What are cute ways I can announce my pregnancy on Christmas?

I just found out I was pregnant after trying for years. I am so happy and want to tell my family on Christmas. What is a cute ideas?


Wrap a present to grandma and write a cute poem and thats her Christmas gift

Ornament!! That’s what I did when I got pregnant with my first son.

If your giving gifts give each one a pin under!!

There’s so many cute ideas,check out Pinterest and there maybe something that suits your personality.

This was ours a couple years back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


please don’t visit your family on Christmas. Especially being pregnant


Congrats! Maybe christmas shirts that say Grandpa, Grandma, etc… or something like that


Instead of normal gifts maybe baby outfits(neutral colors for now). You could go to YouTube and find pregnancy announcement videos to get more ideas


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I made a family tree to announce my daughter at Christmas

Last year i made a box with my grandpa’s favorite candy/word searches etc & at the bottom was a card and santa onesie. The others had cards that were vague until they opened it

write the same message in each cracker and tell them all to pull them at same time


I put a tiny stocking in one of those cute tins that look like a present box, with a note that said Due July 2019 and gave it to my parents. My mom still keeps it on a shelf in her living room.


Take a picture in front of the xmas tree with a red bow on your stomach :innocent:

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I made a video about a trip I took with my husband, which ended in me telling him I’m pregnant. Then I played it for my family, who thought it was just a video about our trip, but they got the same surprise at the end as my husband did. They were shocked. For my husband’s family, I told them by getting them a tee-shirt that said their name and the number of grandkids they had, but it was +1. They had to do the math before they figured it out. lol :woman_facepalming:t3:


Mabey some Christmas boxes containing different baby items given to your family as Christmas presents

Gift people a photo album with ultrasound images, or have photo coffee cups with the due date printed on them.

A baby stocking by the regular stockings.

We gave my inlaws a Christmas card with little booties in it!

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If you do elf on a shelf have the elf hold your preg test or a note

Get an ornament made that says BABYS 1st CHRISTMAS 2021! They’ll figure it out :heart:

Put an ornament on the tree and wait to see if anyone noticed it.


Get them a t shirt saying they are going to have one more guest for Christmas dinner next year.


We announced to our families this time of year when I was pregnant with my Son. We gave them a card referencing Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa and tiny newborn shoes. They were speechless because it was a surprise to everyone, but my father silently walked over and put the shoes on the Xmas tree. It was cute.


My daughter gave me a Christmas ornament of a momma with a pregnant belly.


We announced our pregnancy on christmas day during grace! And when we went to visit other family members I had a shirt on my oldest child that said “only child status expiring in 2020” and waited for people to notice! That was fun :blush:

We announced on Thanksgiving and we got ornaments made :blush:


We did a card for each family member that said player 4 joining July 2020, had the sonogram on it.

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We announced ours using Christmas crackers and put a picture of the scan in each one.

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A friend of mine waited until the group family picture. She told the one doing it to take the pic no matter what. When they said 123, she yelled I’m pregnant. The picture turned out fantastic! Some were mouths open, some were crying, smiling, turned heads. It was a great pic to keep as a memory too!


You could hang an extra stocking.

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Wrap a onesie saying# 1 grandma, grandpa , uncle , aunt

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If I had the opportunity I would record the heartbeat at the Dr, take it to build a bear & make a bear with putting the sound of the baby’s heartbeat in it, put a cheap onesie or outfit on the bear & let whoever open it to play the sound to have them really get the idea.

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When we first annouced our pregnancy, we got cheap baby suits and used ink to write suprise with the names the child will call the grandparents and for our gender reveal we used Xmas baubles with the colour and stickers writing it’s a girl on it.

This is how we announced on Christmas


How about a Christmas tree decorated with baby items.

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We announced on Christmas. Got a small gift box and our babe was the size of an apple seed so we put an actual apple seed glued inside with the quote " our baby is the size of an apple seed"
Coming August 2018


We put ultrasound in card and said we thought a homemade gift was better this year coming June 2014

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Little bootie tree ornaments :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This was how we announced to our family and friends on Christmas 2017

To tell my husband I wrapped the test. To tell my family my daughter had a shirt that said I have a secret and on the back said I’m going to be a big sister, we had her go in front of everyone and start singing a Christmas song and she took her sweater off and turned around. The in laws we gave a cute announcement off etsy

I put a small stocking on the Mummy stocking


Why not some cute Grandma and Grandpa shirts given as gifts?

Get ornaments made :grin:


I would buy stuff that says “nanny, grandad est 2021” etc & just give it to them wrapped up and just wait for their reaction!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Put a Christmas bun in the oven! Congratulations on becoming a Mother! All the best to you and family!

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Put it as the quote in the crackers

i did this, wrapped a little present with a little letter and mini stocking

Pinterest would have some cute ideas

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A picture of your scan picture on your Christmas tree :grinning:

A stocking that says coming 2021


Hang a little stocking and invite them over and wait till they notice


Copy of ultrasound in stockings

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If I had it to do all over again I would have the sonogram pictures shrunk down and put them in Christmas ornaments! Wrap’em up and hand them them out to everyone!! Congratulations to you guys!! It’s the most magical time of the year :heart_eyes:


I bought fake scratch off tickets for my family from Amazon they make u think u won just to reveal a baby is on the way​:joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You could make a present for them wrapped nicely with a bow and when they open it there’s an ultrasound picture or a positive pregnancy test??

Christmas poppers/crackers after dinner would be adorable.

I done this last year for Christmas I wrapped a baby grow and dummy and put a tag saying keep me till august 2020 x

I made personalized bibs and onesies for everyone to open on Christmas!

Make a soother napkin rings . Congratulations to all !

Daughter gave us pacifiers

You could make your Christmas cards the announcement…

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Elf on the shelf holding a positive test


Have a manger.take baby Jesus out night before christmas.than show Jesus in the crib of hay!Christmas day!..

Tie a bow around your belly! With a tag addressed to the Grandparents.

I had Santa hold my sonogram picture in one hand and held my son in the other

I gave my mom and in laws a onesie that said “your gift this year is a grand baby. Coming august 2019” or something like that lol

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Put a ring box in a bunch of other boxes for size and hide a onesie with a sonogram and bottle.

I bought ornaments for my parents and siblings to announce it!

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Big wrapped box open it up and baby balloons of some sort! Or handmade ornaments to close relatives!

Awe, congratulations!! How exciting!

Look on youtube!congrats🙂

I did it in the christmas card. I left 2 fat clues and everyone missed both! I mean, I tried 🤷🤦:joy: they eventually looked at the picture hard enough and I started gettings calls and the calls were hilarious. I wouldnt change the way it came out. Id post a picture, but I dont see the option :thinking:

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We took a copy of our ultrasound and I made little note that said “Merry Christmas Grandpa amd Grandma! Santa couldn’t deliver this gift by Christmas and it is on layaway until July 2018” then I put the note and the ultrasound picture in a very small stocking and wrapped it with tissue paper and put it in a decorative box. It was the last gift opened by anyone at Christmas as we put it in our son’s pile of gifts and “pretended” we read the name tag wrong.


Love who said put elf on shelf with announcement!! Love that idea

My daughter put a tiny Santa hat on her shirt to the side of her belly and waited for people to notice. Took at least 20 minutes for grandma to notice. We were all giggling.

I got 2 outfits for my dad and neice one boy , one girl and had the open them open them at the same time …they were shocked at first than I told them baby will be here 2018.

Put pic in a xmas cracker.

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Get a special Christmas ornament announcement on it to add to the tree

Wrap up a box insider the news in green and red letters surprise I’ll be here next Christmas

My sister showed up to the Christmas party with a bow on her belly