Was just wondering how many have gotten pregnant after having their tubes clipped?

I went in for a tubal ligation and wanted my tubes removed but when I came to they said they had only been clipped. I got it done last year and I'm so paranoid that I still use other forms of contraception.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Was just wondering how many have gotten pregnant after having their tubes clipped?

They don’t remove your tubes. They basically clamp them shut.

I sure hope not…had mine done on the 19th…man i could not even imagine :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

My mother got pregnant over ten years after her tubes were cut tied and burned. She miscarried.


Me I now have 2 year old very unexpected little girl so big age gap as youngest was 16 at the time when I asked Dr was told nothing 100%


I had mine done in February of 2006 the tied and burned mine and haven’t gotten pregnant.

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I had my tubes tied in 1998 a day after my daughter was born…I had 2 ectopic pregnancies after, they took my fallopian tubes out…that was my experience…

My friends mom had a kid after having her tubes tied. But that was like 17 or 18 years ago. I know my doctor said they were straight up removing mine after this baby though

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My mother found out about my youngest sibling a year after she had her tubes fixed.

I had my daughter Jan 24 2012, got my tubes done Jan 26 before I left the hospital and found out that mother’s day I was pregnant. Had my other daughter Dec 26 2012. It’s been 9 years now since I got my tubes done the 2nd time and so far so good.

I had my tubes done in June 2020 while having my c-section we haven’t fallen pregnant but I have found I have a lot of pain while on my period and during ovulation

That’s why I’m glad my dr actually removed mine no chances of anything

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It’s possible. My friend had that happen

I had mine cut and tied and nine years later I had my daughter! Dr said I must be fertile Murtle! After I had her he took tubes out!

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My Dr removed my tubes completely and burned by uterus. No chance of anything happening and no periods.

I’m almost 6 yrs in… and nothing has happened.

I did. Ended in miscarriage and another tubal

I had mine tied and burned almost 6 years ago and haven’t gotten pregnant… I do have to say though my periods are horrible now.

it can happen, but when compared to the ones that have it done & never get pregnant to the ones that get it done & do get pregnant, the percentage is low, I have my done, 30 & NEVER once did I worry about it, Enjoy life & there are too many other things to worry about this, If this really worries you,
have a hysterectomy

Had mine tired last year. Everyone in my family keeps saying I’m gonna get pregnant I’m not please stop. Trying to jinx us

Had clips put on in 2006 still all good :+1:

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I got mine cut, tied and burned in 4 places each in 2016 and still nothing thank God. My kids are 24, 22, 19, and almost 6


I had my tubes clipped 10 years ago, never had a problem.

I have twice, but removing is a whole other game. Out of 11 major surgeries it was the hardest. It changes everything about your mental and physical health.

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Ladies, ladies, please read your OR permit BEFORE you sign it, and ask the doctor to explain anything you don’t understand. Ligation means tying the tubes, not removing them. Don’t sign anything you don’t understand or agree with.

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I had my uterus removed but still have my tubes and ovaries … never gotten pregnant it’s been 10 yrs


Mine are clip & burned…my youngest is 7. So still good.

My daughter had it happen to her and we were told 1 in 300 will have it happen and more likely after c sections. I said God said she wasnt done. This is our oops baby

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Gretchen Thompson me too. I can’t i.agine having to worry about having them just clipped

I’ve had my tubes tied for almost 5 years and I’m good.

Had mine cut tied and burned about years ago, best thing I ever did.

I had mine clipped In 1988 after my second child. In 8 months I was pregnant! I was in shock, but the Dr told me a tubal was only 99.6 effective for the first 7 years, then it was 100 percent after. We didn’t have computers so I never checked the fact, but I had my 3rd daughter and she was so very much meant to be. 33 years old now. Afterwards they. Took out a whole section, lol, of my tubes

I’d be pissed and get another doctor to do it right . Mine are burnt cut and tired. It’s the only way my ob does it

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Had mine cut tied and burnt in 2015 and ended up pregnant in 2017

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Whether it’s a ligation or removal of the tubes, there is always that chance of them healing and fixing themselves. Getting your tubes done is not 100% effective, unfortunately. I had mine cut, tied, AND burned back in 2015 right after having my youngest via C-section and still good. If a hysterectomy had been an option, I would have gone that route but alas, if there’s nothing wrong with the baby maker, they won’t remove it.

My mom had triplets after having hers clipped.


I hate reading posts like these :tired_face: I had mine done while I was still cut open from my c-section August 2020. No pregnancies so far but sheeeesh after reading these comments I won’t be able to rest easy for like ten more years!


I have an uncle in his 20s I’m in my 30s. My bonus grandma had her tubes tied and still had him.

That is what happened to me.

Mine thankfully were removed :clap::clap: my doctor actually recommended it because he said often times just clipping them leads to another baby and I was very serious about not wanting more so he said that was the best option for us.
I’ve read about so many women just clipping them and having another baby :weary:

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I had my tubes cut, tied and burnt after my c-section with my son in 2014 and about two years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy after my doctor told me I should never get pregnant again…we went in and she was just as shocked as we were

Cut and burned in 2016. No scares, no issues.

Had mine cut and burned in 2018, no issues.

Been 6 years since my tubal ligation don’t use other forms but was told to during my c-section I hemoraged really bad and they did the procedure at that time I past out to. So far not pregnant.

I have my tubes clamped and my youngest is almost four no pregnancies

Cut, tied and fried in 2003 and never had an issue since.

I got Cut,Tied & Burned in 2009 and it’s still holding strong!

My doctor said they don’t like to clip them no more because it can lead to tubal pregnancies so he removed mine, my mom had hers tied and she had tubal with 3 babies and they had to terminate and remove her tubes so I was happy they removed mine, I also had 6 babies and have 2 bonus kids so I would have been fine if the removed the whole uterus :joy:

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Cut tied and burned in 2014 no issues

Cut in 2003 still good

I had mine cut and cauterized. 2 years later I was pregnant… Personally, I’d tell them to remove them just based on my own experience.

I also had my tubes taken out and that was 35 years ago.

I haven’t gotten it done yet but I always ask before what EXACTLY they are going to do.
I was told the will cut and burn so they cannot grow back

Had my tubal in 06. Do not use anything else and never had a worry, never had a scare.

Cut tied and burned in 1996 and no babies since then

I got mine removed in the beginning of 2019 and bye the end of 2019 they grew back and i was pregnant

Mine were tied and burned. I’ve been fine for 26 years

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My were cut and tied in 2017. Pregnant again and delivered in November of 2021. I had them completely removed when I delivered this last time. When they went in to remove my tubes the OB stated that they were both still completely cut all the way through and tied. They have no idea how I got pregnant. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had clamps on mine for almost 15 years so far so good and I don’t use other sources of birth control and not careful lol

It happened to my mother back in the day, my sister was born July of 97. Most recently I haven’t heard any complaints

I had my done about 40 years ago, no babies yet !!!

Had mine done in 82 and I’m 73 now no more

I got mine clapped about 9 years ago & I’ve not gotten pregnant

Mine were clamped I’ve been fine for 25 years

Im confused. They changed the procedure without your consent? Wth

You did the best you could. So if god wants you to have another kid it’s his say not yours If they did not want to take out your tubes it probably because it will mess up your hormones. Believe me you won’t want early menopause and hot flashes