What age did your LO give up their daytime nap?

At what age did your little ones give up their daytime nap? My youngest, who will be 2yrs in January, has one nap for no longer than an hour mid morning / early afternoon. He falls asleep on my shoulder, and when I take him up to the bed, he screams for me for about 15 / 20mins. And recently, he’s been wakening up during the night screaming again for about 15 / 20mins. I’m beginning to wonder, is it time to give up his daytime nap? Any help welcomed, one worn down mama here

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My daughter started not napping around 1 and 1/2

Not till 5. Prek and kinder still Takes naps at school. So my girls had to rest quietly in bed for 1 hour mid day each day. They could have a book, softy or quiet toy.

Maybe cut down to one day time nap

My daughter stopped napping at 2. Also the waking up in the night maybe some sleep regression

Hold him off with activities til early-mid afternoon. After lunch is good. Tummy full. Lots of playing accomplished. THEN let him fall asleep.

My daughter napped until 5 and a half years old

My daughter refused naps after 12 months. My son is almost 2 and still naps. My best friend’s son is 4 and still naps. Depends on the kid, really.

My eldest was at 1.5 yo and my youngest is 21 months and still loves naps

Both kids stopped a little after a year old

My twins stopped at 1 :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

My daughter stopped naps a little before age 2. She still takes them occasionally, but without the nap, she falls asleep quickly at night and stays asleep. We also will do quiet time. I put her in her bed with a few books and her choice of a few toys, and explain it’s quiet time. She’ll play with her books and toys for the hour, or she will end up falling asleep. She is 2.5 now.

Around the age of 2 started dropping all naps. Due to waking up cranky and not going to bed till late in the night. All his own doing. Much better without naps now.

My son about two, my daughter about three

Both my girls stopped around 3 years old. When my 3 yo doeant take a napnshe usually falls asleep around 7pm.

My 3yr old still takes a daytime nap for about 1hr or so

Mines 3 and rarely naps unless he wakes up super early

My daughter just turned one and we’re lucky if she takes a nap for over an hour, if at all

My son just recently dropped his (at least) hour long afternoon nap at 4.5 years old. He fought going to sleep here and there until recently. I also found that he’d sleep poorly during growth spurts. Hope this helps.

My daughter stopped around 18 months, I left her father around that time and she had a lot of separation anxiety. She’s 3 now and takes a nap on the rare occasion but it’s mostly in the car

Try laying next to him or next to his bed and let him fall asleep on his own instead of on ur shoulder so he’s not getting moved around and disturbed as soon as he falls asleep

My son stopped napping around 2. But my daughter has just turned 5 and still has one…

My son will be two in February. He takes one nap, usually around 12:30-1 and then has bedtime around 9-9:30. We wakes up around 8:30-9am. All kids are different, mine needs at least one nap a day or he’s cranky and irritated as soon as 6:30-7pm hits. My youngest is still a baby baby so she naps all the time.

My son is going to be 5 in March and still needs a 1-2 hour nap once a day or he will have a meltdown. We wouldn’t make it through the day. My boy needs his nap and his sleep at night.

I had a roommate that had a toddler and he was just out of control so I put him in his bed and said hey you don’t have to go to sleep but you just got to lay here I was watching them all the time so but he had lay there I go check on him about 20 minutes later he be sleep about 45 minutes after that he wake up so about an hour and a half nap was for him he was up and we were playing well it’s bedtime I put him to sleep by 8:30 and do the same thing but he would sleep through the night his dad taught him how to put DVDs in and press play he couldn’t put him back in the cases but at least he could pick a movie and watch it

my children has refused to take afternoon naps since my oldest was 3 so I left it

1 yr. She used to take 2 naps. Lucky now if she gets an hour now.

I’m one tired mama of 4

Is he grouchy before falling asleep on you? Perhaps try letting him lay on the sofa, see if he falls asleep. Mine barely napped as a 6 month old. If she fell asleep, I’d leave her where she was. Slept longer that way. If she knew she wss going to fall asleep, she’d fight it. So… whatever works

My three children were all different. I have a three year old the sleeps 2 hours everyday .
I find no harm done if they just play in there rooms
Mum needs time out .

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My daughter turns 2 in 7 weeks and still has to have if c ot 1 but 2 naps a day others she can be difficult. She naps anywhere from an 1 hours 3 hours. If she has a 3 hour nap she wont need another one. But if she only naps for an hour then she will need another nap and she still sleeps 8-13 hours every night

My 13 month old is quite the sleep fighter and has almost entirely eliminated 1 outta 2 naps she took per day. I think it just depends on the child and their own energy level/personality tbh.

My 2 year old has dropped his day time nap a couple months ago. Now at night he sleeps 730 pm to 830 am with no fighting… my one year old is also transitioning from 2 naps to 1 nap

I use to think the same way but honestly it’s okay if your child misses a nap time. Even if it’s every other day or every day. But I’d still keep trying to getting em use to naps.

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No. I think it’s just the sleeping schedule is thrown off. Now that he’s used to falling asleep on you and then getting up and crying 15-20 mins. I think it’s a sleep schedule now. My daughter is 3 and still takes a 2 hour nap, and so does my 23 month old.
But I do not hold them for them to fall asleep unless they’re not feeling well. So we don’t have any issues with them waking up

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My daughter is 18months and has the same habit and I’m at my wits end I just need sleep

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From the age of 2yrs, the am nap was discontinued, when they were about 31/2yrs their afternoon sleeps came every second day, until they were 4yrs, then just as the naps were required. Absolutely no sleeping problems with my three sons. Slept through the night from 6weeks…I know & appreciate how blessed I was…

My 2 1/2 year old Daughter still has her 2 hour afternoon nap, everyday. She also sleeps 12 hours every night. Every baby is different.

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Both my sons gave up naps at about 18 months. My oldest went through a stage when he would only go to sleep at night with a car ride. Only lasted a month or so, but it was a long month…

Both dropped naps between 16&18 months. Very rare now at 5&7.

My 18 year old still takes naps and my 4 year old will take one a few times during the week. But every child is different.
But I remember my youngest doing that and exact thing and her doctor said that’s what happens when they’re going through a growing stage. Don’t know the exact name for it but I say keep them napping for as long as you can! Haha!

My 14 and 8 yo both take naps but not on a regular basis. And sometimes we all take naps at the same time.

my 16 year old daughter naps allll the time :joy: & my 22 month old girl takes a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon. :sleeping: :zzz:

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She is 16 years old, so never.

The waking up in the night if it just started happing again could be growing pains. My 21/2 yyear old just started this again to. And the no nap or nap is fine take the nap time for some you time. He will probably still end up waking up in the night so enjoy his nap time you TIL he gives it up. I would if my monster still took his afternoon nap

All mine did right around 2. If they napped then it was 11 or later before they went to bed

  1. A year before that she was still taking 2 each day

I’m 37 and still take naps :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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My 4.5yo still takes a 2 hour nap on occasion. My 2.5yo still naps for 3+ hrs daily.

My daughter was 5. Most kids around 4 they give up napping. 2 is early but sometimes they just don’t need the sleep anymore.

Mine al gave up around 2-3 depends on the child. Mine went from everyday nap to every other day to once or twice a week. We would have a “rest “ time or quiet time and they could play in an iPad or watch a movie and chill on the couch or on my lap …

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My son is two and takes an hour and a half to two hour nap every day mid day. He goes to bed at 6 and sleeps through until 7 the next morning.


My daughter is almost 4 and still naps every day and sleeps through the night

My oldest didn’t hardly nap after age 1 :flushed:. My middle child was around 2 & 1/2. My youngest was around 2.
My youngest will be 3 in march and if he takes a nap, hes up most the night.

Is he getting his molars in?

My 28 and 26 year olds still nap. I think everyone is different

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Most of them stopped around 3, but 2 of my girls sometimes needed naps after school during kindergarten. I guess school is pretty exhausting for some kids that first year.

2ish for my oldest. Until she started headstart and was even more active. My youngest is 2 now and Has to get a nap or she’s a monster. My oldest is now 5 and she could still use a nap but I don’t make her sleep. We all lay down for quiet time and she just so happens to fall asleep. Both sleep for maybe an hour to an hour and a half. So not long, but enough to recharge those crazy batteries lol.

Both my boys were done with naps by 3yrs, it wasn’t really their choice though. It got to the point they wouldn’t go to bed until after 10pm. They wake up at 7am no matter what time they go to bed. Right now their schedule is 830p-7a.

Mine all stopped doing everyday naps at 18 months. They switched to naps 2-3 times a WEEK. by the age of 2/3 they were done napping all together

My last never took a nap…at 2 months she started sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am…why she is 25 now…:open_mouth:

My daughter is 3 and I’m still able to get her down for a daytime nap. I have to lay with her until she falls asleep but if she doesn’t nap, she’s kind of a monster by about 5pm. Our ped told us they need about 12-15hrs of sleep per day still at this age so I feel like nap time is still important but also as the parent of a toddler I understand you can’t exactly make them do something they don’t want to do lol. I’ve also known of parents though that substitute nap time for “quiet time” where okay maybe you’re not making them sleep, but you’re having them take some quiet time. Idk I do feel like the amount of sleep they get at this point is important but also like I said, I’m a mama of a 3 year old so I know it’s not always that easy.

All three of my kids where different I have a seven year old now and twin five year olds, but when my oldest was 2/3 she would sleep for three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon she loved her naps and she slept all night. My twins were both different, my daughter she never slept she didn’t sleep at night she didn’t nap and it just became a fight from like 8 months on, her twin brother on the other hand slept all the time. All kids are different and you
Just have to see what their little body need and what is worth the fight.

Just depends on the kid. I have 6 kids now, ages 20, 18, 15, 13 and 2 month old twins and even one of my twins sleeps more than the other. My 15 daughter would sleep 12-16 hrs a day til she was like 6, tough getting her up for school. She’s an an all around and has been since 1st grade when I started putting her in sports but she’ll still sleep for 12 hrs if she gets the chance lol. My 13 yr old stopped taking naps when he was about 4 yrs old. Same with my oldest 2 girls. I did notice that the less active they got to be definitely made a difference but seeing that my kids are in one sport of another since they were about 6 sleep is not an issue. I know its tough but when they were younger like 2,3,4 yrs old I would try to always take them to the park and make them race back and forth in the ktiche/living room during winter, something to keep them active and burn off the excess energy so they fell asleep good and stayed asleep

Mine dropped around 3.

If he wants to nap with you, why not enjoy a little cuddle and a nap with him yourself? You could bond that way.

If you think it’s a problem, I guess the child got used to falling asleep with you.

Maybe you could start training him to fall asleep on his own. Watch Super Nanny. She’s got really good techniques in training kids.

There’s a sleep regression around 2. People don’t always realize it. I haven’t changed a single thing in my almost 2yos sleep schedule. Nap at the same time every day, bedtime routine the same and at the same time, but hes started to skip his nap some days and he’s gone back to waking up 2-3x a night. My advice is keep doing it how hes used to, or if you feel like his routine needs adjusting, start trying to fix it slowly, step by step.

We stopped at that age and said if he falls asleep on his own before 4 then that’s fine because trying to get him to take a nap sometimes is really hard!

My 2 year old naps everyday for 2 hours and sleeps at night from 9 until between 6:30 and 7:30 depending on if I work that day or not. My 20 year old still naps a few times a week :crazy_face:

2 in January and he still takes one nap around 2/3 and sleeps for 1-3 hours depending on how rambunctious he was lol then usually passed out by 8/9 and wakes at about 6/7

My 15 month old doesn’t take naps anymore. It honestly depends on the child

All my kids will nap if they feel they need it. For the most part by 4 my kids stopped.

Get them outside and burn that energy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: also I would push the nap back thirty minutes or an hour and see that helps. When mine transitioned I found that pushing it back a little did wonders and he would eventually(within a week) get on a later schedule. Now we’re at 1-3pm naps and he goes to bed at 8:30/9 (8pm before the time change) last advice is have a solid bedtime routine! Super important :pray:t3: hope you get some chill time and hang in there