We feel trapped in our own house: Advice?

change the locks on the door

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I’d make it so they want to leave. Like change the wifi password and refuse to give the new one. Tell them that if they want to stay, than they need to contribute to the household. Both financially and by helping with tasks around the house. If that fails, give them a specific date as to when they need to be out.


Just be nice and tell them they have to go do you love them but enough is enough

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Give them an eviction notice. Give them 2 weeks and you will expect them gone. Hire a moving truck for them. Put empty boxes in their room. Be FIRM. They can only take advantage IF YOU LET THEM. Tell them you don’t want to call the authorities… but you WILL.


Throw them out i did it just took me 7 years lol

Where is your backbone???tell.him to help with everything if he refuses kick him out kids and all…they will survive just fine…

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Time to Shape up or ship out! He’s a big boy now and needs to get his ship in shape for himself and his children… Period. He can get help from the State it’s big pain in the Ace. But Retirement is yours, you dod your Job as a parent. If he can’t Give you $$ then he’s taking advantage.

You need to start a time frame and stuck to it

Tell your son to step up or step out… Period!