We've decided on our baby boy's first name (Mason) but are having trouble deciding on a middle name... suggestions?

My husband and I came to a fairly quick agreement to name our baby boy Mason, but we are struggling to decide on a middle name. Because Mason is kind of popular, I want a more unique middle name. But he wants something classic, traditional… Mason James… stuff like that. What are some middle name options for Mason that would be a good compromise? Something strong and simple but also hopefully a bit unique?

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Mason Grey

Mason Charles

Mason Anthony

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Mason Lee
Mason Andrew
Mason Wayne

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Mason Rhys

Mason Augustus

Mason Maximilian

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We have a maison mark

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Mason wallace
Mason josiah
Mason tobias

Mason Dakota
Mason Chandler
Mason Jeremiah
Mason Devaughn

Mason Jhar (Pronounced Jar) :joy:
Mason Henry
Mason William
Mason Xavier
Mason Jameson
Mason Micheal
Mason Andrew
Mason Allen or Alan
Mason LeRoy

Mason Trump…thats a strong name. ( my opinion only )

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This is my Mason. His full name is Mason Oliver Jaxon.

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Mason Alexander or
Mason Oliver
Those were our top contenders but we ended up going with Logan Maxwell :blue_heart:

Mason Alexander
Mason ray
Mason Dakota
Mason Oliver
Mason Ryan

Mason Thayer
Mason Battle
Mason Logan

What about Jameson as a middle name? Mason Jameson… it’s some what unique and still falls in the line of traditional as well


Masón Alexander Mason Grey

Mason Gray or Grey
Mason Alexander
Mason Curtis
Mason Henry
Mason Elliott
Mason Travis
Mason Wyatt

My brothers name is Mason Chandler

What is your maiden name? What about something like Mason Kennedy… Mason Leland

How about no middle name my daughter doesn’t have on and we think that will makes her unique

I loved Mason James that you typed. Something about that just flowed. Maybe mason Jameson

Mason David , Mason Jordon,Mason Christopher

Josiah, Gregory, Bartholomew

mason james “mj” for short

Mason Logan
Mason Carter
Mason Noah
Mason Parker
Mason Liam
Mason Miles
Mason Grey
Mason Hunter

We are naming our 4th little boy Mason Colt

Mason Reign, Mason Parker, Mason Cane

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My neighbors kid is Mason Lawrence

My son was going to be Mason Alexander until husband to change right before delivery :woman_facepalming:t2: He is now Joshua Mason

Family name? Pass your husbands middle name down? Something strong and classic you both like, but spelled in a unique way?


I have a Mason Anthony :blue_heart:

My sons name is mason Bentley

My nephew is a Mason Philip

I have a Mason Tyler :blue_heart:

Mason Jenson
Mason Alexander
Mason Jacob
Mason Owen
Mason Lawrence
Mason Steele

I have a Maeson Cain

Mason Journey Mason Noah Mason Nathaniel Mason Jacob Mason Christopher Mason zachariah

I have a Masyn Clay❤️

Mason Reed
Mason lee
Mason Montgomery
Mason Elijah
Mason porter
Mason Kingsley
Mason rylee

Mason Shawn mason Jackson mason Bryant mason shay

Mason Alexander.
Mason Grey.
Mason Dominic.
Mason Taylor.
Mason Travis.

Mason Parker, Mason Tyler, Mason Luke, Mason Carter, Mason Levi, Mason Cole, Mason Wesley, Mason Isaiah, Mason Travis, Mason Alexander, Mason Pete, Mason Drew, Mason Leo, Mason Hugh

Use a grandfathers name, either first or middle name passed down. All four of my kids have a (great) grandparents name for a middle

Mason Zayne
Mason Heath

Mine is Mason Patrick

My brothers name is mason, his middle name is Allen :slightly_smiling_face:

We have mason kneil (pronounced Neil , we spelt it with a silent k because of a family name )

Mason George
Mason Douglas

Mason Kane
Mason Jude
Mason Lane
Mason Dion
Mason Kade
Mason Kash
Mason Dean
Mason James
Mason Luke

My nephew is Mason Anthony.

You could always go with “Mason Dixon” :smiley:


My step son’s name is Mason Joseph

What is the last name?

Do you have any grandfathers or fathers names you might want to use ? My sons have my brother and my grandfathers middle names.

I have a Mason…his name is Mason Lane…my other son’s middle name is Rion (Ryan)

Middle names are always in honor of a family member in our family. Just a suggestion. Mason is a great name.


I have a Mason Avery!

My son is Mason Aaron Fox.


My son is Mason William

My last name was Mason and my dad’s name is James. That sounds great together

My nephew is Mason Joseph💙

I have a mason Bradley

Quen.john.kregg.webster.brice…glen hamilton.

Gunner, Hunter, Isaiah, xander

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Quinn! Rhys. Ryder. Elliot. Monroe.

Hunter ,Hudson ,Kingsley , Reece.

Jar. Jars are absolutely classic, none of that plastic bullshit. AND he’s never going to meet another Mason Jar, ever.

Bonus points if your last name is Head.

Jar he could be a marine

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Mason Kane, Mason Xander.

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Mason Cash
Mason Drew
Mason Carter

Mason Levi,Mason Shane,Mason Christian, Mason Liam, Mason Landon,Mason Wyatt, Mason Blake Mason Spencer.

Of the suggested names, I like Mason Monroe or Munro.

Mason Alexander, Mason Bradley, Mason Logan, Mason Flynn, Mason Jeremiah, Mason Victor, Mason Kent, Mason Bronx, Mason Jax, Mason Beckett- sorry having way too much fun with this! lol

Mason Blayne
Mason Kole
Mason Anthony
Mason Luke
Mason Khast ( pronounced cast )
Mason Jaxx
Mason Jett

Mason is one of my kiddos middle names and James is of my other kiddos middles name so I like Mason James :rofl:

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Rey (King in Spanish)

Mason lee, Mason aden, Mason alden, Mason dean

My Boys middle names Jaxon, joleo, MacArthur, James and Maddox

Cole, Kai, Kellen, Jay, McKay


Much congratz!! I love the name Mason! My one concern is, I wouldn’t give him a middle name that started with “J”. It could promote bullying. As a receiver of such, I would want to avoid it at all cost.
Of course I am also the same mom that gave my kids matching Initials! ALJ. :rofl:

My son’s name is Mason and he actually has two middle names… DeWayne Bain, that’s how we compromised just by having two one I liked and one he liked…

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Our boy is Mason Stanley…Mason because we like it and Stanley after his Great Grandpa.
I think it’s really important to try and use family names when you can.


I think it comes down to your last name. Try a family name from one side or another. Anything with a (j ) works great because you can call him (MJ) for short


Family name it means something. My husband i went back and forth on my daughters middle name. Literally until doc asked me the name and i said her full name. He was Marie because it sounded prettier. I wanted Mary because it was my middle name, my moms name, and my grandmother name so it had a lot meaning to me. My sons have there Dads name, i like papa name or grandfathers names for middle names. People rarely say it so having some meaning behind it helpa.

Congrats on your baby boy! We use family names for our middle names. Michael for my first son and Robert for my second son. Good luck!

If my youngest was a boy the middle name would have been Blaize (pronounced Blaze).

Mason Blaize sounds awesome!


Mom Life - Keeping it Real go with a family name! And I also LOVED the name Mason Sims!


I gave my son the middle name Anthony as it’s my dad’s middle name. My dad raised me and Jordan Anthony is his first grandchild. I felt right and sounds good to say. To me at least.

I always chose a name that meant something to me. Think about someone that you care about or admire who also has a great name.

It’s never a bad idea to give him your maiden name as a middle name, it carries it into future generations … I did not do that & I regret it… just a thought

My 3 kids middle names are family names, my oldests first name is double barrelled but the second part is jean (after my mum) with the middle name Marie after her grandma. My sons is Joseph (after husbands uncle& godfather) and my youngest daughter is named after her grandad and grandpa, just the feminine version so Alexis Denni. I always think a family name is nice because it gives them a tie to their family roots

I was going to say Mason Mercury, but you wanted classic, James is really sweet!

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I wanted to name our first born Angus Danger so that he could tell people that Danger was his middle name …and it was true!!


Mason Delmar (I like it…I heard it in Rambo when my husband was watching it lol)

OMG the first thing that came to mind was Mason James before I fully read your post. My sons middle name is James it goes with so much.

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We also have a Mason in the family and his is Wyatt! Simple but different! Congrats!

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My Mayson’s middle name is Alexzander. We wanted the name for a long time, his older sister would’ve been Mayson if she were a boy :rofl:

My son’s middle name is Reese… it fits well with lots of things and is unique but not too strange

I have a Mason James. We couldn’t find any other names we liked to go with Mason