Ultimatum: me or the dog?

In January my 3 year old doberman passed suddenly. Her death was really hard on me. In April, My husband decided to get me another dober man even though i said no (I was pregnant and I was not ready for a new puppy). Now that i have my newborn I don’t give the dog much attention. The dog is so destructive and she is ruining my house and yard. She is biting off my sunroom window frames, and recently she busted the refrigerated air cooling system because she chewed on some wires. I’m so upset because he refuses to get rid of her! I never wanted her and now I have to pay to fix her destructiveness. My husbands reaction was over the top. He gets violent and throws things and says that he will kick out my mother (she lives with us) first before getting rid of the dog. I have suggested fencing her in so she wont do more destruction but he refuses. He laughs at me and says ill be the one to pay for all the damages since I own the house. I mean my kids and I are at an 82 degree home. I feel so underminded, disrespected and hurt. He has cheated in the past, he lies to me constantly- I have asked him to leave but he wont. Im fed up and feel like this is the last straw. Am I exaggerating?

He dos not care about your feeling or value you at all. Kick him out, then he can keep his dog. It’s your home after all.

You obviously aren’t exaggerating. I would file for divorce and call the police to have him removed if he still won’t leave. I’m sorry you are dealing with this while having a new baby!