Weird feeling down below while pregnantp

"Currently 29 weeks and this is my 3rd pregnancy, but did any mamas ever experience a weird sensation in your crotch, like jumping or pulling?? It’s not lightening crotch, and its not the usual sciatica nerve issues I’ve been dealing with… I think baby dropped within some time in the last few days, but today I had to drive to my husband’s work site and hour away, and the entire time I was driving and the baby would move,it felt it it was trying to escape!!! Or maybe pulling in a nerve,but every time I felt it happen,it would only be my left side of my crotch, and when it would hit,it felt like it was trying to come out of me!!! Like something in the outside would pull and it would try to make it’s away out. Idk if maybe it was head butting me or what,but I never felt that with my other two kids. I go to the Dr on Monday for my next check up,but figured I’d ask here,if anyone else experienced it.