Tips on getting rid of extra baby weight?

I have an almost-two-year-old. I had to have an emergency C-Section when he was born. Since he was born, I gave my body a couple of months to heal then started working out. I have lost a lot of baby weight, to the point I am very comfortable in my body and love my progress. My question is, once you get to that point and what you’re left with is just flab hanging, how do you get rid of it? I have done sit-ups, crunches, and other workouts of this type, it has helped most my belly but that stubborn flab that hangs over where I had a C-Section. What else can I do? Will it ever go away?


Surgery is the only way. There’s no way to tighten skin that’s lost it’s elasticity.


You dont :woman_shrugging:t2: unless you want to have plastic surgery. High waisted leggings are life :joy:


alot of people are paying for the surgery it’s like the only way

Plastic surgery, your stomach muscles become distended so while you may lose the weight you wont lose the belly

The zip up body shaper from amazon has became my best friend :sob:

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I want to say look into collagen supplements. It helps with elasticity. Do some research on it. Talk to your DR.

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Surgery is the only way to get rid of that. High wasted leggings are life though!


It don’t go away.just know this is what mommas look like and it’s ok.


Calorie deficit, plenty of water and exercise, it’s that simple :+1:

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Its called the apron and you need surgery to correct. Approx 15k i was quoted here. :frowning:

I have had 3 c-sections and unfortunately there is no way to be rid of the flab. I have tried everything including wrapping my belly

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After a c-section you should have gotten a laxative or suppository to release the gas and as soon as able to do stairs do them as often as possible and walk often too. If you don’t do that as soon as possible after c-section it is hard to get rid of.

Try an antidepressant, Prozac is good for hormonal weight gain that you can’t lose.

Welcome to the mom shelf. We all have one. You can get a skin tightener but it wont help much. Sorry mommy! And congrats on the weight loss and semi new baby :slight_smile:


Spanx work wonders. I have one that covers my stomach and thighs and I love it.

With a c section
Sit ups and crunches have been known to make rebuilding your core more difficult because it separates the muscles more

I’ve started Noom
It’s helped a ton
I’m not actually dieting and my workouts are helpful and healthy

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My mom had 3 kids and a c-section with me and she doesn’t have the extra skin, she actually went back to what she weighed before kids and the same body. No special diet, didn’t work out…just happened as soon as she had me.

You gotta embrace what you got beautiful. Mader… (From the movie) without said weight you would have no baby!! Be confident, happy and realize your baby could care less what your weight is… Cares id mommy is happy! Rock that shit!

Some of these comments are just fuckin gross.

Everyone is different, depending on your skin type to a lot of factors. A lot of moms still have stretch marks, some dont. I learned a long time ago to embrace my body the way it is. My husband is happy, I’m sorta happy, but not everyone is the same.

Weight training!! It’s the only thing that’s helped me tighten up the loose skin!


Build muscle but also Waist training, not the crazy style by smashing ur organs and going over board… there’s a Fb group that gives u the info… it’s called waist training 101

I did weight training and my food intake. I ate alot of spinach because it’s good for burning belly fat.

Keto, keto, keto!
Watch that flab stretch tight over your abs in just months! (Took mine 5 months with my first and just had another baby 8 days ago and I’m already pretty happy with the result!)

Also, it can take years to shrink back. My oldest is five and my youngest is 1, with 4 years between them, I noticed a HUGE difference in skin in those 4 years.

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My son (last of 4) is 6months. With the other 3 I lost the weight relatively quickly, but this one is giving me a run! I was introduced to TLC (total life changes) and started roughly the end of sept early October. I am down 17 pounds to date!! I highly recomend TLC!!

C section or natural birth it’s always recommend to get cleared by a women’s physio or a trainer qualified in pre/post natal due to diastasis recti (abdominal separation) as those exercises you are doing could be making it worse which could be causing the ‘pouch’
Goodluck x

Look up things to help the skin I think coffee is a thing and moisturizing is good

It my just be extra skin, in which case skin removal…

I do weight training and everything got down to below pre baby weight after gaining 80lbs due to pre eclampsia, if I leaned over my stomach would still wrinkle Bc of the stretch… our bodies take a toll unfortunately I know for c section that’s pretty much scar tissue and could just stay that way Bc of how it healed. I don’t believe “diets” or anything can truly “tighten” skin once it’s been stretched cut and what not. It could be people’s genes as well. I mean one woman can gain 15-20lbs in a pregnancy while the other is 80-100 everyone is different


I’ve had mine for the past 12 years… still trying thi figure out how to lose it🤷‍♀️


It’s very hard with a csection to loose the flap


Depends. Take yourself slow. My friend had all c sections and only one vaginal birth and she is slowly losing weight still. Its best to consult your doctor and a very researched and trained athletic professional about thia.

You dont unless you get a tummy tuck

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For a c section scar and extra skin see a dermatologist, they can see if it needs surgical removal or if theres alternative methods.

This was after 2 c sections and a Hernia repair, you can’t really see it in this pic but I still have that skin. :expressionless:Sadly it doesn’t go away for me but I found just doing leg lifts worked well to help tighten and tone the bottom portion of my stomach but I still have that skin.


I filled mine in with fat lmfao


I’d try swimming more, water can tighten skin after lots of swimming (work out in water)

I’m only 7 months, but everything in my body has returned to normal (including my now saggy boobs), but I still have a pouch right there… it will go away, I switched birth control to limit the bloating since that was a major issue

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Depends on what you mean. If it’s fat or untoned muscle, you can keep doing sit ups to tighten your abs and pull your gut in and then up your cardio to burn fat. I don’t think that’s what you’re referring to though. If you’re talking about the loose skin, and the roll that hangs over your csection scar (affectionately known as a csection shelf), you can’t exercise that away, no matter what these people tell you. It requires a tummy tuck. You can tighten muscle, you can burn fat, but you can’t fix flabby skin. You have the collagen that you have, and it does what it can do after a baby or weight loss, but if after all that work and 2 years it’s still hanging, that’s probably it for you. Sounds to me like it’s time to start asking for plastic surgeon recommendations. A really good doctor will actually tell you if cutting more weight or toning will fix the problem instead of trying to squeeze you for $$, so don’t skimp out. You never cut corners on your body anyway, it could kill you. Pay what you need to pay to see a highly rated doctor. If you don’t need help, great. If you do, and you have decent credit, you can finance. Good luck.

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Keep working out. It’s the only way

This is a link to a plastic surgery website. While I’m decently content with my “shelf” and would never put myself through another surgery to fix it, it does provide information on how and why c-section mamas are stuck with that lovely overhang of skin. Mamas who’ve never had a c-section probably don’t exactly know what we’re talking about and are just assuming it’s some flab or bloating that can be exercised away. But odds are, nope. It’s the way that scars work.

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