Trying to avoid a c-section, any tips?

Anyone have any tips and tricks on getting your baby to turn out of the transverse position because I'm really not wanting to have a c-section I'm worried about it because I have a toddler already.

my chiropractor has said she has been successful with every baby she tried to flip. It took about 3 weeks but it worked

Both of my babies were breached and I went swimming alot and did hand stands in the water and they both turned.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Trying to avoid a c-section, any tips?

The baby can be turned manually but I think that’s dangerous. And who’s to say they won’t flip again? I get being worried about a section. I’ve had 2. 1 emergent and one planned. The planned one was rough but I’d have another. Best wishes to you and your family!! Do what’s best for you and your babe. :heart:

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Idk if can work, but one of kids had the cord around his neck and they told me that if he doesn’t attach by himself, I would had a c-section, so the doctor make me stay in the hospital for 2 weeks and they makes me drink all the caffeine possible so the baby could move … it worked out amazingly. Same thing too, my other baby was just 1 year old at that time.

There are some exercises you can YouTube that are suppose to help move the baby into head down position. I would recommend talking to your OBGYN, they can sometimes try to move the baby. I tried the exercises to flip my baby from the breech position and ended up having my water break 4 weeks early. I ended up with a c-section, depending on how far along you are the baby might have time to flip itself.

There is hope that the baby will turn by delivery day. Mine did. She was transverse, and the day before I was to have a c-section, she turned. They sent me to be induced before she could flip back.

My baby moved last minute but there are also exercises you can try to make the baby turn…I had a c section with my last and I hated it! After 2 vaginal the c section was rough!


Call me crazy but I’m glad I had a c section. Half hour, one quick cut a s he was out. No excruciating labor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As a 3 time c section mama I’ll tell you it is not bad at all even when you have a toddler.

Honestly though baby could flip at any point in time even in labor. I know some midwives and doctors can turn them but it can be dangerous.


I just had my son via c-section almost 3 weeks ago because he was breech. I went to l&d because of extreme pain at 37 weeks that’s when I found out the cord was wrapped around his throat so please before trying any of the tricks and tips to turn the baby ask for an ultrasound to make sure the cord is not around the baby’s throat. My doctor then told me in most cases babies that are breech either water is to low or high or cord is preventing baby from turning and with the cord being wrapped around his throat it could have ended very badly if I would have tried to have him turn by doing the things that are suggested online… I was extremely scared for a c-section but it had to be done, this was my 5th baby and I had 1 emergency c-section (put to sleep) with my first at 28 weeks then 3 vbac’s but the c-section wasn’t bad at all for baby #5. I was up caring for my other 4 children and my newborn, doing laundry and cleaning 4 days after my c-section.

I’ve had 3 c-sections and couldn’t imagine pushing a baby out. Of course, first one was a emergency and other 2 were chosen. To me it took maybe 2weeks to heal and be back to yourself. I hope you have a safe and comfortable delivery! Congratulations on baby!!

I had to sighn a paper for them to try to flip my son and it hurt like he’ll also didn’t even work still brach and ended up in c-section. I have had 4 csections and 2 natural births. My last c-section was Jan 1st of this year and we left the hospital in 24 hours.

Try crawling around your house on hands and knees. That helped my baby turn

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My doctor turned my baby manually it was uncomfortable me being petite in size with a 8lbs baby boy.

Stack up 3 pillows on your bed, sit on them, and then lay backwards so that your bottom and belly are raised in the air, stay that way as long as you can tolerate (its uncomfortable) and then sit straight up on the edge of your bed, or on a couch for about 10 minutes. My oldest son’s 1st grade teacher told me about this trick, that worked for her, so I tried it with my most recent, who was breech my whole pregnancy almost, and he flipped over. I couldn’t believe it.

I have heard someone say ice pack on top and heating pad on the bottom to make them turn.

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Go on hands and knees and put head down on bed/sofa/floor so bum is in the air and relax/watch tv.

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Ok so my baby was also transverse. You will need a flashlight and an ice pack. When you notice the little one is active (kicking or whatever) lay on your back put the ice pack on the top of your stomach right under your breasts. Turn on the flashlight and place it towards the bottom of your stomach right above your vagina. Babies are attracted to the light and don’t like the cold of the ice pack so they tend to try to get away from that. I tried everything under the sun for at least 2 weeks, this is what finally worked. Best wishes momma sending positive vibes :heart: whatever happens you got this!!:facepunch:

My baby flipped transverse in labor. Then randomly flipped back head down right before the doctors was going to do the procedure to flip him head down.

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Emmert massage and look up spinning babies.

they had to flip my first child and my 3rd child
But I did exercise a few times a day to flip my second.
Hands and knees and sway your hips back and forth with your chest super close to the ground.

Shine a flash light on your pelvis for a few hours a day to encourage baby down (they’re attracted to light at this point!)

Do some sit ups to slightly put pressure on your upper abdomen!
Good luck momma!

I was in labor for 8 hrs before they worked out my girl was transverse.
This was nearly 30 yrs ago.
It wasnt until a doctor came in and examined me that they ordered a ultrasound.And then bub was in distress so it became an emergency section.
But i coped better with stitches then a vaginal birth.

My baby was born feet first

My daughter was transverse and she turned at 36 weeks but I still had to have c section whether I wanted to or not as she was slanted so her head couldn’t go down the birth canal as it was resting diagonally on top of my birth canal so had no choice of which I was having a planned section anyways and I was walking around the next morning when I could get out of bed x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Trying to avoid a c-section, any tips?

Ask your doctor about having your baby turned before your c-section


I’ve heard swimming and a birthing ball is good to get them to turn but I’m not speaking from experience xxx

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Plenty of us have had multiple c-sections while dealing with other kids at the same time, it’s not impossible :woman_shrugging:t2: I did it even without help :tipping_hand_woman:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: sometimes the baby won’t turn or will turn and you have to have one regardless so good luck :kissing_heart:


Webster technique at a chiropractor office

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I’m about to have my 4th C section, still cracked on and been a parent :relaxed:

Both of mine were born via csection. With my first I didn’t have a choice as she turned at the last moment and got stuck in my pelvic bone. Sometimes you just can’t prevent them. Yes it’s hard on your body but you figure out ways to make it work.

They tried to turn my son, didn’t work. My planned c-section was much easier to recover from than my emergency and I had a toddler. It was no problem

Advice i was told once to get on all fours as it give baby room to move as was feet first.


Rocking on allfours with knees slightly riased… so your kind of face down… worked for me… at 37.5 weeks my girl was transverse… bu 40 weeks every day. Id spend 2 sets of 15 mins doing this and she turned…

I had an ECV to turn my baby to avoid a c-section but then went on to need an emergency c-section during labour… After that I wished I hadn’t had the ECV as it was SO painful and c-section happened regardless :woman_shrugging:

I had my baby turned :blush:
Still ended up with en emergency section :joy:

I have 6 kids and my last pregnancy was twins and I didn’t have any c sections I just walked alot . Keep moving even when you don’t feel like it :wink:

I know someone that the dr was actually able to maneuver the baby to turn idk the name of the procedure but it was done on the outside of the belly


My little one was transverse, was booked in to have him turned at 38 weeks but he turned himself at 37. The only thing I did was to get on all fours and rock :rofl: worked for my baby

I would just be thinking what ever is safe way for you and baby, baby can turn themselfs or once in labor they do try and turn baby before hand xxx


I don’t have any advice about turning baby but I’ve 3 children under 5 years old, first two natural labours and my third I ended up having an emergency c-section, and I have to say the recovery was sooooo much better than my natural births, I was driving after 3 weeks doing the school and nursery runs. Obviously some people struggle more with recovery but the only advice I can give about it is keep topped up on your pain relief & try to walk around without overdoing it.

Hopefully baby turns for you but if not good luck with your section, baby’s safety is all that matters x

I had a c section and was walking around the next day, lifting and carrying things. I rested alot but I didn’t think the pain was worse than a headache.


My daughter waited over a week late to turn on her own

I’m gonna be real honest. Just cause the baby is upside down doesn’t mean you won’t get a c-section.

My previous pregnancy, my baby heart rate dropped and all the nurses came rushing in. It was scary. Especially when they rush you out and your man is standing there wondering what is going on. I dont anything can really prepare you if it does come down to it. Everything happens real fast but just keep in your mind, it is all for the sake of you and your babies life. It may not be what you would like but it can happen.

2 C sections.
Doc & Junior Docs doing the rounds came in.
Doc. We have one C Section and one Normal Birth🙄
Doc to me : you’re the normal birth.
Me : Nope I’m the C Section (the “normal birth” couldn’t get out of bed)
Doc : Oh… can you please get back into bed!
Me : nah you’re grand, not a bother on me :raised_hands:t2:

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I put a huge bag of frozen peas where her head was she moved in 5 minutes I was 38 weeks x


I’ve just been through this! Moxibustion &/or ECV. Moxibustion is a natural form of heat therapy & has a high success rate & ECV is a medical procedure with risks however also has a high success rate. With an ECV they numb your body to relax your muscles however I don’t know if that’s always the case. I had it performed on me more than once &
had my waters broken also. They heavily monitor you & baby throughout & if something isn’t right it could result in an emergency c section. Unfortunately for me both procedures were not successful. Sometimes there’s a reason they are transverse, sometimes there isn’t. Don’t overthink it & know regardless you will find a way to make it work whatever the outcome. Good luck!

Sorry but I rather have the c


I tried absolutely everything to get my baby to turn and she just wouldn’t. And personally I would have a c section again, it was relatively stress free, the recovery was good because I did as I was told and my babe is placid, sleeps through the night since 6 weeks and is soooo happy compared to many friends who gave birth naturally.
It’s not a bad thing, the pain is worst the first day once the drugs have worn off but other than that it’s fine and you know when you’ve done too much. I was told an ECV was only 50% effective and every possibility they could turn back before or even during labour.

How many weeks are you? Often they turn a lot later on with 2nd babies xxx

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My bubba turned himself right at the last min

They advise no lifting toddler after c section… Just wasn’t realistic for me, a single parent. I healed faster with the c section than the vaginal taring. If c section is to happen don’t be weary. Congrats and blessings to you and yours

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Get on all fours and just rock back and forth, sometimes this will help.


This is weird, but I read put a bag of frozen peas / veggies/ ice right below your breasts. Baby supposedly flips head down. .

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When my last son was born the doctor actually kind of reached inside and got him turned around the right way I don’t know what they did but I didn’t get to have any epidurals or drugs I could feel everything

I have had 4 C-sections
So I had a 16 month old when I delivered my first!
Be patient with yourself
Do Not let Anyone tell you that you didn’t go through the birthing process
Let others care for you and yoir babies

Both my pregnancies were transverse. I was told to get on all fours as it gives baby more room to move. Both were head down by 36 weeks. Don’t panic. It’s actually quite common. Walking helps also. Good luck :crossed_fingers: xx

I planned a c-section, few days before hand i had a scan and baby was breech, day of section I had a scan and baby was head down… hopefully they turn around for you… don’t scare your self or worry about a s-section, longs use are both healthy and safe, you’ll he in the best of hands x

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Although it didn’t work for me, my doctor attempted what is called a version. He can try and turn the baby manually. My little girl would not turn, but there is a lot of success with it. Best of luck!

Definitely ask to have a EVC. Not a pleasant procedure but may help you get the birth you want :blush:

Get on all fours, something cold on top of bump and sit on something warm, this is a weird one: record yourself singing to your baby then sit on the your device while it’s playing, apparently baby will turn to the sound of your voice.

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Chiropractor! I went 3 times a week and within the 2nd week my baby flipped from transverse to head down! It was amazing!

My son was get on all fours when in labor it hurts like a MF but it worked

My son was transverse after a failed evc turnt on way to operating theatre so was sent home , but my number 5 transverse but he was laid facing up so I was told I needed to be in hospital from 36 weeks as he had no way of turning which I fought against I ended up having him by c section at 37 weeks as was the only safe way for him to be born , my mum stayed with us & was amazing help while my husband worked , hope it works out for you

Hang upside down e times a day the gravity forces them to turn I had to do it on an ironing board 15 min 3 times a day and it worked

I sat there and told her she had to flip. And then by some strange miracle she actually did. Worth a shot :woman_shrugging: Good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mine got stuck last minute. I was up and going 3 or 4 days later, it’s not too bad. You’re stronger than you even know

I had 4 c sections, 1 was emergency , and trust me they’re not that bad as long as you take care of yourself properly , with 2 of them i was good within the next week to 2 weeks , the other 2 took me longer because I wasn’t taking it easy , I was trying to do the most and it affected me but within the next month i was just fine. My emergency c section was actually the easiest for me.

Google spinning baby techniques :slightly_smiling_face:

Crawl for about 10 to 15 min every day, I did it with my second child and literally I felt when she turned down.

I had a planned c section with my second with a toddler at home. So much better i knew when I was going to have baby could find childcare for the toddler was up and walking as soon as the spinal worn off. Didnt find the pain too bad. Recovered quickly. X

Have a look at Bump Baby Balance! She’s a genius and knows all sorts of stuff like this!

I don’t know how to help you but I had 3 c sections lat two were 13 months apart and it’s doable. So don’t stress just as long as you a safe and healthy delivery and baby

I was worried about this too my baby was footling breech standing up and I had a 3 year old at home I had my section 8 weeks ago I was in hospital over night after it come home the next day felt a little sore but didn’t feel like I needed anymore pain killers it’s really not as bad as what you think if you are having one the best advice I can give you is to get up and walk as soon as you feel your legs again trust me it’s the best thing xx

C section really isn’t that bad, I’ve had 3 and was out a day after having the one, I wouldn’t worry if u need to have one, congrats and good luck :baby:

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Trying to avoid a c-section, any tips?

Chiropractor might be able to help

My son was sunnyside up and feet first but as i was in labor the contractions turned him head first but still came out facing up just longer more painful labor.

Don’t know how to help… but I can tell you that having a csection with another child is fine. My babies are 16 months and it was completely doable.
Good luck.


I’ve had 3 cesarean will have my 4th in December ( then the tubal thing during) my first 8 years ago was a emergency cesarean after 14 hours of labor my son got stuck and his heart rate started dropping, then after they were all scheduled cesarean. I took care of my kids on my own as their dad wasn’t able to take off work. Just go slow and easy if you have to have one.


Try spinning babies! Google it

There is a website called spinning babies which is supposed to be really good!

I wish I could help but I’ve had a C Section with a toddler, my kids are exactly 1 year apart and it wasn’t at bad at all! Just gotta make sure to not strain yourself! But it’s not bad at all, good luck!


I did the spinning baby exercises and also had an ECV done. It was successful!

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I was suppose to have a c section for my 2nd son… I too was scared of a c section so the week before my csection date I would try to rotate myself my messaging my stomach in a clockwise position…to this day I believe it worked the morning of my csection I was outside the OR waiting to enter when the doc came and asked for 1 more ultrasound…luckily he did because my son was in position to deliver naturally… they were all astonished that he flipped within the last week…

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How far along are you? Have you talked to your OB or midwife about baby spinning? I know there are lots of techniques with the spinning babies certification that lots of OBs and nurses are able to use

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Id look up certain exercises/ stretches they have to help baby turn.

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Baby still could turn on it’s own and you can tell your OB unless baby is in danger, prefer natural delivery, good luck :two_hearts:

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A lot of babies flip after 36 weeks, if anything try an evc or spinning babies

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My daughter flipped at 9:00pm 2 days before her due date while I was sitting on the top step of our stairs painting my toenails. About an hour and half later my water broke!

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I’ll be having my 3rd c-section in March. With my second c-section, I had a 2 year old and with this third I’ll have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. It is definitely do-able. If you do have a cesarean, take it easy but try to do what you can as soon as you can. I believe typical recovery is about 8 weeks. With my first I recovered in 5 weeks and my second I recovered in 4 weeks.

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Be careful if your baby is breach and they want to turn at the drs. Umbilical cords are able to wrap around the neck. My son had it around his twice and the dr who delivered him said it would have snapped his neck if they did it.

I’ve had 4 babies. My last one was breech until the very last. Then he decided to get square with the world and flipped!


Sometimes you cant avoid it, wish I could have. My 1st was an emergency after my water broke the cord wrapped around the baby’s neck. My second had to be scheduled because I was spotting and baby turned breech and I had extra fluid. Doctors wouldn’t try to turn him because they didnt want complications he was born a week early. When my second was born my first was 4yrs old. It’s hard but you just have to take it slow and easy and dont strain yourself.

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I was at 36 wks with a baby that wouldn’t flip and just as scared I would put a big pillow on the floor at the end of my bed and go upside down put my head on the pillow and my butt on the bed. Well as much as could be 8 did this 3 times a day 15 min at a time for a wk and my little man flipped warning when he flipped it hurt like hell and the doctor told me it would but it was not as bad as being cut from side to side and the healing time was a lot quicker then a csection. Look on pinterest they have all kinds of ideas of how to do it.

Hands and knees rocking turned mine


Babies will still have chance of flipping until labor starts- really nothing is guaranteed when trying to flip-
when I was born I was a footling breech with cord wrapped twice- if I would not have been born csection I probably would have been strangled. Best to take medical advice from professionals to not risk your life or baby.
Also want to say I had a 3yr old (who was breech & born via csection) when I had my 2nd child (born via csection) - if you take it easy & have support at home it is doable! I even went back to work when the 2nd baby was 3.5 weeks old! Take care and no stress

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