Tips on having a peaceful delivery?

Getting ready for delivery #2 i wanna make this a calm labor and delivery. Relaxing music and techniques and any tips i was so young with my first i allowed my mom and dr to talk me into an epidural and i wanna know other pain reliefs. Also what should i take to keep help. Any tips in general i feel like im doing this for the first time ever (i had no say kn any of it last time) my husband will be my one and only support person and this is his first time ever so tips how he can help and everything yall


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With my second baby I swore by not having any pain relief and I am 100% grateful that I experienced what I did !!! My body did it all naturally and we all worked as a great team :clap: just a lot of movements, hot showers, fans and back rubs :laughing: I also found it easier to spend the first half pushing by standing up :crossed_fingers: you got this :100:

Deep breathing got me through both of my natural deliveries.

I never wanted to take epidural because of the back pain it causes after, so I opted for 2 t3 pills when I was a few cm dilated and couldn’t sleep for like 15 hours so the hospital wanted to ease the pain so I can rest before it escalated, and than I got a shot of morphine and stuck to laughing gas until I had to push :woman_shrugging:t2:

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do you have a midwife or obgyn? either way they should have some ways to help you while in active labor but midwives are more centered around helping you achieve that natural birth. I was so happy and surprised at mine’s techniques that truly helped!!
once you start having contractions I would eat some food for fuel and then walk as much as you can before being admitted. once you’re in the hospital take a hot bath! it will help relax you and in my case sped my labor/delivery up super fast. after a 20 minute hot bath I went from 7 minutes between contractions to 1-2 minutes and ready to push !! have your partner be your coach, reminding you a bunch that you can do this, your body was made for this, he’s proud of you, he has total confidence that you can achieve the beautiful delivery you want!

also to prevent tearing try to slow-birth the baby’s head. ask your doctor/midwife about helping you with that and they’ll tell you when to do little pushes or stop for a second to let yourself stretch around babies head.
another thing that will help prevent tearing is getting your partner to do perineal massages right now! every day until delivery! we used vitamin e oil and sometimes olive oil when I couldn’t find it :joy:

good luck mama!!!

I did natural. Then I got a nerve block. And an epidural for the 3rd. I’m a big puss when it comes to delivering. It hurts. And I cry. Contractions suck. I admire someone who willing wants to have a child with no drugs. Best of luck

For pain I wish I had the nitrous oxide for my first labour! That and the better quality of nurses, Dr. And hospital my second go around REALLY helped my comfort level. Make sure you have good birthing support too, it makes such a big difference! Best of luck to you :heart:

Move! I found that the best thing. I went all the way to pushing naturally and then did the gas mask because they wouldn’t let me move around.
Bounce, walk, shower, squat, and whatever keeps you going. It hurts way worse is you just lay or sit down (in my opinion).

As for your partner, if you’re anything like me, tell him to be prepared for a very testy and snappy woman. When those contractions start hitting hard I lose any patience with anything and everything.

You got this. Good luck!

Take a lamaze class together … especially if this is his first baby/delivery … he needs to know techniques that he can use to help support you & what to expect. Most hospitals offer them, and they’ll even take you on a tour of the Labor & Delivery floor, the nursery, etc. Preparing yourself even with the little details, such as where you need to enter the hospital and where you will park, can make a big difference in keeping everyone calm.

I bought a oil defuser for my last baby with lavender and eucalyptus scents it’s helped relax me at home so I threw it in the hospital bag well unfortunately wasn’t able to try it out due to only laboring 2 hours.

He can help by talking with you and feeding you ice cubes . When I had my babies I took nothing. they had you to get up and walk around when you were in pain until it was time to start pushing. Walking does help but they don’t hardly have you to do that anymore because of the pain medication women want now.the stronger the pain tells you. That its time to start pushing. The least amount of people in the delivery room the better. Use the hand and feet straps on the bed it works better than someone trying to hold your :leg:

I had both mine natural…n I dont think any amount if relaxing music could be heard with the pain. MY TIP: Have a friend who like knows you knows you…that can keep you positive m, make you laugh, before it gets really real :wink: you got this!

good luck ! it’s your body and you’re going through it all so i can’t imagine you not having any say! i’m sorry for that! let your husband know your needs and if you can speak at any time,let him speak up for you!!! good luck