What are comfortable ways to sleep while pregnant?

I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant. I can’t sleep on the left side anymore. It’s starting to hurt my shoulder. Can I sleep any other way? I heard the left side is the only good way to sleep for the baby!!!


ur body will tell you what you can do, althoughbyes left does help with circulation, as time goes on you may find other ways better. I start on my left but ultimately roll to my right and stay til the am. usually slightly on my side

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I sleep with pillows under one side so I’m not on my back but I’m in a different position then just my side. If you’re comfortable with it and you have talked to your doctor, you could also still sleep on your stomach (flat out on a round pool floaty)

I spoke to my midwife about this because I struggled to sleep on my left all the time, she said aslong as you don’t sleep on your right side the whole night you’ll be fine, so during the night just swap sides (I use to alternate when I went to the loo :sweat_smile:) it’s to do with laying on your left side gives the best blood flow through to baby as nothing is pushing on anything :blush:

All u can do is sides it’s horrible , my favorite sleeping position is on my stomach so that was a huge huge struggle for me , but I slept with a big person pillow between my legs which made it somewhat less agonizing lol :joy:

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I’ve slept on both sides. It’s impossible to stay on one side the whole night. When both sides are hurting I move to my back for a little. Get a pregnancy pillow if you don’t have one. They help tremendously…


I alternated left and right side.
I had to.

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My back is my only comfortable position. Usually a stomach sleeper but 21 weeks so can’t.

Get yourself a pregnancy pillow. The best thing I ever did from 20 weeks onwards. :grin:


I had to sleep with pillow between my legs and sleep on my side

Sleep standing up, like a horse :joy::joy::joy:


Keep moving around until you find a comfortable way.

Body pillow or pregnancy pillow


I’ve slept on both sides, on my back and semi on my stomach. Throughout all 4 pregnancies


Buy a body pillow, it made sleeping so much better especially when I was almost due.

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I slept sitting up or on my stomach I hated sleeping on my sides

I slept however I wanted too a body pillow is the best! It really helps when you start getting further along.

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What ever works for you, you may even find that you will change position through the night and not even realise that your body will put you back on your side when it needs to.

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My doctor told me to sleep however makes me comfortable they prefer the left side more because of blood flow.


Sleeping during pregnancy? What’s that?? :rofl::sob::rofl:


You can sleep any way that’s comfortable for you unless your midwife/ob tells you otherwise. Left side is best when high blood pressure is involved, but your provider would tell you if that was the case.

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I slept on my front until 30 weeks :sweat_smile:

Sleep however you are comfortable!!! It’s not that big of a deal until the end of your pregnancy but even then it’s ok. You will wake up if you get uncomfortable on your back

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If you Google everything and ask for advice from 1000s on the internet, pregnancy and child raising suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated than necessary. Listen to your body during pregnancy, follow your intuition after child birth, and consult physicians when in doubt. Social media and the internet isn’t actually helpful.


My midwives and doctor always tell me sleep in any position I am comfortable in. Though im not high risk so might be different for others.

None!!! Sorry to say! Could be hung upside down like a bat, on the best mattress in the world, have 5000 pillows to make a nest in and still be bloody uncomfortable!!! I found in my last trimester it was most comfortable for me propped up to sleep on the sofa to be honest x


I buy a big body pillow and lay practically on top of it so it still feels like I’m sleeping on my stomach lol (btw it’s totally fine to sleep in your stomach until your stomach gets too big to do so) or on one of my sides kind of bear hugging it.

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Buy a body pillow was the only thing that helped me

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I tried to sleep on my left side for the most part but it does get very uncomfortable, so I slept on both sides. I don’t like sleeping on my back period.

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I have the U shaped pregnancy pillow and I stick another pillerunder my tummy and one behind me all in the pregnancy pillow and have one between my legs . That’s the only way to sleep

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Pregnancy pillow for sure!! Makes changing positions so easy! Also take some benadryl. I had to take benadryl every night while pregnant to make me tired and relax enough to fall asleep.

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Sleep however you’re comfortable. Your body will let you know when you need to move. I slept on my belly my entire pregnancy and woke up on my back alot

Pregnancy pillow! Saved my sanity!!

By a pregnancy pillow, I still use mine as I have a cracked slower spine l, it’s the best.

Both my pregnancies I slept only on my right side , due to I cannot breathe on my leftside because of my sinuses, my gyneacologist told me , however I get rest is the best way :wink: I have 2 beautifull healty boy’s with no issues what so ever :slight_smile:

I slept on both my sides

Do you have a recliner ??? Worked for me

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Pillows pillows pillows, lol under your back bump and place between your thighs to keep your pelvic area straight xxx

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Left, right, and back… pregancy pillows help a lot

You’re almost 4 months? Just wait!


My doctor told me to listen to my body. She said the left is best but if you need a break the right side is just fine for short periods of time. A pregnancy pillow worked wanders for me.

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I’m almost 27wks and I sleep every and any way comfortable. Including almost on my stomach. Don’t worry about what “they” say is best, just be comfortable

I’m 17 weeks and I try going to sleep on my left side but I always wake up on my back no matter how much I try moving back on to my side, I still end up on my back :woman_shrugging:t2: tbh though, I usually sleep around 4/5 hours a night since around 12 weeks, I can’t seem to be comfy after a few hours sleep or my legs start twitching so I find myself downstairs having a brew at 4am most mornings :see_no_evil:

Sleep in any position you can get comfortable in, pregnancy pillow helps sometimes.

Get extra pillows and find a comfortable position. You’re fine.

Left is best for more blood flow to the baby, but you can sleep on your right side and back intermittently. My daughter has a pregnancy pillow and she said it’s the most comfortable pillow to help her sleep.

I slept in any position. It was more uncomfortable on my belly towards the end of my pregnancy. You aren’t going to hurt your baby. Your body will adjust.

You can sleep whichever way you’re more comfortable. You’ll see more of a problem when you get further along. But right now, extra pillows and however you can get comfortable. Don’t worry about it just yet

Either side. I always put a pillow between my knees. At the end I started propping myself up with a bunch of pillows and kinda leaned towards one side.

I’m 38 weeks pregnant today. I’ve had a C shaped pregnancy pillow since close to the beginning. I absolutely am not a side sleeper. I slept on my stomach like always until my bump got too big (I did my research and asked the doctor and it doesn’t hurt the baby). I just rotate sides all night with the pregnancy pillow between my knees and a couple extra normal pillows wherever I need them for more back or neck support.

After 4 pregnancies I have slept any way I felt comfortable except on my back… all my kids are fine… invest in a pharmadoc U pregnancy pillow!!

Am currently 34 weeks with di/di twins and night time is the worst I can’t sleep but what helps me
Is sleeping with pillows all Around you

I used pillows and my old man.:joy: You’ll find a way that’s comfortable for you.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and find it really hard to find a good position to go to sleep so normally fall a sleep on my back or right side do anything u feel comfortable with

Gf sleep which ever way is most comfortable

When I was pregnant, it was touch-and-go what position was comfortable. Towards the end, it was with my face on the pillow and my butt in the air :joy:

Body pillows helped me sleep so good for both of my pregnancies!

Check back in with us in a few months


I slept on my belly almost full term both pregnancies both my boys came out healthy and happy

Left side is good in general weather you are pregnant or not because all your organs are in place and spread out and everything flows quickly specially your digestive tract. But that doesn’t mean you have to always sleep on that side.

Left side is 100% best for blood flow to the baby. Use pillows to wedge under ur back and tummy.

Sleep any position you want if your comfortable pillows are helpful I slept on my stomach the whole time I was pregnant and I had 4 kids

I slept on top of 5 blankets and and heap of pillows, still hurt my back

Get a pregnancy pillow!!

I had like 3 body pillows when I was pregnant! One to put behind my back, one I held cuddled and one right under my belly lol

Pregnancy pillows will help. You can actually switch position that’s more comfortable to you not just on your left side as suggested by many. I have to say different women different comfortable positions when sleeping. It was hard for me in the first few months and everything hurts, I had troubles sleeping as I was used to sleeping on my stomach so had to practice on my back on the the side but got used to later on.

Try a memory foam topper. I had to get one with both pregnancies.

I had to sleep with a pillow under my belly, one wedges behind my back, and one between my knees. At around 34 weeks I couldn’t sleep in bed anymore I was on the recliner in the living room.

Get a Snoogle, girl. You’ll sleep like a rock. As soon as I got one, I’d be out as soon as I hit the bed. No more painful, awkward tossing and turning. They’re amazing!

Get a pool donut, even out with some pillows, pop your tummy in the hole and sleep

I slept every way. Sleep is important. My kid is healthy and was born healthy.

Girl you’ve just gotten started.:sweat_smile:
Pillow between the legs and raise yourself a little. Youll get there

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Sleep how you want to, you will naturally roll if there is issue. They say not to sleep on your back as baby gets older as they can compress the aorta.

I slep on my back and right side but yes the left was one also. But what I really wanted was to sleep on my belly. No luck with that one because I don’t like a lot of pillows but pretty much had one pillow throughout my pregnancy all three times. And sleep good no damage to the babies.

You can sleep on your right. It’s just your back you should avoid in the second and third trimester .

You think its bad at 15 weeks wait til your 30+ :rofl: i wish i was still 15weeks!:crazy_face: i find having something behind me supporting me aswell as inbetween my legs im most comfortable but try everything!

Sleeping on your right side opens the valve that leads to your stomach allowing stomach acid to leak out causing heartburn is what I was told.

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You can sleep which ever way is most comfortable to you and not cutting off blood circulation or hurting your stomach is what my doctor told me. It’s just the left side is recommended to sleep on. But get use to sleeping now cuz once that third trimester hit and you 30+ weeks “WHAT IS SLEEP!!” :sob::sob::sob:

None… Lol, sorry for being negative but no way was comfortable for me.

I slept on my stomach in a water bed with all 3 of my pregnancies

Maybe get a body pillow place on your bed next to you see if this gives relief or try an inverted pillow to raise your head to give you relief

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Sleep any way you are comfortable. Good luck. Blessings.

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You can sleep anyway you choose baby will be ok
Baby has a bunch of protective layers in there… sleep however u can .


anyway you want until its uncomfortable for you.

The best way for the baby & you is what is comfortable to you & however you can get the rest you need. You need to stay strong & healthy, that way your baby will be getting all he/she needs without zapping you any further. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, the only way I could sleep well for the last month or 2 was on the couch, with the back of the couch support for my back. Good luck to you & your little one. :kissing_heart:

i have never been able to sleep on my left. my body goes numb and starts aching and when prego it was even worse. i slept on my right side and back mainly some on my tummy with a pillow under knee and hip

You can sleep on your right side. The left is best but the right is still good. I’m 16 weeks and I am a toss and turner, so I constantly switch between the 2. The left side has the best circulation and is best for the baby.

I am a retired OB nurse. If you have high blood pressure we would put you on your left side, better for good circulation. You can lay any way comfortable for you except flat on your back. Just slip a pillow under your right or left hip to keep you from being flat, compromises baby’s circulation. :baby::pregnant_woman:

I propped myself up on pillows, I was basically sitting straight up. Lol. The left side is best they say (better circulation-even when not pregnant) but you don’t HAVE to sleep on your left side all night every night. Good pregnancy pillows too.

With my 1st 12 years ago I had to sleep in a recliner, I had such bad heartburn from like 12 weeks on. With my last I got a body pillow and would start out on my left side but as my should started to hurt in the middle of the night I would roll to my back, the thing about it was that my body pillow wrapped all the way around both sides so while I would lay on my back I was not flat on my back. I was propped up on the right side with the pillow. It relieved pressure from my shoulder but kept me on my left side mostly. The further along I got the more I had to elevate my head due to heart burn… I looked pretty odd sleeping for the last few months of pregnancy lol

You can lay any way that is comfortable to you. Left is what they like more. But i slept better on my back or stomach for alot of it. Even when i got induced i actually had to lay on my right side more then left because baby did better on right side left side his heart rate actually was worse. I didnt like my body pillow at all i used a regular pillow to put under my belly when i did lay on either side. I had high blood pressure with all 3 babies and high risk this last pregnancy

At a certain point I couldn’t sleep in bed anymore. We ordered a love sac and I slept in that. No matter how I laid, it formed around me and I was so comfortable.

You can sleep anyway you want. They say left because it’s better for digestion. That’s it. Otherwise sleep in any you are comfortable.

I slept on my back literally the whole time but not completely flat…that’s the only way I could mostly

Get the big preggo s-shaped pillow… it gets you so comfortable! I loved that thing when I was pregnant and thats the only way I could sleep!

I was told not to sleep.on the left side because it puts too much pressure on the heart and lungs

Buy a BODY PILLOW! It has been like heaven through all my pregnancies. Im 38 weeks now and i cant imagine life without it. It helps to even out your spine too

Now, cause it won’t happen after they’re born. ( Mom of 3, not triplets, but my youngest is now 19! )

Right or left ok just not flat on back.

I usually sleep on my right. My son likes that side