Tubal side effects?

So after my 4th boy I had my tubes removed because apparently that’s what they do now. Anyways its almost been a month since surgery and in still bleeding…:unamused: doc says its fine but was just wandering if anyone has done this? Its very nerve racking since I haven’t really stopped since I had the baby on Christmas. Anyone done this before and had continuous bleeding after a tube removal?? Thanks in advance


I had my tubes tied and a c section with my second i bled for a month and a half

I didn’t have this procedure, seems a bit excessive to be bleeding that long , I would get a second opinion from another Dr.


I got tied n burned and don’t recall bleedin but regular like after being fixed. But everyone is different

I bled for six weeks!

I bled for awhile it will go away.

I had mine removed January 3rd and spotted for 2 maybe 3 days after and that’s it. I 2oukd yet a second opinion

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I had mine tied and didn’t bleed at all. I did have horrible gas & shoulder pain for a week though.

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Yes I even when back to the er and they were like wow that is a lot and for so long.

I bled for almost 9 weeks without my tubs being tied and a miscarriage… But when i had my rainbow daughter like 12 weeks but i ended up bleeding out afterwards and got a blood transfusion and then blood clots… Get checked just to make sure… I almost didn’t make it and wouldn’t want that for any mom!

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FB Doctor’s should be able to take care of your problem.


I would definitely get checked, I had mine removed and bleed for almost 3 months, everything was fine with me but I went to doctors twice and er 3 times because I was freaking out

I didnt at all and still haven’t and it’s been 6+ months

I had mine remove and I bleed for two weeks

I would go see another doctor

A month is long enough I’d make appointment n rechecked just because your concerned ;”)

Doctor says it’s fine…I’d listen to him over FB

My sis had a partial hysterectomy, and she bled for almost 3 months. Dont know if its the same , but she was told when theybdo any work like that, bleeding can happen for a few months while the body is trying to heal whats happened.

They would only clamp mine.

My daughter in law had a D&C yesterday because she didn’t stop bleeding after c section and tunes removal in Oct. They told her she had extra lining growth . Hormonal thing after birth.

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I had mine tied/cauterized 6 wks after birth (22 yrs ago)…bled for approx 6 wks.

They REMOVE the tubes now??

I bled about 8 weeks

Mine were removed. I had it done in October. I believe I bleed for about 2-3 weeks, but my youngest is 2 now, so that is probably a big factor. The gas pains were horrible though in my back and shoulders

Best thing visit a doctor.

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I didn’t stop bleeding until 3 months had passed. Doctor said it’s normal 🤷

I got my tubes removed and bled for over a month. I’d say it’s normal your body is adjusting.

Didnt have mine done but after my son i bled for at least 6 months straight

You don’t have to get your tubes tied unless you want to. They can’t legally make you get anything like that done. I hope everything is okay though :frowning:

They don’t remove them they tie them,

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I didn’t have this problem at all. I agree find a different doctor. When your tubes are tied you should not have bleeding.