Tips on traveling with kids?

Travel Advice

We have a 17 hour drive to take with a 2 month old and a 4 year old. Any travel advice would be much appreciated!


Tablet so the 4 year old can watch movies. The lo will sleep most of the time

airplane if i were you. lo might or might not sleep the whole way :woman_shrugging:t3: ive never been on a trip that long w mine when they were little not against it hut i would be nervous about the drive and if they cry in the middle of the road all that :tired_face:i took my daughter on a 3 hours trip to go and come and it sucked coming back

Benadryl!! totally kidding!!! Lmao

Take lots of breaks :grimacing:

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: I don’t even want to be on a 17 hour drive. Could you split it half way and get a hotel ?

For the 4 year old? Colouring, tablet, snacks, jigsaws, dolls?. 2 month old will sleep for some of the journey I guess you’ll have to pull over a lot x

Travel at night! They both will sleep most of the trip.


Leave at night, like as soon as they go to sleep. Then stop for breakfast at a McDonald’s with a playground or something of that nature, then give them a fully charged device to play with. Stop every 3-4 hours for a break while they’re awake and get a snack or give them a new one from the cooler. Survived a 13 hour trip one way with a 3 year old and a 1 year old.

Dry erase books and leave at night if possible

Newborns should not stay in their carseat for more than 2 hours at a time. It cuts off blood to their legs and has caused seizures in babies. I would take lots of breaks just to let them stretch their legs out. As for the 4 year old, lots of snacks.

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Leave at night. Get the kids out of their seats at least every 3 hours for 15 minutes. Especially the 2 month old.

Go at night if possible so they sleep. If not then coloring books and crayons, a dvd player, and snacks for the 4 year old. Go half way and stop for the night.
We did about that many hours with my kids, who are older. Was hard, even for a 10 year old and a 15 year old. We do better when we drive 10 hours and stop for the night. Good luck.

Bless you for doing it. My 3yr old can’t spend more than 17 minutes in her seat without losing her ever loving mind :roll_eyes:

Leave at night and drive as long as you can threw the night. Put extra moisture protectant on the infant and a pull up on the 4 yr old just in case. Be prepared to take turns driving and being in the back seat of your vehicle to entertain little ones. Be prepared to make scheduled stops for them and yourself to stretch and walk around. If you can make them someplace interesting for the 4 yr old it’ll be even better. Picnic spots, or park, Creek, anything a kid would like. Make sure you have lots of changes of clothes for them both so when accidents happen(they will) you don’t have to dig threw bags for them. We always packed a large tote full of clothes, shows, diapers, snacks, toys and whatever else our kiddos might want need close to hand. We have 5 kids and have gone 19hrs both ways for vacation. One of our trips they where 1mth, 2yrs,4yrs,6yrs,8yrs,10yrs old. All in a Chevy20 van. Not the easiest to do but waaaay worth the memory. Good luck!!!


Drive at nite if possible.and babyneeds out carseat every 2 hrs bring pillows and blanket for 4 yr old DVD player color books 9 hrs longest ever done and lots of stops with nite at motel when 1/2 say good luck God bless you all

For the 4 year old, Have a bag of surprises that you give every so often, we used match box cars, small Barbie, books,little trinket things like that( look in dollar section at target or dollar store) just buy things that aren’t messy. Make frequent stops to let them move and if you can leave at night.

Tranquilizer darts :rofl::joy:( jk)


Car TVs, lots of snacks, books, give them a toy at a time so when they get bored with that one, they have more to play with. Don’t give the toys all at once. Play kids music. USE NIGHTTIME DIAPERS if your 2 year old isn’t potty trained yet. You’re not gonna wanna stop every hour to change a diaper. Nighttime diapers can hold more so you’re able to change them when you stop for gas. I made the mistake of using normal diapers and my son soaked both his car seats.

Portable dvd player with movies

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Leave really early so you allow enough time to for stops. Bring pillows n blankets for naps. Bring lots of entertainment, coloring stuff tablet etc

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My advice is don’t do it


Grin an bare it!! Like that’s hard under any circumstances, so best of l luck.

Any stops along the way, like a store. Let the 4 year old walk, not ride the cart. Take baby and do back massage and leg/arm pumps.

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are you driving straight through? or stopping over a couple days? plan a lot of stops… we’ve done road trips and we find a local community park many times, and those are great :slightly_smiling_face: check for things to do along the way - worlds largest steel dinosaur? railroad museum? anything! and travel early so the kids will (hopefully!) sleep through most of it. on road trips when we were kids, my dad would load us up at 2am and we’d be well on our way by the time we stopped for breakfast!

Positional Asphyxiation. You gotta take baby out of the car seat frequently

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Drive at night while they sleep

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Start late…like 3, that way kids asleep for most of drive

I just did a 16 hr drive with a 2 yr old and a 7 month old . I stopped at rest stops to get out and stretch let my oldest play and feed the baby.Snacks and toys :slightly_smiling_face: .I also started driving while the kids were asleep at 4am , worked for me .

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Have someone sit in the back with them. Lots of breaks

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portable dvd player saved my life on long trips!!!

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Videos! Have a super charged tablet or phone and LOTS of snacks. Frequent stops for them to get out and stretch and go potty.

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We gave our kids our phones with games on them. We also played road trip bingo, I spy, what am I thinking of, sang songs, slug bug, we let them make videos of our trip while on the road and they napped. Books and coloring books with a clipboard. But nothing worked as well as letting them watch YouTube on our phones😭

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Ever heard of flying?

Well patience, sleep schedule is also key. Dont want them sleeping while driving cuz then when you finally stop to sleep they’d be wide awake. In 2 months we have a 2 day drive and will be taking 3 kids in a versa :fearful::laughing:

Good luck. Just make some short stop to let them stretch. Both my girls through a fit at the end of trip.

I would think driving at night might help? Wear the 4 yr out during the day. Tho if only one driving that might work cause can’t drive w/o sleep. Thot Kelly’s idea was great!