What age do babies start talking?

First time mom here, when did your children/child start talking? My 4 month old said his first word yesterday and it’s a bittersweet moment


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What age do babies start talking?

My daughter started at 6 months and my son was almost a year old

What! I would freak out lol that’s crazy

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All babies are different! I have 3 kids and all walked, talked, and potty trained on their own time. Lol


My son was at the very beginning of 5 months and he said mama. :blush:

It varies. My daughter said mama at around 5mo or so. But that’s it and I think it was mostly babble and not really held any meaning until much later. I think it’s more listening and trying to copy vs knowing what they are saying and meaning.


Oh yeah well my son was a day old! HA!!!

6 months :slightly_smiling_face:

Daughter was I think like 8 months?


My daughter said mama at 3 months. She was also teething and really fussy at the time, always wanting me. Very motivated :joy:


Most babies say mama around 6 to 8 months. At least it sounds like it.

It varies from child to child. Four months is a little early. My kids didn’t say much until they were around 18 months. Then it was mostly Mama, Dad, and No. At two there was more. I talked to my kids all the time so they learned words pretty fast.

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Every child is different


My grandaughter said “love u lot “ at 12 weeks 🥹
Obviously that just how we hear it :heart_eyes:


My son is 8 months and he just babbles no words. All children are different.

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every child is different. hearing that first word is the best though🥰


No, your 4 month old didn’t but okay :joy:


I think both my kids said like ba ba ma ma da da stuff like that 4-6 months but one started actually talking around 2 and the other around 9 months :woman_shrugging:

My oldest said Dada at 5 months, 2nd said Mama at 6 months, 3rd said Dada at 4 months, they all spoke complete sentences at 1year old. My 4th didn’t day Mama or Dada until after 1, she was a Preemie. She spoke complete sentences at 2. All kids are different

By the way, the youngest NEVER shuts up now, always gets in trouble at school for talking lol


My oldest didn’t start talking until 4 My second oldest started talking at 11 months My oldest son start talking fully at 6 months its weird lol and my youngest son who 17 months only says mama ,dada and, daddy

Why was it a bittersweet moment???
Confused here

You know what I believe you cause own son despite autism was saying dada to my fiance at 7 months old
( Yes I corrected my son but my fiance took it and ran with it )

My daughter said mama at 5 months and hasn’t stopped talking since she is 14 now

6 months and mine says Dada. But that’s it. No momma in sight :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl: And I don’t think they understand what the word means for a long time. Every child is different and does things at different times.

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When they are ready. Every baby is different
my son said Dada at 5 1/2 . My daughter just babbles and shes 7 months lol

Can’t remember when 1st words kicked in but my almost 11 month old says ,mama, dada and Baba

My daughter said hey around 2-3 months. Mama came later. Then more. My daughter is now 4 and talks more and more everyday.

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My daughter said mommy around 5-6 months . No one believed me until she did it in front of everyone. My ex in laws were pissed. He was trying to get paw paw to be her first word. Then nothing else but mommy until 1.

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Not 4 months old anyway 4 months old babies babble they don’t talk your talking :poop:


My 3 month old repeats sounds she hears so it sounds like “mama” “dada” “oh” “hi” “hey” but it doesn’t mean she’s talking. Until they understand what they are saying then they aren’t really “talking” they are copying. My oldest daughter’s pediatrician always said “words before one are are for fun”.


Enjoy the moment and your little Einstein! :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A 4 month old doesn’t talk he babbles. He is starting to get it but dada and mama are the beginning sounds all babies make to start them on their way to talking. Check out some child development books


Whenever they’re ready. Seriously. My oldest was saying clear words by 8 months, my youngest is 18 months and she says three words at the most.

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Mine came out hollering and hasn’t stopped yet… It’s been 11 years :joy:


My child was 3 months reading the phone book your baby’s way behind :roll_eyes:


My boys both started with mama and dads at 4 months but my youngest started dada at 3 months in front of his Dr and all we were all sitting there in complete shock lol

My son started mimicking at just 8 weeks old. Sounded like he said mama when he cried. He was speaking at 8-9 months.

Many think the consonant sounds are talking when they’re nothing more than babbling. The first word counts when the child says the word intentionally/ directed at the object, which is usually between 5-8 months. But some do at 4 months. It’s rare, though. Common consonants are baba, data, mama as these are the easiest sounds to mumble and make.


Mama and dada arent words they are sounds babies make. Real first words will be closer to 1 year when brain has developed language skills


Enjoy the babbling now because before long you will be wishing they would shut up! Lol…My son is 11 and I would say really started talking about 10 months and boy was I excited until he kept going and going and going lol.

Your baby did not say it’s first word, likely just babbling they do not have the developmental skills to form words yet.


First words aren’t just sounds. They are words directed at something. Mama and Dada aren’t actually words. They’re just making noises. My daughter’s first words were dog dog. Everytime she’d see one. She was 7 months.

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You’re in for a lot of bittersweet moments then

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Babies not talking, they mimicking & making sounds that sound like words.
It’s not considered talking until they understand what they are saying & it has a purpose.
Although it’s super cute & something to be proud of they found their voice. Baby babbles is the cutest thing.

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This didn’t happen so much it unhappened :roll_eyes:

Not talking. Its 4 months old lol. No first word yet. First words are intentional and directed to something. Babies will babble and it may sound like a word, but it’s not. That being said, you have a lot of fun milestones coming your way. Enjoy them as they come :blush:

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Wow talking at 4 months old that’s a miracle


You heard babbling lol

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My almost two year old isn’t talking yet. Just a few words.


Every child develops differently. My boys were closer to two at speaking full sentences. My daughter was 13 months when she did.

Honey your baby did not say it’s first word at four months. Sorry :disappointed: lol


My son was 4 months old when he started saying “daddy” clear as day. He’d even repeat it if you asked what he said. Just depends on the child


No your 4 month old didn’t say it’s first word , it made a sound.


they talk when they are ready


My oldest said his first word around 4-5 months. He said words, not babbles. Mom, oh no, hello etc. In correct context. People have been trying to tell me for 21 years that I’m lying. I chuck it down to jealousy. My son was speaking complete sentences before his first birthday. I remember being at parent & me class when he was around 18 mos. He was carrying on a full conservation. In the kitchen area he said “what do you want for lunch?” I said “a sandwich” he’d pretend to write it down & go to the next person asking questions about what they’re ordering. People accused me of not knowing his age :joy:. It’s possible your son did say his first word. Keep talking & reading to him. Oh BTW he was also reading by 3. That made mom’s mad too.


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My daughter also said da da at 4 months old. Just because your baby didn’t say it doesn’t mean hers didn’t. She would look right at her dad and say it. It wasn’t just a sound or blabber it was a word.

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I agree babies all develop differently! I have 3 girls and the youngest has been communicating early as well. Before age 1, we could have yes and no conversations with her and she knew what we meant.

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I’ll take things that never happened for 500 Alex!

I was speaking full sentences by 1 year old, my oldest daughter didn’t even start babbling till a year old and speaking full sentences at 3 years old, my youngest is babbling and says Dada very well and I swear she repeats small phases sometimes and says yeah at 7 months old. Every kid is different

My 1 year old is just starting to put words together. 4 months is young so don’t expect much words wise

I believe anything they say about babies they are lot smarter now days then when my kids was born yrs ago they r so smart now days

My 2 kids are grown,and I do not remember when they started talking…I do however know that from then until now they have not stopped…<3 YAK-YAK-YAK <3