Was your second pregnancy different?

Hello I wanted to get some insight on 2nd time around mamas. I’ve brought this up to my doctor and will be again at my appointment tomorrow. Has anyone experienced their baby being super low the second time around? My daughter was very high up in my belly by my ribs the 2nd and 3rd trimester, but this time with my son he’s very low. It quite literally feels like he punches me in the vagina several times a day and there’s resistance because I’m obviously not close to being in labor yet (I’m 27 weeks tomorrow due in August)Has anyone else felt this in their pregnancy? Did the baby come faster with them this low? I keep hearing second baby comes faster, and him being this low is making me extra anxious like he’s just going to fly out when it’s time lolI just want to see if other people have experienced this. Thank you!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Was your second pregnancy different?

All four of mine were different. 3 boys then girl.

Yes my son was up but 8 years later when I had my daughter she was super low like I could feel her kicks in my bottom my pregnancy now is the same way her head is down in my private area :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

My second pregnancy my daughter sat low the entire time.

Every pregnancy is different

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Hey there, mom of 4 currently 33weeks with my 5th. She has been head down and extremely low the entire time so far. While uncomfortable there isn’t much they can do.

my first son was so low that I couldnt sit in an upright position at 5 months. I never got the " cute" belly with him. Also. labor was horrifyingly long with him. On the bright side, I was never sick. My second son was high, I was always sick, reflux and couldnt breathe. But i had the cute belly that time. :woman_shrugging: Each pregnancy is different

Yes this was the same way it was for me

All pregnancies vary. It depends on size, movement, placement of the egg at conception. If you feel like you’re abt push him out, literally, go to the Dr. Other than that, it’s actually normal.

My 1st my son was very high very active bad morning sickness for months and towards the end I gained 60lbs with him this is my 2nd pregnancy IAM 6 months it’s a girl I haven’t had any sickness she stays very very low not active at all and I’ve only gained 10lbs total my son was born 9.4 lbs they say she will be around 5-6 lbs

All 3 of my babies have been super low. The first labor was about 14 hours I think, the second was under 2 hours :flushed::grimacing:, currently 34 weeks with the 3rd and nervous about how fast he’s gonna shoot out :sweat_smile:

Yes and no. Yes, in that I was carrying twins and not just one baby. Also, I wasn’t as nauseous, but I was on bed rest from 24 weeks on with my second pregnancy (with the twins.) I lost weight with both of my pregnancies. The first about 25 and the second about 40. I had to get iron transfusions with my second because the babies were taking everything from me.

I had my 4th boy 2 weeks ago and O.M.G. I never felt anything like it with the other 3. He was constantly hitting and kicking me low I don’t think it made a difference during labor tho

All four of my viable pregnancies were different, I lost two babies/pregnancies, but birthed 4 daughters… All my pregnancies were different…

First kid - Girl, was in labor for 14hrs but went smoothly.
Second kid - Boy, had him January 16th, I wasn’t due till the next week.
Noon that day I was having ALOT of discomfort. Called the birthing unit, nurses said I wasn’t due yet so not to come in and I was just having Braxton hicks. We know our bodies, 130 I called the hospital again, the nurse yelled at me and said it’s not time. I said listen if I have my kid on my bedroom floor I will file a complaint on you. She hung up on me. I went and took a shower and that was it. I had to call my friend to come get me. We got to the hospital at 2:40pm, I was in ACTIVE labor and I knew i was. They got me in the bed and the pain was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I couldn’t lay on my back, had to stay on my side, the nurse kept yelling at me to push and I couldn’t cause of how much pain I was in. They didn’t Give me no meds.
He came out at 3:10pm.
They had to rush me into the OR as my placenta was stuck to my back wall and I was losing so much blood. Husband said he thought i was going to die. My friend was on the camera with my Husband while all this shit was going on and she thought I was gonna die.

Scary moment for me.

All pregnancies were different. My youngest I felt was literally between my knees… much of the pregnancy… Come D day she went up into my chest… was refusing to come back down… had C-section…after being at 9.5 cm for 4 hours…

My first labor was 16 hours - my second 4 hours and my third was 12 hours ! I am on my 4th pregnancy currently my first baby I was sick 12 weeks , my second I was sick for 25 weeks , my third I was sick 31 weeks and my fourth at 12 weeks I throw up 1-4 times a day ! They have all been different !

Most of my boys were quite low, first daughter was a little higher (not much) but the daughter I’m preg with now is really high to me.

With my first my daughter she laid low the entire pregnancy on my bladder my son was my second and he was all over the place all the time head down feet in my ribs I used to get really sharp pains in my vaginal area that would stop me in my tracks once in a while at different times throughout my second and third trimester I asked my doctor about it and he told me it was “lightning crotch” lbvs and yes that is the medical term for it. It’s just the baby getting into place he said stretching things out preparing. But yeah my son was all over the place head down feet up in my ribs constantly etc . And he did come quicker than my first I had 9 hours of Labor with my daughter. With my son I was more prepared so when the contractions started at home I timed them and I waited too long and by the time I got to the hospital and got in a room my son was being born within the hour and it took no time at all for him to come out.

Im currently pregnant with my second so no real advice but with my daughter she was super low the whole time. This time around with my son he is also super low (28 weeks) i might just carry my kids low i dont know and im also worried about the faster the second time because my daughter labor was a total speed race

My son sat super low. I felt like he was going to fall out. At like 32 weeks I squatted down and swore I felt his head buldging. :joy: I made it to 39 weeks. At 36 weeks I started dilating. 1 cm a week. I walked around like a sumo wrestler bc he sat so low. It was super painful by then and I had constant contractions. At 39 weeks I was 5 cm and I begged them to induce me. Midwife finally agreed. They gave me my epidural and broke my water and he was here 45 min later. The midwife was so shocked. She told me she would check back in 2 hours but I had told the nurse I needed to push after 30 mins and she told me to wait. Midwife came in 15 min later and was like woah your crowning​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: they barely got my legs up. My mom and baby daddy both were wondering what was going on bc it happened so fast.

My first -and only- pregnancy my little lady sat low and it felt like I was being hit or kicked in the vagina too. She came at 35 weeks and 6 days. I was in active labor from 1am (pushing by 9am) till delivery at 10:11am. I was told I really didn’t even look pregnant with her either I put on 16lbs in total. She came out at 6lbs 2oz and 18.5 in perfectly healthy. Only a week of morning sickness, which honestly I just thought was food poisoning from Taco Bell.

I’m exactly as far along as you with my second and I feel the same way!

Yup all 4 of my pregnancy was different
I didn’t find out I was pregnant with my first till 23 weeks no symptoms at all and still bled every month until I didn’t and took a test it was barely a faint line at 23 weeks. My 2nd I didn’t have any symptoms at all I was on birth control when I got pregnant my 3rd was planned I had gestational diabetes and had hyperemesis gravidarum. My 4th was a shock I also had gestational diabetes complete placenta previa she was very low in my pelvis and off and on morning sickness all my labors were long my first was 23 hours my next two were 18 hours then my last was 12 hours

My first sat super low. Came at 37 weeks 2 days after 17 hours labor. Second was more high up. Stayed in until 39 weeks 3 days. 7 hours labor. Barely had any nausea first trimester. Sick as a dog with my first during first trimester. Doing surrogacy with 3rd. She is staying low with feet in my chest. Stretches down and makes it hard to walk and i pee twice as much. Currently 33 weeks 4 days. We shall see how labor goes middle of June. All pregnancies are different.

All three of my pregnancies we’re different.

Boys generally sit lower than girls. My son would Kick me in the bladder which was unpleasant. I had about 7-8 hours of labor with each baby, but 2nd was easier. Pushed a fair amount w my son (1st baby), one push & my daughter was out (2nd baby).

Yep my first I worked until I delivered .second was 6 months bed rest

My second daughter was so low I was convinced she was going to fall out. She would turn her head and I could feel it in my pelvic bones. Totally normal. She didn’t fall out btw.

my son was very low and i was really gaggy during the pregnancy. i craved carbs and marinara sauce. my daughter was high, no nausea. craved sour candy. my son was so low for the last several months i swear he was head butting my cervix. He really loved doing that while i was driving.

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My 3rd pregnancy I was dilated at a 4 for an entire month before he showed up. He literally felt like he was going to fall out of me at any moment but the funny thing is I had to be induced because he wasn’t having it. My second pregnancy I had excessive amniotic fluid but didn’t have the pressure like I did with my 3rd.

My 3rd felt like that!

Your abdominal muscles aren’t as good.

Depends on how soon you got pregnant second time around if it was recent it’s totally normal talk to you doctor they will be able to tell you but every birth if different my second one was super fast compared to first wear a maternity belt that helped good luck

In a whole my 3 pregnancies and labours with my boys were different (all fairly quick though lol) but carrying wise, my eldest was high, my middle was low and my third was even lower I always thought he was gonna fall out :joy:

My boys were low and my girl was high

Boy you carry low and carry high was like that for me also, the pain in the end is normal preasure but if it persists could be spd I had it on my son from 25 week till he was born

Both my kids were transverse and extremely low. I’ve never had a kick or hit to my ribs lol.

They say you carry boys lower

My son was low always felt like he was behind my left hip I had back labour with him, my daughter was high I was sick all day but fast Labour.