UTI home remedies?

I think my almost 19 month old might have a uti…she’s been very fussy, cranky, waking up at night crying which is very unusual for her. I was thinking maybe if she is peeing at night and it burns that might be why she is crying. No fever. And she’s been getting upset for diaper changes when I go to wipe, she will buck her hips and cry which is also something she’s never done before. If anyone could give me advice it would be much appreciated. I’m making her a doctors appointment tomorrow, are there any other ways for them to collect a urine sample besides a catheter? I really don’t want my baby to have to experience that! I’ve heard awful stories before about little ones getting catheters. Thanks ladies!

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They have bags that tape to them to collect urine

If she had a UTI, she would have a fever. When my daughter got a UTI I had to take her to the hospital because she was lethargic and nothing I did would budge her almost 40°C temp.

My daughter had a UTI at one and a half and she had a fever that wouldn’t stay down even with meds. It’s also worth noting that her pee smelled different. I don’t know how I would describe the smell, but it was strong and different.

Sounds like it might be yeast infection instead of uti. My oldest had a high acidic content to her urine and would get these now and then (despite frequent changes with Unscented wipes). Therenwas a prescription rash cream they gave me for her.

Contrary to the belief, my son actually doesnt run much a fever when he is sick. Even when he was almost hospitalized at Christmas being very sick. His temp was only 100.3. When he has ear infections, he only runs a fever of 99.3-99.5 so each baby is different and just because one baby runs a high fever doesnt mean all of them will with any kind of illness.

I am a nurse in the ER the only way to get a true diagnosis of UTI is a cath… bags have contamination from skin cellz

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