Toddler constipation remedy?

I need some suggestions on how to handle this! My 3yo has a hard stool last week and cried bc it was so hard to pass and now she refuses to go to the restroom it gets to point where when she has the urge to go she screams bloody murder and will NOT go. She’s gone 2 days wo going on 2 different occasions now and when she finally goes it’s only a small amount so I know she’s not letting herself go all the way. She has been on miralax for 2 years bc she gets constipated so badly and I’ve even added dried prunes every day bc she loves them and in the past it worked like magic she’d go a few hours later. Idk what to do bc I’m scared she’s going to really get herself constipated. Any suggestion would help.

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What about running around? My daughter tends to need to go while shes running around a bunch. It’s weird and maybe it’s just her but it’s worth a shot :slight_smile: shes 8 now but she has poop problems too. Oh! We also see a Chiropractor!! That may also help!!

Up the miralax if you can or there is a child safe brand of suppositories you can buy. Id.give her one.

Restoralax (PEG) is the only thing that helped my son. It’s tasteless and odourless, you can put it in juice, milk, water etc and they won’t know. Works wonders! Just get it at your local pharmacy.

Apple juice works wonders for my kiddo. They also have baby suppositories. I might call her Primary care provider and see what they suggest.

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Maybe her body doesn’t know how to function on its own because of the constant miralax? Will it get to the point where she will continue to have to keep increasing that in order for her to not have difficult BM? Dont know if that’s possible so I was just asking. Maybe what once worked doesn’t anymore? My daughter has issues when she has too much dairy.

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Try apple juice or grape juice!

Take her to the doctor. We have went through this for years and when it was the worst lactulose was the best.

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Seek a pediatrician! She’s probably fiber deficient and dehydrated. Apples and water!

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Apple juice works like a charm for my stepson.

In addition to all these remedies, I changed my son over to 1% milk from while milk amd it worked!


Does she drink dairy?

Does she ever have poop streaks when she doesn’t go for days at a time

Fiber works. Have her eat a banana

Massarge her legs in circles or prune juice little and often.

my daughter has been with holding for two yrs she’s now 3 to make her go chocolate ex lax bars work along with miralax

Prune juice fiber gummies

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Elimination diet!!! Something she’s eating that is making her constipated. Medication do nothing but cover/mask the problem. FIX THE PROBLEM !!!

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Look at her diet. Dairy often causes this in young children

High fiber foods but talk to your pediatrician he may have her do a little moral ax to get things running

Please please please take your baby to a chiropractor

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That sounds like me as a child . Only later in life did I realise I had so much wrong with me . To this day my stomach does not go for over a week until I take laxatives. At the age of 20 I had had so much constipation in my life I had pushed my colon right through the butt hole by pushing so hard while trying to go to the toilet that it had to be seen all back up. I found out years later that my thyroid wasn’t working so my metabolism was so slow that my body was too sluggish to get the food pass through the system sufficiently. I know have so many autoimmune diseases which affect my stomach so much that I battle with constipation all the time. :sob::sob::sob: please ask your GP to do a thyroid test. I get so angry it took so many years for my doctor to pick it up . There days I can’t stand up straight because my constipation causes bad cramping .

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My 14mo has really hard poops to where they hurt her. We started a probiotic everyday and she drinks at least one cup of juice a day. Apple, or can apple. The probiotic was enough. Gets the digestive system working properly. They can be expensive, the ones in store at cvs and Walgreens. I haven’t looked online yet. We just started this 2 weeks ago and we got the box of 55 packets (that go in her milk) for $45. But I would definitely suggest a probiotic if she’s like that more than not.

Try maple oatmeal and v8 strawberry/banana juice

Research Acidophilus.
She needs to drink water more often as well

My mother said I suffered terrible constipation and pain as a baby and changing my nappy was excruciating for me . Pls let your doc run checks

My youngest had severe constipation issues her whole life. As she got older we had to adjust miralax dosage, cut down dairy intake, she ate lots of bananas and drank prune juice when she was little. Consult with your doctor before she gets bad enough that you end up in the ER. We had to do enemas a couple times and she hated it. Now she is 19 and watches her diet carefully, takes the miralax as needed and uses suppositories when she is backed up really badly.

Take her to the doctor

Graham crackers work awesome

My daughter had severe constipation. It was discovered she had Tethered Spinal Cord syndrome. She still takes meds to this day to help her go. She is 15 yr.

activia yogurt. the one that has fiber in it

Orange juice twice a day not lots just a small glass and lots of other food could help. Is your child dehydrated as that can make her not go or go doctors and explain what has happened and they can give some Meds to help with going .

Does she take in lots of fluids. I was told by specialist that everything that helps can hurt if not properly hydrated.


Pedisure will work it is pricey but it gives all the right nutrition their not getting

Aloe Vera and Magnesium also are natural laxitives

Also probiotic/prebiotics help big time too!

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Miralax… lots of it! Same thing happened with my oldest and she was so backed up it was bad. Dr. said miralax in juice around the clock for 3 days. Miralax is safe.

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prune juice maybe water down it


Spoon full of karo a day…she will loosen right up


I literally just found it but Miralax isn’t safe for kids under 17 and shouldn’t be used for more than 7 days consecutively or something. It’s all on the label but I was told by dr’s to use it regularly as well and im pretty pissed once I heard the side effects it is causing So many children out there. Have you tried metamucil


Stool softeners or Fletcher Castoria.

Miralax and try giving her coconut oil. A spoonful a day. Worked for grand daughter.

Is she potty trained? If so make her sit on the potty after dinner until she goes. Make her sit there untill bedtime if you need to. She will eventually get tired of sitting there and go. Also let her know the more often she goes the easier it will be, and if she doesn’t go every day its going to hurt more.

Sounds like she is already constipated… maybe try an enema?!? Or a different stool softener? Good luck n prayers for her!

Up her fluid intake… much more water


Talk about poop all the time. Everytime you go into the bathroom say you have to poop. When we went through something similar to this we did that and it helped.

Her dr said it is common for children to become afraid of going to the bathroom after a hard movement. It is kinda like a little kid fear they have to get over, like the monster under then bed. You just have to constantly be ontop of them about going and keeping track of it. It took us awhile to get her goinging regular again. It may have been faster if she was with us 24/7 but we share custody.

My little girl is the exact same anything can make her constipated. We usually cut out alot of dairy products which seems to be the worse and give her pedialax a chewable kids tablet right after she eats.

Mix a large tbsp of melted coconut oil in choc pudding or a snack she loves-
If nothing the first day add another tbsp the next day- and push lots of fluids-
Water mainly- try applejuice also-


We are going thru this. My son is 4 and is terrified of pooping. He cries all day everyday. We have tried so many things and are at a loss.

My 3yo takes these every day. She used to do the exact same an hold it until it caused even more pain. Before these we had to use suppositories. I give her 3 a day. She now reminds me every day momma I need my poop gummies.

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We had to do miralax, high fiber diet, lots of water. Our daughter finally made it to the point she doesn’t need Miralax anymore.

You could try a tiny amount of either karo syrup or mineral oil. It will help loosen everything up and get it moving. If she’s potty trained and you use either especially mineral oil i would stay close to bathrooms just in case

Milk of magnesia doesn’t cause any cramping and softens stool too.

White grape juice warmed up works too, not too hot but it should help make her go. My daughter used to be just like that.

Try fresh pears. My son has the same issue. When I add fresh pears and fresh mandarin oranges to his daily food it helps. Try adding a bit of benefiber to her juice in addition to her miralax. That helps us too.

Fiber,more water and like at everything she eats.might be too much cheese or something like that,karo is alot of sugar.sugar will constipate.

Give her a teaspoon of miralax once a day until she’s comfortable pooping again

TAKE her to the DOCTOR!!! If she gets in-packed she will be in big pain!!!

Try to not do too much dairy, for milk use almond milk…going easy on dairy works as well

You can give little one fibrogel works wonders but only half a sachet because they are under 6, ask the doctors they could prescribe something

Her doctor will give her a suppository to give her. works great. call your doctor

Lol a tbs of bakin soda in Luke warm water works wonders. Oooor if they dont like it straight put a tbs in hot chocolate or some tea ( mom of 3) 4 if you count my self. … Stay near a bathroom it works fast… :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought this at walmart and it seems to help. I also made poop candies, those are made with chocolate and coconut oil. My daughter has issues with getting her poop out sometimes and these 2 seem to help her have a soft bm in a day or two…good luck

Warm bath , apple.juice and pear juice which pear juice is hard to find have to look in the baby section

Prune juice and juicy juice half and half it helps my son

Try miralax, you can get a prescription for your pediatrician

Holding it in can cause major issues. Be careful with fiber because you can wind up worsening the problem. I had two that held it so much they really couldn’t go. Ended up with both of them actually incapable of holding anything in. The blockage got so bad that anything new entering the colon simply leaked right out due to the pressure created by the blockage. It was awful. The pediatrician had us trying all kinds of fiber supplements, and when nothing worked sent us to a specialist. That’s where I learned that the fiber was making it worse. We had to do enemas at least once a week, and literally train them to go. Half hour after every meal, go try to go. Once you clean them out with the enema , they have to learn that it doesn’t hurt when they go normally. It took a few months of work, but we got the problem solved. Under 5 ask about an enema before trying it. It’s been years, but i’m pretty sure that we used pediatric enemas.

Mommy’s bliss constipation ease…they also have 2 week probiotic

Baby calm. I believe you can use it at that age. It is magnesium and vitamins together. I have been using it since my boys were little, now they use regular calm.

try alittle prune juice should work

Apple juice prunes it helps

This happened with my granddaughter and she ended up having to take stool softeners and exlax to find out she is lactose intolerant Cut down on the milk more water and fruit and veggies

Magnesium citrate (clear liquid, found in pharmacy section) works every time!

Take her to a gi doctor so they can see if there’s something wrong.

My daughter was having the same issue. I switched her from whole milk to 2% and she hasn’t had one since. Good luck. I know how awful that is! :sob:

Have you tried giving her apple juice or even take prune juice and diluted half and half usually one of the other a couple of times a week will soften her stool and help her to go I went through this with my daughter when she was not quite two and I would give her the apple juice twice a week and then the prune juice half and half one day a week and I didn’t have to use suppositories and she started going regular so I would give her apple juice once a week then and she started doing just fine

lactose intolerant? IBS? I had that, still do. Mine changed from constipation to diahhrea later in life.