Wedding hair drama *need some mommas advice*

I need some other mommas advice here: little back story before we get started, my son 8 years old, has a red mowhawk, he has had this for almost a year he loves his hair and is extremely proud of it, in my household I truly believe in letting my children find who they are by letting them choose their hair color or letting them leave their hair as is, choosing their own style to help them find their own identity… anways… We are 2 days away from my friends wedding, my family is all part of the wedding, including my son who is the ring bearer, it is only a couple days away, my said friend texted me and told me that I have 2 options to either shave off his mowhawk or get rid of the color. When I spoke to my son he absolutely does not want to do either of these things, he LOVES his hair (mowhawk) with red on it. When I asked him about it and suggested trying a temporary color just for the wedding, he broke down into tears and does not want it going away. When I explained this to the future bride, she kept saying this is MY wedding…which i stated youre right it is but its his body and his hair. Mind you every aspect of this whole thing has been completely controlled what we specifically need to wear for bridal shower, how our makeup needs to be on the wedding day, had to go on this big extravangant 4 day bach party, etc. She called me and told me she was having a “mental breakdown” over this hair dilemma bz its going to RUIN her big day, my momma bear instincts came out and I fully defended my son, as I believe she’s focused on all the materialistic things and not what a wedding is suppose to be about. I’m not at all excited about forcing my child to 1. Color his hair again and then have to redo it right after or try and do a temporary spray and then having it probably not matching his real hair color on the sides of mowhawk or option 2. Completely shave it off… which is absolutely not happening, my son was crying aksing to not get rid of it.
I need opinions from you other mommas on if You’d make your 8 year old get rid of his mowhawk that he loves and has had for a year.