Unique baby girl names?

I need help picking out girl names. I like unique, unusual names but not crazy. I like different spellings.


Aurora. Skyla. Addley. Odessa. Avalynn.

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My daughters are Kimora and Deja I’m still in love with the names.

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I’ve always loved what I named my oldest daughter and never met anyone else with the name; Tayzhia.


My daughters Hettie Rae x x

Vida , ViAnne, Shaelyn,

Lilyena :heart: named my daughter and never heard it since. I wanted differ :blush::relieved:

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Cendra. Almost like sandra

if # 4 is a girl I’m naming her Liara I’ve had the names picked out since I was pregnant with my 1st who is now 7

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My daughter is Danykah (Danica)

Sieanna Zierra mylar precious Marie Starlin sterling


I have love the name Stella! Too bad I didn’t come across it while i was still having kids lol

Brooklyn carter jayda,

My daughters names are
Everleigh and Nyki pronounced Nikki

My friends daughter is Cherokee which I also think is beautiful


Berklie, true, marlie


Willow, Oakley, Emma Lee

My daughter’s are named Delilah and Sage :two_hearts:

My other favourite girl names are Eden, Eliza, Penelope, Liesl, and Jaidah.

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Sadhbh pronounced sive. It’s Irish

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I just had a little girl and named her Rowan :purple_heart:


Havana (ha-vanna)

I have a Lynlee, could also spell it Linley

I have Aeris Seraphina, and Oakleigh Jane. I like Everleigh, Rebel, KimberAnn, Roxy, and Ezra.

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Charisma Sapphire Stormy

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Aurora, Myah, Elizah, Delilah

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My daughter’s name is Kristianna

My daughter’s name is Camrie

Farrell, O Neil, Vanzie Mae…

Kari - Andralyn Nichole

Zyla Sage Harper Rosaleigh

My name is Johnita pronounced John it a. I’m named after my grandfather who was John. My family calls me Johnnie.

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As the mum of a Freja (freya) who hates everyone taking the mick out of her spelling or always spelling it wrong or pronouncing wrong, shes calling herself Colby at 14, i didnt think Freja was that weird… kids can be cruel choose wisely and congratulations x

Mikaela Rose or Dakotah

Zhalee (Sha lee) means beautiful in French. My grandmother have that name to her great-great granddaughter.

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Rowan, Emerson, Sawyer


My daughters named cherilynn she has ryleigh nd jay leigh xx

Rhiannon Jeanne Harper Mae
SteVee RaeLynn
Those are my girls

Merrilee is a awesome name


My daughter’s names are Americaz Jacinda and XaleighAna

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I have Beatrice, Amélia, and Briana (very unusual in the UK but I think in the US Briana is quite popular)

Ugh some people try way to hard and I feel bad for the kid having to live with such a stupid name. :woman_facepalming:t2: :pensive:


Octavia, Kairo, Raven, Mercedes, Adelina (add-e-lie-na)

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Delilah Rose
Constance Charlotte
Astrid Jane
Amelia Claire or Amelia Kate

Olive Ivy Charlee Tindsley

I have a Ceriee(siri) and Callista(callie)

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I have an Autumn Roan Belle :heart:

I really like Evangeline and Emmeline x

Annalyse, Laykin, or Makynli

Addalyn, addisyn, aella, kaylin

I’ve always preferred shorter names. If I had a girl instead of a boy I was going to name her Aria Rue. I also love the names Poe, Tru, Remi, and Maisie.

I have an Aleia. (Uh-lay-ya)

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We have a Lorelei Grace and a (soon to be) Shelby Barbara

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My daughter is Aretta. We call her Rett

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Keri. Colbre. Sadie. Kirstie( not Kristi pronounced(kerstie sounds like I is a e sound)that’s my daughter’s name. Destiny. Charlie. Deven

My daughter’s name is Nikelle Leigh’Andra

My daughter is Annalynn

When I was pregnant with my son if he was a girl I wanted Temple Jolene or Veda Veronica. I also really like Sutton.

Im naming mine Lita pronounced Lee-duh

Evolet, Amarah, Aiyanah.

My girls are Kira, Kaydence, and Kenleigh Rayne

My daughters names are
Stormie Lynn
Anika Cheyenne

I also like Joryan, Danika, Berklee, Journee, & Paris.

Justice , Dakota , conscience,

Joelle (noel with a J)

I would really love someone to use the name Savayah. I have never heard that name and I just love it. It was a hard decision between this name and my daughter’s!!

Nevaeh it is heaven spelled backwards

Autumn Rose. Skylar Cheri. Abigail Star. Anja Leah.

Tatieonna. I love this name. Also Autumn Rose.

For Frankie, spelling Phrankee

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I also like the name scarlett.

Naomie, Jasmyn, scarlette

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My daughter’s names Genesis Serenitie and Phoenix ( was thinking about spelling it phoenyx)

My daughters name is Leighton Lynn and I am pregnant with another girl that we plan to name Ainslie Aerin.

Not too crazy but my daughters name is Aubree… we stuck with the two “ee”s like mine and my mom’s names :two_hearts:

Jaina rose … (Jay-nah)thats my baby girls name .

My granddaughter is Aeryn (Erin). Aspen, Kenzlee, Lyra, Edy, Brighton

My daughter name is Nichole. And Elizabeth u can spell Elisabeth

I have a bunch , if you message me privately I can send you my list , it’s a picture I don’t share it with a lot of people because I want my daughter name to be very unique.

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And the ones I have are very unique only 50 people have each name I picked

Zinnia Grace, Violet Mae, Olivianna Rose, Daisy Ann, Heather Lynn, Gloria Dawn…

Ryella my granddaughter name

Naveah. Its heaven spelled backwards

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Gemma, Raynee, Claire

One of my grand daughters name is Journey

My daughter is called konnie

Adeline, Adelynn , Lolena , Sophia Grace

Mackenzie,navaeh (heaven spelled backward) ,paisley, amielia, mia,allianna, Caroline,Sydney,sabrina

Well I preferred traditional names so Elizabeth & Ava are my girls’ names.

I love the name Jocelynn

Rayne. I was going to name a little girl but I have all boys.

Lovicey,Shania,Shayley, Monique

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Mikenna, Ryleigh, Blayne

Our daughter is named Delaney

Some of y’all naming strippers :woman_facepalming:


My daughters name is Leilani Alexandria. Pronounced Lay-Lonny :relaxed:

Liberty Faith Love Angel Grace

I liked Anniston and Aspen for a girl

My daughter will be
Olivia Nicole
Leah Nicole
MaryJane Faith
My dad likes Cheyanne Nicole
Nicholas is daddy’s name Cheyanne is my middle

We loved Emma and Emily so we split it up. Her first name is Emma and middle is Lea.

Shunowa its Cherokee. Means winter princess.

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