an unnecessary item that looks good in the baby room and just put it in the regular trash can that gets emptied each night. Such a waste of money.


I swear by odor ban it’s the only thing that works in our diaper pail.

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We have a large regular kick trigger lidded trash can outside our back door. Poopy diapers go in there. Take it out on Fridays. Pee diapers go in regular trash. Easy peasy! And no one has to deal with the smell.


Use the blue doggie poop bags at dollar tree. They work great👍

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I use one, and I like it. Used it from day one. Deep clean it with hot water and soap,mine also had a spot on the lid I can use the diaper genie carbon filters.

Charcoal will take the smell.

A lot of fragranced items are toxic. Can cause hormone disruptions, neurological damage, and cancer.

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Diaper pails stink. Just wrap each diaper in the arm and hammer scented bags. And throw them in the regular garbage.

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Those are a waste of money… throw the diapers out daily and you won’t have a problem. I do childcare and have to throw the trash out daily with 2 babies…


Do you line it with a garbage bag?

Coffe grounds under the garbage bag works for diapers and kitty litter

Get rid of the whole baby. How dare they stink your house up with their poop! The audacity!!!


Throw it out n get an Ubbi Diaper Pail.

I’ve used carpet freshener (the powder kind. Just put a bit in the bottom of the bin.

Lemon juice and let sit dry before rinsing. I just use a trash can with a lid

Just put them in the outside bin… I think nappy bins are disgusting​:joy::nauseated_face:

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Cherry odoban order it online it’s cheap and you can get it in a big gallon it cleans up everything and disinfects I have an epileptic cat so sometimes he has seizures and pees himself it gets the smell right out of the carpet and anybodywho has a cat you know that is impossible almost to get up but this stuff does wonders

Vingear and whatever essential oil you have or like

I just use a regular garbage pail with glad sented bags and for poop diapers i put it in a dog poop bag then throw it out…change the garbage every couple days