Was I in the wrong?

So I made a TikTok about my husband ex She was never a wife and only together a few months. I met him 5 years after they broke up they shared zero children or property. And we recently got married after dating for 3 years and 2 sons we have discovered she’s now using his surname and the titles mrs ——It’s so weird Man! So I made a TikTok calling her crazy asf to me that’s not normal Now I’ve been asked by my sister in law to remove it due to her just being in a weird places?! Like ummm no it’s weird she’s cut her hair like mine with bangs and colored it blonde (I’m a natural) She’s Asian with super dark hair originally (I wish my hair looked good that color it doesn’t). My sister is law has a hard on for her I swear she always mention her and defending her strange behavior They were not friends during the relationship and actually hated one another but now my sister in law hangs out with her and has sleep overs It’s so weird she makes it so awkward for me to have a relationship with her


Maybe they are together & the ex is using that surname because she see’s herself marrying the sister :woman_shrugging:


Maybe, she is using the surname because the sister-in-law and her are in a relationship? Just my thought.


That’s a sister in law thing they have issues and leave the tiktok up because that’s beyond weird and I’m sure comments will more than let her know that.


Putting a Tik tok up about a person because you find what they are doing to be crazy and weird is actually a form of bullying. Take it down and ignore her behaviour.


You have every right to vent. Leave that video up. Sounds like a personal problem for the sil. That is crazy regardless. If they are dating, sounds like it’s not very serious for you to not know about. I would just forget about it. However, this makes me want to see the video. :rofl:

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This has already been posted before. I’m not sure if it was in this group but definitely have read this exact same thing somewhere


Making a tiktok like that makes you look insecure and like a bully.

That’s what I was thinking sister in law and her are dating


Sounds to me like the sister an ex are dating :face_with_peeking_eye: and that’s why she’s using the name


Are yall in jr high or something? goddamn people need hobbies.

Stop being petty and move on. Take it down because it’s juvenile behavior

So you’re bullying your husband’s ex & asking if it’s ok. No it’s not ok. Take the video down. You don’t know the situation. If it is HOW YOU SEE IT yeah it’s weird. But maybe as others mentioned the ex & sil are dating or maybe they’re married. Maybe sil wants her sexuality to be a secret. Or maybe she’s with a guy with the sane last name.


How are you even keeping track of her if she dated your husband that long before you guys?

Maybe she’s your husband’s sister in law but his sister is afraid to come out because of judgement.

Be careful posting anything about anyone on TikTok especially if you mentioned them directly by name. You could end up in trouble for slander.

Ooo your SIL doesn’t like you either…

Sounds like your sister in law really doesn’t like you

Yes, but making a TikTok about it is also super weird ,no? Like, how old are you? 12?

Keep the video up #staytoxic :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Did they really hate eachother or was it a ploy ?

It’s your TikTok. Leave it up.


Didn’t someone already submit this

Can we see this tiktok lol

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I wanna see the TikTok :thinking:

I swear I read this on reddit not long ago…

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Ignore it—it’ll go away!:rose:

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You sound weird af too. And petty tbh.

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Time to make a TikTok of your Sister In-Law to go with it. “Part 2” :joy:


Girl I would have done the same🤣 I want to seee the TikTok!


I think I’ve seen that tiktok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:

The best response is no response! She will get bored if you just leave it alone and pay no mind to her.

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This is all fake. I’ve literally seen this post on here before :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes: definitely unfollowing this page because this is like the third time, recently, I’ve noticed that you keep recycling posts.

That’s messed right up. Totally inappropriate for her to do that crap. Your man needs to stand up and tell her and his sister to back off and grow up.

I am not a fan of airing dirty laundry on social media, but I am a pretty private person. I do think your husband needs to step up and have a serious conversation with his sister, because this isn’t normal. Are you sure they aren’t ‘together’ and she’s using his sisters name? Just a thought lol

This exact question wad asked a while ago. Like, same words and everything…

I think I ran across that TikTok!! Do you!!

I watched to many movies to deal with this comment :joy:
About 247 scenarios just went through my head :joy:
She definitely has a mental issue going on :joy:

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Why is everyone so quick to bully people on the internet. Maybe the x is dating the sister now and that’s her “weird place”. Delete the tictok :roll_eyes::face_exhaling:

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why did you make the tiktok video?? are you not a grown woman? delete the thing, forget about her and move on

Yup very 1 you downloaded TIKTOK 2. You started talking shite

you sound like a child. smh!