Wedding crasher

I am getting married in November. It is a destination wedding in Las Vegas. We are making a vacation out of it with our kids. My fiancé has a son from a previous relationship. Also, his ex has a son from a relationship before her and my fiancé were together. Her oldest son (the one who is not my fiancé’s) just informed us that they are coming to our wedding and are going to go on vacation with us. What?! We have already sent out invitations and she was NOT invited. My fiancé isn’t one to hurt anyone’s feelings or be the bad guy, so his response was “oh ok, we’ll just meet up with you guys out there”. Am I wrong to be furious about this? This is my wedding I’ve been waiting my 38 years of life for and I’m not about to have her and her son fly out with us and ruin it for me!