What age can you take kids to a movie?

How old was your child when you first took them to see a movie?


My son was 6 months old

We went with friends and there 5 kids (aged 2,3,4,6,8)

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Like 2 montha or a month i cant remember

  1. It was a disaster. Waited until she was close to 4. She’s much better now.

We just took the 1 year old to see secret life of pets 2! He did great!

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4 I believe. It was Inside out.

Eldest was 3.
Youngest was like 3 weeks (breastfed).

My 8 month old came with me to see Endgame :grinning:

  1. I believe my daughter’s first movie was The Lorax and she loved it! She even got up during it and started dancing!

2 years & 3 months - but I think it depends on the child. Ours was perfect, but I know older kids who still can’t sit through a movie.

My first was a couple months shy of 3 yrs old…but he was obsessed with buzz lightyear and toy story 3 just came out…the most still he’s ever been to this day

3 to 4ish depending on my little one.

1,3,4 and they did ok for about an hour. I took my now 5,6 year old to dumbo and they did awesome!

Less than 6 months. He is now 3, he’s been to several movies since then.

2 and he was quiet for 10 minutes… I was 45 mi utes into the movie before i realized my husband had taken him to the lobby (it was gaurdians of the galaxy 2)
But me and my parents took him to a couple last summer (3) and he was fine.

It really dépends on the kids. My 6 n 5 never been yet but are for toy story this month! They will 100% sit so im happy i waited. My first was 3 and haf to leave wasted a lot of money​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil: lol

My baby was born March 11 and we took her to see Endgame
We took her to the first showing of the day the Monday after it came out
I bought her baby noise canceling earmuffs to block sound
We sat in the corner in the back
And I nursed her the whole time switching from one side to the other if she woke up
Zero problems

I also brought Lysol spray and Clorox wipes for the seats and hand rests and a blanket to cover the seats we sat at cuz germs

3 years old… triplets

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5 months i took her to the grinch

I have yet to take my oldest daughter but my sis took her at 3 years old. She did very well my sis said. But we have been to drive ins with her since she was a baby and has always did good with that.

  1. Kids movie. Can’t stand when people bring infants and toddlers to adult movies especially at 10pm showing on a weekend night. Like save that shit for 11am

My grandson was 3 but we also go to the matinee so if gets a little excited less people

Granddaughter was 4 r 5, don’t remember with the kids

My daughter is 3 and she still hasn’t been to one. We plan to take her to Aladdin when it comes to our theater as she has been begging to go

He was 8. I was worried to take him sooner for many reasons. Baby crying in a movie would piss people off, it’s really dark and loud, an with all the crazy stuff happening at theaters last few years. He did well when we took him at 8.

4 years old I think. My son’s first movie was toy story 3 and my daughter’s first movie is going to be toy story 4.

3 for my oldest two children

My daughter was 2 and a half.

2 for the first time. We went to our local strand theater for a rerun of twister. She did amazing. Just a few months ago (age 3), we took her to Avengers Endgame. She was FANTASTIC! Only got hyped when she saw SpiderMan b/c he is her favorite.

Most theaters will have a day where they play a kids movie first thing around opening ( 11 on Tuesdays I believe for the one I used to work at) specifically for parents with kids. Movie isn’t as loud, specific kids movie like Nemo or whatever they have at the time. And I’ve had moms with strollers from newborn to whatever age come in and enjoy.

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My first was 4 thats when sponge bob came out. My second one was probably 4 as well we went to see “kubo”.

Both of my boys were 4yrs old and they both did amazingly well. We make sure to do matinees weeks after a movie is released just in case.

A month shy of 3. We saw How the Grinch Stole Christmas last year as her first and she loved it!

1 (in the stroller) and 2 walking around

I am going to attempt to take my 2.5 year old to the movies for the first time to see toy story. My plan is to go on a weekday is possible and a matinee. If I have to go on a weekend maybe like a Sunday matinee. So if he is loud hopefully there won’t be that many people or at least lots of other kids also being crazy lmao.

Just took my 3 year old daughter for the first time to see secret life of pets 2. She done so good!

4yrs old. He went on a field trip with his pre-k class. I took him 3 months later & he did better than i thought