Tips to transition to a toddler bed?

I have been trying to move my son to his bed for a few months now. He is 2 and is still breastfeed at naps and bedtime. I have told him that if he wants his milk he has to lay in his bed and I will lay down with him. My issue is his dad is saying why can't you just boob him in our bed? I say because I am trying to get him in his bed. Even for a few hours. His dad says no. Don't make him do that. So am I fighting a losing battle trying to get him in his own bed?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips to transition to a toddler bed?

Tell dad to breastfeed


A good marriage is where you can discuss, compromise and agree on such things. What do the experts say is the best thing for the baby?


What’s dads reasoning for saying no?
Talk to him and compromise


Feed the baby in your bed, then leave the baby in bed with your husband and go get some sleep by yourself. Let your husband deal with it on his own for a little and he’ll prob change his mind


It’s hard when you don’t agree on parenting stuff. We switched to a king sized bed when the kids got too big.


Myson wasn’t ready for a toddler bed at 2. We left him in the crib till 3.5 and now even at 5 I stil snuggle him to sleep. Some kids just need that.


Is hubby trying to not get laid?


i need the same advice but not from my bed to her bed lol…i wanna get her in a bed from a crib. but the crib rails is the only thing that keeps her going to sleep when i say its time and from not getting up before the sun comes up lol

Following!! My 19 month old nurses at night and we want to put him in his crib attached to our bed. I can’t get him to stop nursing at night and I am due in 2 weeks.

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Does the dad have a 2 year old hangin off his boob?

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:rofl::rofl: just boob him…
It will be difficult either way.
Maybe boob him in your bed and put him in his bed after??

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Keep doing what you’re doing and leave him in his own bed once he is asleep.

My husband and I are stuck with our 3 year old in out bed because of this, (I only breastfed him until he was 3 months old) now I have a 3 week old and it’s a hard transition to get the 3 year old to his bed. We even move him and he ends up back in our bed at 3am…

I used to let my guy fall asleep in my bed nursing. He nursed till almost three so I was in the same boat. I would then take him to his room and he would sleep there most of the night.
When he got a little older we did nursing on the couch then I could tuck him in with a book. I slowly just skipped boob time and went straight to the book. I’d make a big deal out of it and distract my guy.

Less naps. Feed him well at night. Maybe read or listen to something calming he likes. Lay with him for a little bit till he’s sleepy. Then try to lay him in bed

Unless dad has a boob, he doesn’t get a say. Tell him to stay in his own lane here

I’m not understanding the problem dad is having with you laying him down in his own bed?

But personally if you’re having a hard time with bedtime I would just nurse him in your bed or on the couch and then put him down in his bed. I did that with my daughter when her bed was basically to small for me to fit comfortably.

Stop breastfeeding! Bam! Problem solved!


It sounds like you two need to communicate about it a little bit more. each of you should share your reasons with the other and weigh the pros and cons and try to come to a joint decision much as possible.

You should think about whether or not you want to continue nursing him. (Please don’t take that negatively. I nursed my oldest for 2 years and 3 months until she ended up having to have teeth removed). If you want to continue nursing then come up with a routine. Nurse him while you read him a book and then put him to bed in his bed. When I was tandem nursing it was easier for me to nurse the baby and get the baby to sleep and then nurse the oldest. If you want to stop nursing, you could try other options to get him to sleep. Rocking worked for nap time but didn’t work for bed time. I ended up having to cut my children off cold turkey instead of slowly weaning. And talk to your husband about why you want him in his bed and why he wants him in your bed. Then compromise. He sleeps in his bed and occasionally has a “sleep over” with mom and dad in their bed. That’s the best advice I can give since I have a 3 year old, almost 2 year old, and 4 month old still in my bed with me :joy:

Omg this does my head in when I read posts like this, I don’t understand why people put their babies in bed with them that when they get to a certain age its hard to get them out Lmao :joy::rofl: all im guna say is good job Ahahaha your know next time aye Lol

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Tips to transition to a toddler bed?

I would tell your husband when he makes the milk he can decide where to feed him number 1, but also, I wouldn’t feed him in bed. I feel like that could start a dependency for staying asleep. I would feed him in a rocker or somewhere cozy and then put him down.

Put him in his bed without the boob, he’s 2

Tell your husband he’ll get more sex if baby is in his own bed. That should help. Then start talking it up with the child a few days beforehand to warn him. Talk about how big he is now and how proud you are that whatever day you say is going to be the big wonderful day. Then establish a routine of bath, Jammies, book, prayer and night-night. There may be a few tears or tests but stick to your guns.


Girl put that boy in his own bed there’s nooooothing wrong with that at all period.
You need to sleep better and i doubt you get good sleep 3 to a bed. I suppose try to understand your husbands reasoning but ultimately i would continue the routine of putting him in his bed.


If daddy wants sexy time he needs to comply. Mommy can’t feel sexy when she’s nursing in bed. 🤦🤷‍♀️


Don’t even lay in his bed with him. Fed him and lay him down and tuck him in. Night


Tell your husband to boob him then. The longer you let him sleep in your bed the harder it is to get him out.


Dad doesn’t need to contradict you for starters, parenting is much harder in general when parents go against each other in front of the kids. My oldest I would have to lay with him til he went to sleep to get him in the toddler bed, he is a cuddler and loves to co sleep anyway regardless of how much I tried to avoid it. My second never liked co sleeping, she wants to be in her own bed but she’s stubborn about EVERYTHING and only does anything when it’s her idea so we had to get her a bed she really liked and let her sleep where she wanted then put her in it after, once she woke up in it a few times she decided she liked it. My youngest (until I have this last baby) isn’t even 2 yet but we went ahead and got her a toddler bed like her sister’s because she was trying (and almost successful) to climb out of the crib (the toddler beds are on the floor and have a decent lip on the side) and she had zero issues switching, a couple nights she transferred herself to the foot of her sister’s bed and slept with her like a puppy :joy: but she doesn’t too often and usually stays in her own bed. :woman_shrugging:t2: All kids are different, for yours where he’s still breastfeeding I would probably try to let him fall asleep in your bed after a feeding and then transfer him to his bed. They get used to it easier when they wake up there. Then once he’s staying in his bed all night after the transfer it would be a good idea to try to switch feedings to his bed and then when he weans he will already be used to going to sleep in his own bed. You can’t rush it or force it. You do need to discuss these kinds of things privately with your spouse, you need to at least have a united front for the kids on these things, disagreeing with your spouse in front of them just teaches them to at you against one another. (Disagreements are going to happen but you discuss it in private)

Stick too it you need your rest as well

Get that child in his own bed my friend is miserable she has 3 in her bed plus husband 8 year old 5 year old and 1 year old I put mine in their own bed from time I brought them home

Put him in his own bed.

Then he’s dad’s responsibility

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My son went in a bed at 17 months. I just put him in it. Had no problems at all. The first two nights he got up a few times, we just put him back to bed. After that he stayed there. I don’t get why it’s so hard tbh.

Going thru the toddler bed stage too lay with him he goes to sleep I leave eventually he will stay himself

That’s how I transitioned my 1yo to his toddler bed being breastfed. I laid in his bed with him to get him to sleep. At night he’d crawl up in bed with me, get a boob, fall back asleep, then id put him back in his bed. Or sometimes when he woke up crying in middle of night I’d get down in his bed with him and give him a boob until he fell back asleep.