What age did your kid start writing their own name?

My three year old just wrote her first name for the first time yesterday! I am so proud to get and was curious about what kids should be doing at her age. It seems like she is ahead of the game but not sure. Thanks


She is! My son turned 4 last week and still can’t trace letters in his workbook and doesn’t recognize them yet! He can sing his ABCs, but he can’t point to a letter and say that’s letter Z or write them yet. Good job momma!

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My daughter was almost 3! She can do her name, which is easy and a few other words such as, star, dog, cat and a few other easy ones! She just has a really good memory.

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Mine was writing her name at 3 but that’s because her kindy would get all the kids to practice writing their name every day so it wasn’t unusual among her peers.

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I thought my kid was great for doing it at 4. Congrats!! That is so awesome. I saw kids in my son’s kindergarten class (when he was in kindergarten) who couldn’t do it. Go you!

My daughter was almost 3. Was pointing to her body parts when I held up its name on a flash card. She was 13 months old. She’s 5 now mid way through 1st grade. We totally homeschool! :nerd_face:

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My son learned at 3 (he was in a headstart program). My daughter is almost 4 and is just now getting writing her letters down.

Mine turned 3 today and can trace them and point them out but cant write them on his own

Mine did at 3 but they also went to a an actual preschool, not a daycare.
But either way that’s still great!

I’m a 3’s preschool teacher. It’s pretty common at this age for kids to write their name. Great job mama for dedicating your time. Youd be surprised how many students can barely hold a pencil. Skills I would work on if you havent already is cutting, gluing, grouping items by color, size and patterns. You could also introduce sight words.

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My son is 4.5 and still doesn’t know how to spell his name yet… been working with him but he just isn’t interested :woman_facepalming: he can say his name though

My 2 year old visually knows her letters and numbers and my 4 year old stares at them with no recognition.

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Kids develop at their own pace. At 3 I feel she is doing well

Yes it’s a bit a head of the curve. My son from birth was always 3 month a head on everything. Once he turned a year old that jumped to 6 months to a year ahead. He was reading and writing by age 3. I have 4 kids total, my other 3 were not on that level and they did things at bench mark. All kids are different. Keep encouraging her love of learning.

At 2 my son knew how to spell his name however couldn’t write his full name (first middle last) until 3.5…my youngest is almost two and barely talks so he will be delayed compared to his brother…all kids grow and learn at their own speed

My 5 yo couldnt care less

Every child is different. Writing their name is awesome at any age before 5 in my opinion!

My oldest daughter could write her name when she was 2 almost 3(she’s so smart!) My son couldn’t until he was 4, he could ride his bike with no training wheels at age 2, and he was a late talker, now in speech. My youngest is 3 and can’t write her name or even recognize letters/numbers and can’t ride a bike but she’s a talker. They all develop at different ages!

My son was 4! He does dot to dots, and will ask me to make them for him with different words, shapes, and numbers. He’s so excited for homeschooling in the fall. :blush:

nice!! depends on if the child gets taught. a lot of parents don’t work on teaching their kids writing…so they wouldn’t learn how until they start school. and of course a child in preschool would learn sooner than a child who doesn’t go and who has nobody work with them

Omg my kid took off like a rocket. There was no stopping her. I was stand in line to exchange something and my daughter read available. A big sign be hind us the cashier said dang did she just read that sign I said yea and she almost fell over. My daughter was only 3 at the time. I couldn’t believe it myself. Once they take off your not stopping them and it goes down hill from there

My son will be 4 in Nov and I can not get him to sit still and stay focused enough to even begin to learn how to write his name. I feel like a failure of a mom bc I feel like he’s falling behind and now his pre k class is canceled this fall. I don’t know what to do. :pensive:

And the oldest at 3yo her teacher worked with her after all kids would go home we would work til 6pm at a Daycare

Pre-school age was when I started working on that particular skill so around 3-4.

My daughter was 5 before she wrote it half way good .:relaxed:

Granddaughter wrote hers at 3.

Get a small white word and dry. Erase and have them trace there name

My daughter was 4. Writing her first middle and last name! Every child is different though and doesn’t mean anything even if they don’t learn how until the middle of kindergarten.

My oldest was 2,youngest was 1,and she spoke whole sentences

My son wrote his name at 3 & in cursive by 4 every kid is different just depends on how much they work at it my son loves to draw that’s why he learned to do his name to sign his artwork

My 3 year old can write his, but I have to remind him that the letters need to be all in a row, not all over the page. My oldest was the same way at 3

My oldest son was 2yrs old when I started working with him on his writing. My youngest son was 4yrs old when he started to learn how to write his name

My daughter was three when I taught her how to write her name! :two_hearts: