*Trigger warning* Has anyone else had a traumatic birth: Advice?

I was wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar and would be willing to share. I had my daughter six months ago. The birth was very traumatic. I almost died from bleeding out internally. I coded and was rushed in for emergency surgery. I am just very lucky to be alive. The labor and delivery went amazingly well. I lost 3 liters (of 5) of blood that day. Basically, my placenta ripped my uterus when it detached, causing the internal bleeding. I went into Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC); They couldn’t get the bleeding stopped. I had lacerations in my uterus from the doctors pulling out the blood clots that caused me to code and go unresponsive twice. The lacerations are from them, reaching in with their hand ls and pulling the clots out to save my life. The doctors needed to act fast to empty the blood from the uterus so they could get it to contract back down to normal size. My ob said he’s only seen 3 of these occur in his 18 years…I was the worst. If I had a home birth, I would have bled to death. When they couldn’t stop the bleeding and didn’t know why I had emergency surgery. If they couldn’t find it or if they could find it and not stop it, I would have had to have a total hysterectomy. I’m just wondering if anybody has gone through anything similar and is willing to share. I’m struggling to understand it all still.


I did not but this sounds terrifying. OMG!

I hemorrhaged after my last delivery this past Feb. Lost 3 litters and dr had to shove her arm almost up to her elbow inside to pull the clots out. So much pain since the epidural I had was never hooked up properly. Fortunately, I didn’t need surgery and my experience wasn’t as bad as yours.


:pleading_face: this is terrifying.

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I’m so glad you’re ok, you might be experiencing PTSD

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Holy crap :frowning: I am so sorry you experienced that. You may want to look into therapists, you could have PTSD. I’m glad you and your daughter are okay. :heart:

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This makes me even more nervous to give birth to my first! :pleading_face::cry: I’m sorry you had to go through that!

Oh wow I’m so sorry you went thru this my first birth was traumatic I was rushed into an emergency c-section and I too lost alot of blood but nothing compared to what you went thru but very traumatic for my situation I spent 8 days in hospital after but still.i hope you are feeling better soon and back to your old self in no time!!:blush:and even tho it was rough for you congrats on your new baby.

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My sister had this with her last child 5 years ago. She almost died as well. Her placenta ruptured putting her and baby at risk. Glad your ok!!! How scary

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I had the same experience,I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and my child came home before me. I couldnt breast feed. I couldn’t even hold him for weeks. I still have post traumatic anxiety. One thing I can tell you, is it has been 3.5 years and since my son is healthy and such a blessing, I promise the feelings will fade. The mind does an amazing thing and forgets over time. Even though it was the worst experience of my life, the love of my child overrides it. And I would do it all over again just to have him in my life.


I have a friend who went through something very similar. She had 4 normal births and decided to give a family the miracle of a child and be a surrogate. I would tag her but I don’t think she’s ready to relive it since she is still have problems and gave birth to that baby in November of last year.

I hemorraged immediately after giving birth, then 8 days later wound up in the hospital with 20+ large clots in my legs and lungs. I just finished 6 months on lovenox to break up the clots. This has lead to me never wanting to get pregnant again or have any more children.

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That’s so awful! Im sorry you and your family went through that. You are a prime candidate for PTSD. If you don’t feel yourself, get help!

I had something similar! Mine wasn’t that bad though.
I had my daughter almost 3 months ago. I was induced at 40+5 weeks and I had her the next day. After I had her I got up and showered and walked until I almost passed out from blood loss. I literally was just trying to go to the bathroom and I had so many blood clots come out instead. When they got me to the bed I wasn’t aloud to get up again or hold my daughter. The doctor came in and had to remove blood clots by shoving his hand up there. I literally screamed. I got two shots and potosium (can’t spell) to help my uterus contract.

Wow I’m so glad ur ok though! Praise God! I had a placenta abduction and had an emergency c section. I will be praying for you !!!

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry this happened to you! This is so terrifying. Nothing like that happened to me, but I would recommend a therapist. Even if it’s just to talk it out and to help yourself understand it better.

I had a very similar experience during my delivery of my stillborn daughter. I almost bled to death from a placental abruption. Please feel free to DM me if you want to chat. I’m so sorry you’re struggling.

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When I had my second child my uterus came out with my placenta … I remembered slowly feeling really weak my obgyn tried 4 times to get it to reattach he said he was trying one more time if it didn’t go back in place they would have take me to emergency surgery luckily the last time it took but I was still bleeding I had to lay on my back for an hour before I could get up and moving I didn’t have anymore bleeding while at the hospital… about 2 weeks after being home I started bleeding again thought it was just my period I was changing pads every 30 seconds I couldn’t stand up because if I did blood just gushed … it finally stopped a few hours later I haven’t had problems since …

Yeesh, n i thought mine was bad at the beginning of this month… I bled out bad but not like you :persevere:

I had all of my kids naturally except my daughter born 2 weeks ago, I went into labor water broke the Dr came in and tried putting in a uterine flush because my daughter was losing oxygen and the Dr thought it may have been from the contractions squeezing her but the Dr tried and looked at me and said now don’t panic your breathing for your baby girl right now, and continued to tell me we are taking you into an emergency C-section because your daughter will die if we don’t. My daughters umbilical cord had prolapsed cutting oxygen off thank God for the Dr that was there on call.

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My placenta erupted when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. Bc of that she was born 5 weeks early via emergency C-section. It was the first time that I had had to get surgery. I was told that a person’s blood count level was typically a 10 but mine was a 3 after that happened. And I refused a blood transfusion so they really couldn’t do anything about it.
I got postpartum depression after my daughter was born. I didn’t want to feed her, hold her, or even see her. I think partly bc I didn’t know if she would survive or not… And partly bc of all of the changes that my body went through in such a short amount of time.
My ppd didn’t last long though… Maybe 3 weeks at the most.
And now my daughter is a bratty, healthy 16 year old!

I’m sorry that you had to go through all of that but I’m also glad that you and your baby are still here.
Don’t be ashamed or afraid to seek help if that is what you need.

I’ve had a post pardum hemorrhage, that one was scary. The first thing they did was put me on the toilet and the nurse pushed my lower stomach with her fist which forced a lot of blood and large clots out of me. I felt ok at that point, just in pain from her pushing so hard. When it seemed to be ok, I should up and we started walking to my bed again, and then I wasn’t ok. I don’t remember much after that, I do remember them asking me my name and me just wanting to go to sleep. There were a lot of things going on around me, but I mostly remember just being so tired, I remember I was trying really hard to answer their questions, like, do I know where I am, do I know why I’m there, do I know the date…at one point they asked me if I knew my blood type…

The nurse who was actually the one who delivered my baby because she came too fast for any doctor to show up, was one of the responding nurses to my hemorrhage. He told me later that I scared them all and that I am lucky to be here. I never really felt scared, just, so tired.

I went on to have 4 more kids after that, I’ve had to go for emergency surgery to remove my placenta with number 8, but they always try to get it out manually first and that is not fun.

Number 4 was my first retained placenta, the doctor had one hand up so far I couldn’t breath, and the other hand across my abdomen to create a “wall” for him to push against while trying to pull out my placenta. It was both painful and terrifying because I couldn’t breathe while he was doing this.

Ultimately, I never really put too much thought into what happened. I always had a fear that something would happen to my baby and so when it was me instead, I was thankful it wasn’t them.

Birth is unpredictable and things can so south fast. If I had had a home birth, I would have been dead with my post pardum hemorrhage. Every birth after that one came with giant IV’s and some kind of shots in my leg right after birth. They have to make sure they can get drugs in fast if I bleed out again…

🙋 over here, sweetie! Yes! When I went in (3wks early) to get checked for spotting, one nurse kept trying to send me home. My gut told me to insist on staying until I was able to see my Dr. Within 30min, I was having contractions & was starting to dilate, so the Dr came in. He says, “get her an epidural up here, I am going to break her water now.” Sounds easy peasy, right? Wrong. When he broke my water, my placenta abrupted, causing instant hemorrhaging. They had to rush me in for emergency c-section. Once they had my daughter out, my uterus refused to contract on it’s own, so my AMAZING Dr literally picked up my uterus with his hands, & contracted it for me to stop the bleeding. He saved my life & my daughter’s life that day & I am forever grateful. He set the hospital record that day. From the time he broke my water, til the time they delivered my daughter, it took 7 minutes. SEVEN… Tell me there aren’t angels on Earth.


Mine was different than yours but still traumatic :disappointed:
8 months ago during my scheduled csection everything (epidural) wore off during the surgery :disappointed: I was screaming and screaming in pain… screaming and crying. Begging for help, everyone was in panic… THE RESIDENT that did my epidural screaming to stop stop… the surgery screaming nurses to please call this number. I last remember seeing these beautiful eyes upside down say you have to be put to sleep. In post op my family say as I woke up I was terrified of every nurse and doctor as I woke up. I can remember begging my family to take me and please let’s leave. :disappointed:

The hard part is we told them pain meds or anesthesia don’t work well on me. They said well this is different

:disappointed: I have not been to a follow up appointment after my baby was born. He’s 8 months now 


May of 2018 id say i had a pretty dramatic birth that has landed me in my OB’s top5 of difficult/memorable deliverys. :flushed: i was in labor about 32 hrs and 6 of those were spent pushing. I ended up with an urgent c section because baby just was stuck. during my section my OB was pulling while another nurse done there pushing him back up higher. i don’t remember my sons birth because i was in so much pain as something was going wrong with the pain meds and i could feel it. the second my son was finally out they knocked me out because i was bleeding because my uterus had ripped. i needed a blood transfusion and my OB had to stitch right near my kidney to stop the bleeding quickly and i could have had possible kidney complications after (thankfully that never happened or i would have had to have a stint put in my kidney). baby was totally okay thank the lord but i was pretty banged up physically and mentally!

I had it happen twice. The first time I actually caught it myself I was sitting in the bed after they just took the baby off my chest to clean him up an the nurse put the pad an underwear on me an I felt a big gush I told the nurse an the nurse called the doctor in an she reached all the way inside of me pulling blood clots out and had a bucket under the bed that just kept filling with blood blood was all over the floor on my husbands shoes as he was standing next to me because the doctor was reaching inside of me it hurt so bad I was screaming she ended up taking me to emergency surgery they put the bacnum balloon in my uterus to stop the bleeding I lost a lot of blood about 6 liters of blood they kept giving me blood transfusions. The second time it happen with my last child my now 6 month old daughter. I felt something wasn’t right my husband was holding my daughter I was laying in the bed shivering the nurse looked an seen I kept filling pads while I was laying there so she called the doctor in which may I say she made it seem like it was a burden to come in to check me. She checked me an by the time she came in I kept coming In and out of consciousness shaking I opened my eyes an I told my husband I feel like I’m dying an then I went out again I could feel my body convulsing. The doctor put the bacnum balloon in WRONG ! So another doctor came in and told me she’s gunna take care of me an not to worry she replaced it with a new bacnum balloon an that wasn’t working so she rushed me to emergency surgery she did a DNC to get the placenta tissue that was left in there out but the DNC didn’t work they then did a uterine embolism they made a tiny incision on the side of my groin and went in with these tiny wire to coteries the vessels to stop the bleeding they kept tranfusing me with more & more blood they made my husband sign a paper stating it was ok to give me a hysterectomy if the uterine embolism didn’t work. I woke up in the ICU with wires everywhere blood still being transfused had about 8 blood transfusions. Finally a day later I was recovering well and they brought me back up to the maternity ward they still kept a close eye on me but they were happy to see I was recovering well.

Yes my first . Didn’t have my next for 7 years . The worse labor ever

I also hemorrhaged after my first. I kept saying something was wrong until they noticed there was blood all the way to the end of the bed! I had emergency surgery and was very weak afterwards from loss of blood. Had two more kids after that with no issues!

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Amazing doctor and Jesus always

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I had a perfect pregnancy and Amazing labor. Towards the end of my labor I developed an infection and so did my my daughter. I spiked a fever and her heart rate was spiking. Luckily I was able to push her out in about 15 minutes. She was born limp and silent, barely breathing. I started bleeding out. Within 3 minutes I was passing out and they took my daughter to the nicu (she had a week long stay). By the time they got the bleeding to stop, my count was down to 5.2, after two transfusions I was up to 8 (they start transfusions at 9). I was literally less than a minute from dying and I don’t remember most of the birth after she was born. I had about 15 nurses and my doctor working on my and my daughter had about 5 with her. They got the bleeding to stop by using an inflated ball they filled with saline, they put it in my uterus to counter pressure the bleeding, it worked just in time. After all that I’m traumatized and am terrified to have another baby. I held my baby for about 10 seconds before they took her from me. She was a really bad color and when they put her on my chest she spit up a bunch of nasty stuff and started choking on it. They took and her and I never heard her cry that day. When I asked if she was okay all they would say was she has a good heart rate. I didn’t see her until about 12 hours later bc I had to stay in my L&D room for transfusions, not even allowed to walk or eat until they were done. I got to see her the next day. It was a horrible experience.

I had a c section with my 3rd child back in September of 2017. My uterine artery was ruptured during the c section and it caused me to bleed internally. My stats continued to drop for a few hours after delivery until it got to the point my dr was concerned and took me back for a 2nd emergency surgery. They cut the c section stitches first and when no blood came out, proceeded to cut me from a few inches below my breast bone, down to my c section cut. My stomach had been filling with blood for the last few hours and I was teetering between a stage 2/3 hematoma. I lost 1500ccs of blood. Got 4 blood bags in surgery plus like 2 plasma bags and another 2 blood bags over the next week while at the hospital. It was kinda traumatic for me but mostly surreal. It doesn’t feel like me when I talk about it. I know I’m lucky to be here but it just doesn’t feel like it happened to me… :woman_shrugging:

I just had a c section with my twins 2 week’s ago. On the table my blood pressure dropped dangerously low and they had to do everything as rushed as possible. I ended up with low blood pressure for a few hours and had to be closely monitored. I ended up with swelling, 2 infections, and an allergic reaction to something. Luckily the babies were perfectly fine and I’m healing up nicely. Shit is scary as hell though. This will luckily be my last pregnancy

Different but traumatic-
I was 32 weeks and went into my OB office for an appointment. I was already labeled high risk due to getting thyroid problems after getting pregnant… I gained a lot of weight very very fast. When I went in they checked my urine and my blood pressure… well my blood pressure was not only high but there was an issue with my urine as well. They thought I may have preeclampsia and sent my home with a bottle to pee in for 24hrs and told me if I felt off to come in. Well the next day, the 4th of july… I felt really dizzy and really out of it. I went to the hospital and my blood pressure was so high I could have had a seizure at any point. They had to transfer me to a different hospital over an hr away that had a nicu. I did in fact have a case of severe preeclampsia. For 5 days I was put on IVs pumping this awful medicine into me that just made me feel worse. I couldn’t eat and barely slept because they had to do blood work and check my blood pressure every 2 hrs on top of giving me more medication. Finally on the last day they decided to induce me… they used a balloon and shoved some sort of pill in me twice until finally I went into labor and started contracting. At that point I was in so much pain that I needed the epidural… well there were 4 other people waiting in line for it and I was last… they gave me fentanyl and another pain medication until finally 3/4 hrs later the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural. 5 minutes later or so I starting giving birth. The doctor and one of the nurses was down near my area and they kept whispering to each other which worried me so I pushed more and more until finally my baby came out. She was 3lbs 10oz. I only held her for a minute before they ripped her away from me and took her to the nicu. I was kept in the hospital for 3 more days and they continued pumping the awful medicine into me and I only got to see my baby in the nicu for maybe an hr tops a day… the nurses at the time were terrible. They moved my room 5 times the whole time I was there. When I finally got out I still wasn’t feeling well but I put it aside and visited my baby every day and even stayed in her room with her most nights. It killed me to see her in the incubator. :pensive: it took awhile for the preeclampsia to go away after all of this and it scares me to ever get pregnant again. Shes my first. Shes now about 11lbs at 3 months and will be 4 months on the 9th of November. She smiles all the time and is teething already despite being so early. I know things may hurt, I know things may be tough, and I know its traumatizing to go through these things during birth. Look at your baby and just remember… it was worth it. You have this beautiful little baby to bring you joy. You’re alive and you’re going to be a great mom. :two_hearts: keep your head up

I had a traumatic labor but not to that extent. Essentially I was in labor 17 hours, ended up in a csection, lost a lot of blood, was hospitalized for about 5 days, and ended up with a spinal migraine. Its difficult to want to go through it again. For sure.

My second labor and delivery was not traumatic like this, but I did hemorrhage pretty bad after my second baby. I dont remember anything after I delivered him and I went to stand up and I blacked out after that.

Mine was very traumatic, but for other reasons. I too coded about 3 times. Had to be defibrillated twice, and didn’t even get to meet my baby for 6 days because I was in the ICU. My heart failed. It was only functioning at 2%. My lungs filled with fluid I felt like I was drowning. To this day, my heart is still not okay, I have to take 6 different meds.

I had similar happen with my third, but it was the trainees fault that I had no idea was even a trainee, and gave no permission to work on me. I never had surgery. I remember the trainee trying to pull it out, after they were done, they let me get up to try and pee, and next thing i knew, i was laying in a puddle of my blood. I probably have issues because of it now that I think about it. My periods were always bad, but much worse after. Just wrote it off as getting older and consequences of having three kids. I never did anything about it, though, now…I wish I did sue.

Oh, my SO at the time (sadly has since passed) said they were saying I went into shock and might need emergency surgery.

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I almost died after the delivery of my son. I ripped soo bad I bled out and felt my life slipping away. There was blood literally everywhere…the door, ceiling, son’s father. The delivery nurse climbed on top of me to ‘massage’ my uterus to induce clotting, another hooked a bag of IV blood clotting agents. I had over 50 stitches inside and out. I did not heal correctly and ended having surgery 5 months later to be repaired. I was diagnosed with PTSD because of this horrible experience and have never had another child. I recommend talking to your doctor and perhaps a counselor. While I never experienced what happened to you, I empathize and hope you can move past it.

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Six years ago, I bleed and lost a lot of blood also. Everything went well until she came out. I was turning blue on the bed and they had to bring in he crash cart in. Finally after 2 days, I woke up. My husband had to take care of our newborn daughter. They told me that they were very close of having to do a blood transfusion if I didn’t stop bleeding. I understand what you are saying. Prayers that you can find some peace that you need. It took me almost 2 years to understand why. Hope you have a good day

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Placenta accreta. I believe is how this is spelled. I had this as well. It’s very traumatic and I needed 2 blood transfusions. I remember turning cold and then I don’t remember anything besides waking up after that. They have to physically go inside you and rip the placenta off of your uterus wall or you will continue to bleed out. I have had another child since and it did not happen during that birth. Please PM me if you would like me to share more details.

I have both of my babies they had to massage my uterus to get it to contract to slow the blood then I was put on iron pills to bring my blood count up

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Mine wasn’t as traumatic as yours…all i remember is that i tore with my 2nd son a lot to the point of where I was bleeding out fast(The dr. Didnt want to do an episiotomy and instead let me literally tear and bleed) I had about 40 or so stitches I believe if not more. There was something else going on but I can’t remember what they were talking about because I was in and out of consciousness. I told her that I felt sick to my stomach, like I was gonna pass out and I felt cold but she just ignored me and stared at my lady parts to see if the bleeding stops on its own or if they will have to wheel me into an OR and fix whatever was wrong. I was in the room by myself(my husband was on the road, my mom couldn’t stay she was taking care of my 3 year old although she did take me to the hospital but they kicked her out bc my son was under age and visiting hours were over according to them seriously though screw chicago those aholes) I have no idea what I would have done if i had no one to babysit and I went into labor. I almost gave birth at home luckily my landlord was going out and my mom stopped him and asked him kindly to take us to the hospital right across from our apartment( he was thanked for his help and was given a bottle of patron lol shout out to Richard he’s the real MVP) I think they did give me a transfusion but i dont remember that part either. But I’m glad to hear that you are healthy and alive (even though you dont know me and im a stranger) birth can be traumatic sometimes but as long as you and the baby are healthy its all that matters! If i could do it again i totally would i wouldnt change anything for the world. I have a healthy baby boy and he’s 4.5 now. Well i guess there’s one thing i would change and that’s the no epidural part. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs like someone was trying to murder me LITERALLY(no pain tolerance at ALL) im pretty sure i raised the whole hospital on their feet. :woman_facepalming:t3: i was sooooo embarrassed for myself and my family i felt like they were ashamed of me for not being able to handle it and take the pain hell I was ashamed of myself. But thats my story!

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