Unique baby names that start with L?

Layton, Link, Loralee

Larkin, Larkin, Levi

Layne, lennox, londyn, leighton, lakyn, landon…

I have 3 girls all with L’s.
Lilly, Laya (Lay-ah), and Lainey

Lorelei, Larkin. Lucas and Leo

Lena, Lanana, Luke, Luca, Leon, LeLe, Lyle, Lula, Luna, Lisbette, Leandra, Lake, Lovely, Liv, Lars, Lara, Leo, Lee, Lincoln, Lennox, Leif, Lucy, … :blush:

Leanna not Leanne. (Le-ann-ah)

My youngest is LEANNA Jade :heart:

Leo, Lincoln, Landon, lane, Layla , lyla, Leilani, London, (and I have a Lillian -“Lilly” )

Lennox is my son’s name !

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Lacey and Luca/ Lennox, Liam

Luciana Skye is my youngest daughter name.

Lowana, Leilani, Lylah
Levi, Landen, Layn

Laila, Lillian, Liza, Lincoln, lucah, lily, Lexington, lyric

Lacey Lenny Landon Lucy Laura Lauren London Lilly Leo Luke

Luther my dad’s name

Lennon, Lennox, Layla, Lyla, Luke, Liam, Lorenzon, Levi, Lance, Leo

Larei is my daughter’s middle name. And Lucian

My granddaughter is called Loa :heartpulse:

Laura Lexi lisa lauren louise libby lina lila
Lee lenny Leo lionel louise louie labbie luke

Lorenzo Liliana Lizandra Lorena Liam

Lachlan , Lindzie, Lorraine, Leticia, Laschaan, Lenay, Leanique :blush:

My 3 kids are all L names. Lillie, Logan and Lincoln.

Luca and Lucy

I have a Landon, Laken (girl) and Lane

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Louisa/ Leighton and Lucas

My daughters name is Lyric. And she gets compliments on her name all the time. She’s 7 and still isn’t tired of people telling her that her name is beautiful. :purple_heart::laughing:

Lenora, Lincoln, lynnox, Layne, Liana, Lyric, Lyle, Leonardo, Leon, Levee, Law, Luca, Lawson

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Lennox I love it for either a girl or boy


Lana, Lucy, Lachlan, Lucious

Boy: Luca, Landon, Luciano, Leo

Girl: Lily, Libby, Lexi, Lori, Lucy, Luna😍

Leilah or leilani and Leland

I named my oldest daughter who’s now 22 LoveLee

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Leighton, lakelyn, layne, laynie, Lawson, lordus, lakan, Landon, Levi, law, lotus, Londyn, lynard, leaf, livie, Layla, Libby, liberty, Lexi, leighlyn, lyric

I LOVE Lawrence and Laura but Lucy and lucus are my favorites

Luna, Layton, Lakin, Lillian, layna, lylah, Liam

I have heard Legend and Legacy for sets of twins girls or boys and I think those are so cute for twins!

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Lincoln Luka Lexus Layla Landry Liberty

My boys are Leo & Langley :green_heart:

My sons middle name is Layne

My grandsons are Luke, Liam & Levi

Layne for a girl Lynce for a boy

I like Loren for either

I have a 3 year old boy named Luke and then we are expecting a baby girl and picked out the name Lennox Kate :two_hearts:

My little boy is called Laken

I have a Libby and Luke

I have a girl called Lexi Louise x

Leighton and Levi
Lillian and Lincoln

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Lucy , I’M HOME…haha…

My daughters name is layelle

All mine start with L. I have a Lilly, Lyla, and Layton

Lylah or Lydia (girl)
Lance or Luis (boy)

My daughter’s name is Logan

If I’d had another girl I was planning on making her Lorelai.

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Lyndi cool had a cuz by that name👍

Laila , Landon, Levi , Luna, lucielle aka Lucy, Logan, Liana, Lorelei, Lamar, Lamont, Lacy, Lexi, Lexius (for boy or girl),

Leviticus (Levi for short)

We have a London, it works for either gender

My girl is Lakelyn Monroe

My name for a girl and Lucas or Lorenzo for a boy?

LeLand is my fav L boy name

Lorena is a good girls name. Lol my great nephews name is Layland.

Layla, Landon, Londyn, Londen, Lyndon, Larson, Leland, Leann, Lana, Lacey, Livia, Lexi, Levi, Luca, Luke, Lucy, Lucille, Lena, Lenny…

Ours sons name is Loki

London and Levi.

My daughter’s name is Leah but I know it’s not that unique lol. But Leah is a pretty name.

Livianna is what we chose for our daughter. I also love Lyric and Laiken.

My son is Lenex Ray it sounds so strong… pronounced len-ex Lena or Lorna for girl?

I am new to the group. I don’t feel so alone. The posts encourage me.

I went for Laytham and Lilly for my babes

Lourdes, Larrya (pronounced Maria but with a L), Luka

My baby girl is Libertee and Lincoln is cute for a boy

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Linden, Lynal, Lowan, Lyndee, Lerelyn, Leopold, Lyncee,

Lori and Landon
Lace and Leanel
Lyra and Lincoln

Liza, Lyra, Luca, leila, Liam

Lorelei ,Lilly ,Lilbeth

Lyla is my daughters name

London Landon
Lauren Laurence
Lyric Lyle

Leona, Lilyauna, Louis

Lillie-beth and layton.

Lucas and lela

Lenny and lou…

Libby and levi

Luna and lee

Awe congratulations!


For boy


Luke&Lily, Lucas&Lucy

lincoln i think is so cute for a boy! levi, lilah, lylah, lola,

I have yet to meet another person with the same spelling as mine!

Leela, Lucy, Layla, Loreen, Lillian, Liliana, Lauren, Levi, Luke

My son - Logan
My daughter - Lyncoln

Liana, Lucinda, Liam, Levi

Lola, Lucas,Laura,Lana, Lawrence,Leonard,

Lorae for a girl Luca for a boy

Layla and Landen
Lily and Lucas
Liam and Lilah

Lanyon, Londyn, Lyla

Lennox, Leo, Lorelei, Lilly

Louie, Lucy, Lola, Lorenzo

Liam, Lenia, Lenny, Lilly

Congratulations, we have twins it’s amazing,
Luca/Lucas and Lucy/Lily

Layne, Lyric, or Levi

My daughter is LauraBeth. We call her LB.

Luka and Lyric are my votes lol

Levi, Leonardo (Lenny or Leo), Landon, Lacey, Luna, Laia, Laynie, Lexi, Lyam, Lynx